The insider's guide to everything Marine Corps. Featured on USMC Life is a great overview of every Marine Corps base... details of each base includes schools, restaurants, housing areas, area guides, and more. There is also a blog with useful information and funny insights when it comes to family life.

Words For Vets


Words For Vets, here you will find My poems, short stories, or creative writing, you may call them anything you wish. This blog is for those who have served, because freedom isn't free. you might also see a slight bias toward the Marine Corps, seeing that I did my 4 years active duty there.

Being In Debt
by Bruce Knipp over 2 years ago
Plan Or No Plan
by Bruce Knipp over 2 years ago

Stretch That L.E.S.


Stretch That L.E.S. is dedicated to saving, couponing and military life. It was created by a military member, for military families. Find tips and how to's on couponing, saving that hard earned dollar, discounts and freebies for military families and tons more.

The Air Force Wife


The purpose of my blog is to educate, uplift, and reach out to Air Force wives, as well as military wives in general. I am also using this blog as a means of documenting my husband and I’s many adventures to come.

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas--Home Spa/Relaxation!
by Rachel over 4 years ago
A Perfect Christmas Tale and a Word From Its Author, Alan Salisbury
by Rachel over 4 years ago

Mrs. Jennifer Lynn


A military wife sharing the ups and the downs of the military lifestyle. More topics include motherhood, thrifty living and much more!

One Woman USO


Welcome! As a military wife, registered nurse, sister, daughter and aunt; we (as women) are required to wear many hats and fulfill many roles. This blog is my advice, techniques and tricks of the trade to get the job done and amazing everyone while doing it by being a "One Woman USO!" From Red Hot Recipes, Coupons Queens, Fabulous Freebies, Grandma's Goodies, Happy Health (PMS to PTSD,etc...) and Outstanding Organization...you can find it here!

Our Military Home


Taylor is a Navy spouse who features a weekly military spouse news article, work at home interviews, and articles on military life and healthy living.

Before the I Do's


A Navy Fiance trying to find her way through life while planning a wedding for October of 2012, raising a 4 year old, having many fur-babies, working full time and future hubby in the military.

Savings 4 My Soldier


Savings 4 My Solider is a money saving blog dedicated to helping military families spend less. The blog is run by Alyssa, the fiance of a Lt. in the United States Army. She shares her frugal adventures through coupons, online deals and in-store sales.

Marine Wife, Mommy & Life


Living the life of a Marine Wife, Veteran, full time mom to 2 boys and an avid shopper for good deals. Random thoughts, yummy recipes, and the daily life happenings of us. A new outlook on a military spouse and mother attempting the balancing act of life.

Happy Birthday Marines!
by Jen @Marine Wife, Mommy and Life over 4 years ago

Military Family


MilitaryFamily.com offers a continuous array of articles from top military writers that address all the issues facing service members and their families.

Preparing for an Overseas Move
by Melissa-Riker over 4 years ago
Ideas of Items to Send to Deployed Military
by Diana Stone over 4 years ago



My name is Olivia Roberts. I am married to my best friend, "honey", and the military. We have one daughter, whom I affectionately call "sugar bean". She is a fantastic training partner! I can attribute my 17 minute half marathon PR (during my most recent half Ironman) to interval training with her in our HILLY North Carolina neighborhood! Currently, I am a stay at home mom with many dreams and passions. But my number one passion is to inspire fellow military spouses to THRIVE, not just survive, the inconsistency and unknown that is the military lifestyle. So, what you'll find here is Christian based encouragement for the military spouses' soul and my personal journey to, "Olivia Roberts, You are an Ironman!"

Military Retirement & Financial Independence


"The Military Guide" shows servicemembers, veterans, and their loved ones how to achieve financial independence and retire on their own terms.

Start a Roth IRA For Your Kid
by Doug Nordman about 4 years ago
How To Get Kicked Out Of Tricare
by Doug Nordman about 4 years ago

Amat Victoria Curam


Amat Victoria Curam (which loosely translates to Victory loves those who plan) is a site dedicated to Information on Financial Strategies for Military Professionals. Content ranges from explanations of basic Financial Planning concepts to advance planning and techniques

We’ve Moved
by Curt Sheldon, CFP®, EA, AIF® almost 4 years ago
We’ve Moved
by Curt Sheldon almost 4 years ago

My Marine and Me


A 20 something US Marine Corps wife and wannabe actress writes about how marriage, the military and her dreams all coincide.

First Trimester
by Allie over 2 years ago
Coming Soon!
by Allie over 2 years ago

Command Performance Leadership


The Command Performance Leadership blog is intended to discuss military and corporate leadership competencies, as well as principled values, virtues and wisdom, to guide military and business professionals to victory. The ideas, opinions and contributions to this blog's discussions are intended to tie experiences and knowledge from military leadership to its application in a corporate environment.

Remembering The Fallen – Memorial Day 2015
by Dale Wilson - Author of Command Performance about 3 years ago
Plan For Failure
by Dale Wilson - Author of Command Performance over 3 years ago

Fairy Tales


Where girl marries soldier and blogs about it and everything else.

Sarah Ruth Today


I'm Sarah Ruth. I'm a 20 something, southern born & raised, Military wife. Living one day at a time. Praising my Jesus all day long. Desperately in love with my husband.

What To Eat for Dinner Tonight
by Sarah Ruth over 2 years ago
Baby, Baby, OH Baby!
by Sarah Ruth over 2 years ago

Hooyah! I Married a Sailor


I'm a 22 yr old MilSpouse to an At3 in the Navy! I blog about a variety of different things! From family, friends, book reviews, to make up and nails! But mainly about my daily life as a Navy wife and all the ups, downs and deployments that come along with it!