The Stupid Shall Be Punished


Joel Kennedy is a married, 47-year-old retired submarine officer and esophageal cancer survivor with three kids continuing to make the transition to civilian life. He writes about the struggles and triumphs a person faces after being discharged from the armed forces.

Fair Winds And Following Seas
by Bubblehead over 4 years ago
Submarine Force Loses Two, Much Too Soon
by Bubblehead over 4 years ago

Sgt Damon's Art


Pete Damon is an artist and a severely wounded Iraq war veteran. In October of 2003 he lost parts of both my arms while serving in Iraq as a helicopter mechanic in the military, and he uses art as a form of therapy. You will be inspired by this man!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
by Pete Damon over 2 years ago
Some Current Offerings
by Pete Damon over 2 years ago

Temerity and Tenacity


Jessica Tuck is the San Diego Military Families Examiner on Examiner.com, and she is stationed at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, with her husband. She enjoys blogging about her military life, and she offers many resources for military families.

by Jessica Tuck almost 3 years ago
Not a People Person, Not a Hermit
by Jessica Tuck almost 4 years ago

My Traveling Troop


Kristina Doss is a military wife, mother, and journalist. She chronicles her military family's journey across the world to different duty stations, their adventures exploring each new place, and their efforts to make each new city feel like home.

Taste of Prague
by My Traveling Troop over 3 years ago
How To Escape The Crowds In Prague
by My Traveling Troop over 3 years ago

Singing Through the Rain


Kathryn Sneed, the blogger of this delightful site, is a military wife, mother, and a Christian. She touches on these subjects in her posts. A very well-organized, happy site.

The Best Winter Comfort Food: Mac and Cheese Amish Style
by Kathryn Sneed over 2 years ago
5 Ways to Support and Help Veterans
by Kathryn Sneed over 2 years ago

The Adventures of Mr. Superman and Mrs. S.


This Airman and his Mrs. have a love story that is nothing short of serendipitous. They fell in love fast and got married at the age of 19 while everyone around thought they were crazy. They hoped to start a family immediately but after losing three angel babies and receiving a diagnosis of HHT and endometriosis, the reality of no possible viable pregnancies hit hard. They have turned their hearts to adoption and are just hanging on awaiting the miracle of a baby to make their world complete. Mr. Superman has been in the United States Air Force for over two years and completed his first deployment to Afghanistan in March 2010. Their blog not only chronicles the ups and downs of the military but also gives incredibly honest insights into their lives. The ache for a baby, surviving and attempting to overcome the horror of a near fatal rape, and the not so pretty side of life most would rather keep swept under the rug, are unashamedly and bravely shared with the world. This incredible blog is not all dark clouds and rough seas though. This wonderful couple makes us laugh with their hilarious conversations and make our hearts smile at their extraordinary love. They are so grateful to be a part of the military family and fall more in love everyday.

Thank You. (Originally posted 11-11-11
by Rachelle Organ-Steele over 2 years ago
I Am So Glad I Live In A World With Octobers (L.M. Montgomery)
by Rachelle Organ-Steele almost 3 years ago

Home Sweet Home is Where Ever The Army Sends Us


Ms. Anderson writes of her family's journey's in the military. Living abroad in many new places and learning new cultures with their 7 daughters is challenging and exciting, but she doesn't sugar-coat it. You will hear the good and the bad of living this type of life, but you are sure to share their joy in exploring new places.

Twinkles turn SEVEN...now that snuck up on me
by Home is where the Army sends us over 4 years ago
Anderson Family Second Christmas..Second Christmas? Yep
by Home is where the Army sends us over 4 years ago

Manning the Homefront


Kara, the author of this blog, was enlisted in the navy for six years before becoming a wife to a navy man and a mother. She has been on both sides of the military life and gives her perspectives on the goings on now in the world of the armed forces.

The PTSD Diary


He has PTSD/TBI. She Loves Him, He Loves Her. Together they are working towards recovery, education, and advocacy. PTSDdiary.com, PTSDdiary@gmail.com

Mental Illness Awareness Week
by Nicole & JR almost 5 years ago

Semper Fi Parents


Carl and Sue Andrews chronicle their daughter's life as a member of the United States Marine Corps. There are articles about marines in wartime, marine corps boot camp training, military news, and information. There is also a look at the lighter side of things with music videos, humor, political satire, and much more.

