Confessions of a Sailor's Wife


She is a Navy wife and mother. She offers a unique view of the military life, as she was married to her husband for 4 years before he joined. She does lot's of fun meme's and blog hops, as well as giveaways! She's an amazing writer and has a fascinating life!

Ch ch ch changes
by Mrs. S almost 3 years ago

Bravo Tango Tees Blog


For years as military wives, we strove to carve out a meaningful careers for ourselves between moves, deployments and babies – Becky as a graphic designer and Tammy as a social media consultant. Then one day our paths crossed through a mutual client and the inspiration flew. With a shared vision for our families, careers and wardrobe, we rolled up our sleeves in the spring of 2011 and created our own Bravo Tango! Now we have a line of patriotic couture tees we are so very proud of!

Tales From A Sailor's Soul Mate


Follow the stories from a US Navy wife as she learns to deal with everything that comes with the job of being a military spouse. Currently working towards her MA in Psychology while working through their first deployment.

4 Years!
by Brittany Dill over 3 years ago
Free Time
by Brittany Dill over 3 years ago

The Crow Family


This Army Reserve wife uses her blog to share thoughts on deployment(everything from preparing for to the transition after as well as the good, bad, and sometimes ugly aspects of deployment), raising 2 kids and the adventures that always brings, the happy's and the sad's, prayer requests, updates, lots of pictures, and just about everything in between.

Baby Will has arrived!
by Jessica over 4 years ago
Spring Break and our last day as a family of 4!
by Jessica over 4 years ago

Local at Last


Local at Last is a blog about life as a stateside Army wife. You'll find recipes, tips on frugal, green living, stories about this week's date night, and so much more.

Baby #3 Update
by Jessica over 4 years ago
Surprise Shower
by Jessica over 4 years ago

It's the Journey


An Alaskan girl living in the PacNW with her Navy husband enjoying all of the adventures along the way. Our journey isn't always pretty but it's ours and that's what makes it beautiful.

This quarter in Chiropractic school
by Erinn C.D. over 2 years ago
by Erinn C.D. over 2 years ago



Combat Poetry is a veteran owned website dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces. It is a place where we share our thoughts, experiences, and accounts from our current and past deployments abroad. This may be in the form of poetry, letters, accounts from a war journal, or videos of veterans reading the poetry of other veterans. Combat Poetry is not restricted to veterans; it is also open to the family and friends of our Veteran's. Each of us share our own unique experiences and we welcome you to share your thoughts.

Little Boy
by cryptic26djp over 4 years ago
Presidential mandate; military personnel deserve the right to bear arms on base!
by cryptic26djp over 4 years ago

A Sailor's Valentine


The never ending adventures of a Christian, Navy wife and mom to a teenager and toddler.

The Brat Life


Do you hate the question “where are you from?” Are your closest childhood friends spread all across the globe?Do you get the itch to move somewhere new after living in one place for approximately two or three years? Would people describe you as adventurous, independent, and resilient? Then this blog is for YOU–military brats young and old!

In the Pursuit Of Happy-Ness


Hello! I am Monica. I am a teacher and proud Air Force wife! I am 24 years old, born in Holland, Michigan. Due to my husband's dream of joining the military we are stationed on the Gulf Coast of sunny Florida!

Place it all in his hands..
by MAH over 3 years ago
Presidents Day !
by MAH over 3 years ago

Stretch That L.E.S.


Stretch That L.E.S. is dedicated to military life, saving money & couponing. It is run by a military member, for military members & their families.

Love, Emmie: Writings of an Air Force Wife


I'm an Air Force wife of 10 years who writes about our everyday little moments. I'm an artist with a passion for digital illustration and graphic design. I enjoy taking the images that I've captured and layering them with our story to create our unique military experience. "Life is either a great adventure, or nothing." -Helen Keller

Dining Room Table {Project Pretty}
by noreply@blogger.com (Emily Roe) over 4 years ago
2014. Here we are.
by noreply@blogger.com (Emily Roe) over 4 years ago

The New "Normal"


A blog about life as an Army National Guard family. What started as a way to keep in touch during deployment has turned into an amazing outlet for my thoughts and provided connections to other military families.

Not Just a Medicine Shop, But a Family .
by noreply@blogger.com (The New Normal) about 4 years ago
Kris Lingenfelter
by noreply@blogger.com (The New Normal) about 4 years ago

Rally Point


A military photography inspirational blog - with everything military from weddings, homecomings, babies, family, deployments, and more!

Ft. Polk Army Engagement Session
by admin over 4 years ago
Spartan Up! By Joseph De Sena
by admin over 4 years ago

Fort Hood Savers


Fort Hood Savers is a local community dedicated to helping Fort Hood families save money. We provide local deals as well as local information and general financial tips.

50-70% Off Formal Dresses, Shoes, and More (Perfect for a Military Ball!)
by Lauren over 2 years ago
Avocados from Mexico $200 Cash Gift Card Promotion
by Lauren over 2 years ago

Just a Phase


I'm on shore duty now and it is a completely different world.

New Mommy Confessions


An everything blog from a former active duty service member now tending the homefront while Daddy plays on a tin can in the middle of the ocean.

Last Call
by Jen over 4 years ago
So long, goodbye...
by Jen over 4 years ago

Wife (Widow) Of A Wounded Marine


In April of 2006 my entire world was flipped upside down after my husband was hit by an IED in Ramadi, Iraq. We were thrown into something no 20 year old should ever have to experience. The next four years were spent in hospitals and hotel rooms. We were fighting to get his life back, and fighting to make a marriage work through pill addiction, overdose, miscarriage, family feuds,infections, amputation, ptsd, and tbi. There were amazing times that made everything worth it, and there were times I truly felt like I was in hell. In April of 2010 my world stopped. My husband died due to accidental overdose of his pain meds while recieving inpatient therapy for PTSD. I miss him. And I have guilt. And I hurt. And I'm doing my best to work through it. This blog is my sanity. It's my safe place. And sometimes it's the only place I feel comfortable showing my true, raw emotion. The further along I get, the more I've realized that this blog isn't just that, but it's also about my journey from girl to woman. I started this in my early twenties, but if I read back I can truly see how much I've grown through all of this. This is my journey to finding my place in the world and finding happiness.

I'm 29 and other things
by Karie almost 4 years ago
There is no such thing as getting used to death
by Karie over 4 years ago