Michael Yon


Michael Yon is a Green Beret who became an independent journalist after he felt that the media was not telling the real story of Afghanistan. This guy's spent more time with the troops in Afghanistan since 2004 than any other journalist out there, all financed out of his own pocket, with the help of his faithful online readers. And while his views have mostly been controversial, they have all proven true to date.

Zenpundit: Michael Yon discussing "possibly one of the largest peaceful uprisings in history"
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Anatomy of Current Thai Protests
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The military blog for families and spouses to get the support and encouragement that they so often badly need. This site features helpful topics such as deployment, reintegration, career, marriage and family, or how to pack up and move on.

This Ain't Hell, But You Can See It From Here


Three U.S. Army Infantry veterans blog together to fight what they call "a different kind of evil." They expose the truth behind the tough issues in our world today.

Wittgenfeld and Bernath: The Low Spark of High-heeled Boys
by TSO about 4 years ago
Judge; Occupy terrorists not terrorists
by Jonn Lilyea about 4 years ago



a place for a crazy, random Navy wife (and homeschool mom to 3) to write about the odd (and sometimes mundane) things that happen to her family.



-marriage, motherhood, and the military- I'm a wife to a soldier and a mother to a baby girl. Shy and surrounded by Midwestern cornfields, the blog is all my secret thoughts on the not-so-secret web.

Endings and Beginnings
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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...in Chambana
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Journey of a Navy Wife


Military wife with a positive attitude toward all things military. She's blunt, speaks her mind and writes about her crazy Journey being a Navy wife takes her on.

A New Chapter in the Journey, a goodbye
by Christina Rush over 2 years ago
Our Journey Home
by Christina Rush almost 3 years ago

Faith & Deployments


An Air Force Wife born and raised in their current station area and her husband a cross-training crew chief as they go through the ups and downs of back to back deployments and are about the embark on their first ever PCS since his enlistment 6 years ago. They battle marriage, friends, work issues all while keeping their faith close at heart to guide them through.

Influenster Review: Frosty Vox Box
by Lauren Cecora over 3 years ago
A Man-Made Beach {Outdoor Adventures}
by Lauren Cecora about 4 years ago

Piloting the Zoo


Marine wife with 2 under 3 and one on the way. Blogging about military life, deployments, and everything that comes with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a military husband.

Deployment (again)


This blog is authored by a Marine Wife and mother of four. She chronicles the agonizing months leading up to her husband's third deployment, and the ups and downs of the deployment itself, reintegration, and family/marriage issues arising from undiagnosed mental problems. The tone may not always be positive, but it is HONEST.

The Young Retiree


The simple life of a Navy housewife:: living our love through deployments while struggling to become domestic as we raise a managerie of mutts!

Witty Little Secret


Award-winning military spouse Lori Volkman writes with humor and touching realism about deployment and reintegration. Featured by Reader's Digest and War News Radio in 2011.

Army Tankers Wife


Welcome to my page! Thank you for stopping by I am a Army Wife of 13 years, it has been full of roller coasters, won’t you join my ride. I talk a little about everything from military spouse careers to traveling on a dime! I love my family, and I really appreciate this army lifestyle we are living. We have lived all over the US, thanks to the Army. I have an obsession with polka dots, sequins, and hats. My favorite colors are blue, mint and turquoise. I rarely buy things full price; I love a good sale. I tend to talk a lot. I’d love a pet dolphin..Also I would like to say hello to the other bloggers!

Visiting Ocean City, Maryland
by armytankerswife over 2 years ago
Courtyard by Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront/South
by armytankerswife over 2 years ago

Me and My SoldierMan


I am a writer, blogger and Army wife who belongs to the grand land of Oklahoma and loves life in the desert in Southwest Texas. I'm a third-generation Oklahoman who loves red dirt, green skies, all things Disney, Sooner football and Gary England. I say "Hey y'all" and "yeehaw!" I love my God, my husband, my puppies and my country, and I write about all of that here. SoldierMan is my amazing insurance-salesman-turned-infantryman husband. Short version: we met when we were 13. We married when we were 23. And now we're in the Army. In Texas. Yikes.

Visiting the North Shore
by JG over 2 years ago
Give Me Jesus Journal {How’s that Quiet Time going?}
by JG over 2 years ago

Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos


LTcavalrywife, a journalist and Army wife, and the Mr., a cavalry scout, have spent much of their marriage apart. Since their wedding day in March 2009, they've lived together for 7 months. Through a year of training and a year of deployment, the couple is finally reunited and able to begin a life together. While the journey may have been rough and tumble at times, Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos details the challenges and blessings of a military marriage.

Pregnancy and dental care
by noreply@blogger.com (LTarmywife) almost 4 years ago
Geography: Week One
by noreply@blogger.com (LTarmywife) over 4 years ago

Wife of a Wounded Soldier


I am a wife of a severely injured soldier. I have been married to my husband, my hero, for six years. Throughout our nine year relationship we were separated over two years due to Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 & 5. He aslo deployed to Bosnia before I met him. My husband was severely injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) July 28th, 2006 and spent 20 months rehabilitating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I received my B.S. in Social work in 2005 from Austin Peay State University and I work for Operation Homefront's Wounded Warrior Wives Program. I have volunteered with a therapeutic riding academy that assists those with disabilities by riding horses. Bryan was active duty army for 12 years and was medically retired in 2008. Bryan works on bomb robots with a defense contractor. Our life has been a series of ups and downs. I have waited on him to return from war, learned how to accept our new normal after injuries, processed grief, and made some of the most amazing friends because of our tragedy. Our story is one of love, loss, hope and perseverance.

Emery is 1
by noreply@blogger.com (Wife of a Wounded Soldier) over 3 years ago
PTSD Awareness Day
by noreply@blogger.com (Wife of a Wounded Soldier) about 4 years ago

Many Waters


Poekitten is a transplanted sub wife that shares about her life in the PNW. She writes about a little bit of everything, from marriage to faith to the nervousness of a soon to be first time mom.

9 Months-Punkin
by Poe Kitten almost 3 years ago
To Preschool or Not To Preschool
by Poe Kitten almost 3 years ago

Commissary Deals


Commissary Deals is run by an Army spouse that dedicated to helping military families save. The site shares coupons, deals, giveaways, Military discounts, etc. on a daily basis. Here you can learn to coupon, find great deals at the Commissary, discover military discounts, and contests/giveaways only available to military families.

Keep Calm and Soldier On


This milspouse blogs about life in the Army (MCCC, Ranger School, Deployment, PCSing) and her adventures in motherhood at Keep Calm and Soldier On.

Project 365 Vets


Project 365 Vets is honoring a veteran a day, every day of the year, through their stories, told in their own words.

Live, Laugh, Love...Our Way


Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm married to Nick. We're an Air National Guard family, trying to find our way between the military world, and the civilian world. We just had our First Air Force Brat, Aidan Micah. Join us as we forge our way, OUR way. We're a military family, a fire fighting family, a new family. We may not have it all together, bu together we have it all.

Our first taste of intolerance...
by Amy Brown almost 5 years ago