Today In Marine Corps History: 30 September 1945
by Carl almost 3 years ago
Marine Corps History Photos: Chin Up
by Carl almost 3 years ago

Eighty Deuce on the Loose in Iraq


The blogger of this site is a young infantry team leader serving with the 82nd Airborne in Baghdad. He writes about his experiences overseas and upon coming home. A post titled "Reunited," about when he sees his dog for the first time after being away, is touching and heartwarming!

All Ahead Full - A Submarine Wife


This blog is written by Wendy, a navy wife, an entrepreneur, and soccer mom. She writes about her thoughts of living a military life along with some great photos of her hobbies and interests.

Biddle Buzz


Brittney Biddle began this blog as a journal to keep family and friends updated on her family's life on the other side of the world. Readers can experience both the good times and not-so-good things that are involved with life in the armed forces.

Missing Combat Vet from Kennesaw, GA
by Brittney Biddle about 4 years ago
NYC Writers Workshop
by Brittney Biddle over 4 years ago

Call Sign Mommy


The blogger of this site is the wife to a marine corps air pilot. She writes of their life as a military family and a little thing called a call sign. A call sign is like a nickname — but in the military, if you have a call sign, you no longer have a name.

Doc in the Box


Sean Dustman is a contributing writer to both the Navy Times and the Marine Corps Times and has been published in two books, “The Blog of War” and “The Sandbox." He has had three trips to Iraq and writes about life now and then.

Juniper River Dustman
by Sean Dustman over 2 years ago
by Sean Dustman almost 3 years ago

Double Tapper


The focus of this blog is homeland security, guns, weapons, and defense. The blogger is based in Israel and has many product reviews on his site.

Videos of DoubleTapper
by DoubleTapper about 3 years ago
Videos of DoubleTapper
by DoubleTapper about 3 years ago

Young Life Marine Wife


Amy Young is married to marine Mike Young, and they are currently stationed in North Carolina. Amy writes of balancing being a military wife with school and socializing. She provides a very fresh outlook on life and having fun.

The Unlikely Soldier


The story titled "The Final Word" tells what was going through the blogger's mind right after he signed the papers to enlist into the armed forces. We have all probably second guessed a decision we have made, but this is at a much greater risk. Your life will ultimately change forever, and you could possibly have to make the decision in split second to kill another human in order to save your life. Very compelling.

The Deployment Diatribes


The author of this blog is a navy wife and mom to four sons. This is her family's second major period of deployments, and she writes of raising a family under theses circumstances. A post titled "Are you there? Hello?" tells of the communications process when a spouse is deployed and how this works within a family.

Veterans Can Win A Free Mattress
by Commander in Chief At home over 2 years ago
Military Moms Get Free Breast Pumps
by Commander in Chief At home over 2 years ago



To most of us, military intelligence is a mystery. There are strong arguments for the clandestine nature of spies in combat: one divulged secret could put an entire nation at risk. Still, the government does disseminate some information about its practices, and seemingly every bit of that knowledge winds up on Battleland. A fleet of top-notched researchers and analysts that currently stands at fifteen helps to clarify Battleland's ability to nab more than its fair share of spy and military headlines.

Military Illustration


This blog shows how the military and the art world traverse one another's purposes on occasion. Readers will enjoy the videos and pics of soon-to-come army innovations here.

Abu Maqawama


A former army ranger who once did tours in Afghanistan now returns home as a civilian consultant. You'll feel like an insider as you read his posts on counterinsurgency tactics and strategy.

Argghhh! The Home of 2 of Jonah's Military Guys +1


Two retired military guys blog their thoughts and opinions on the military, freedom, and controversial news. You'll also appreciate the occasional bit of humor thrown in here and there.

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 24 August
almost 4 years ago
Here. Now with proper settings.
almost 4 years ago

Keeping an Eye on Afghanistan


Bouhammer is an army man with so many distinguished accomplishments behind his name that it's almost unbelievable. He's been involved in nearly all major military operations, from South Korea to Operation Desert Storm and Afghanistan. He discusses military issues, especially relating to recent military endeavors.

Twenty Years….WHAT?
by troy@bouhammer.com (Bouhammer) over 2 years ago
The Story of Ed Byers Jr and why he is getting the MOH
by troy@bouhammer.com (Bouhammer) over 2 years ago