Loving a US Army Soldier


Place for support and share experiences with military families!

The Fight Continues


Our mission at The Fight Continues is to assist in providing transitional help to Veterans and their immediate family throughout the United States. We dedicate our lives to our brethren of all branches of the military, for only through volunteerism, dedication and American Patriotism, will we be able to create a national support system to stop our Veterans from suicidal tendencies and make the transition from being a military serviceman or woman, to a successful civilian Veteran

by V5jnxPaL over 2 years ago
by V5jnxPaL over 2 years ago

The Simplicity of Being Curious


Mil-to-mil spouse who loves to bake, craft, read and definitely blog her experiences on the west coast.

My Crazy Life As A Navy Wife


My name is Lashon Campbell and my goal for this page is to have a POSITIVE place where military wives can come together and discuss issues effecting their everyday lives with a STRONG emphasis on God, Family and my life with my Husband Patrick...

Army Wife & Company


In three short years, my husband and I have been through one deployment, started another, moved three times, and added two pets to our little family. I created this blog to chronicle the good, the bad, and the fabulous parts of being an army wife.

Just For Military Blog


Everyday life in the military. We also highlight military discounts in and around your military communities and online.

My Search Within


An army wife trying to find what inspires her, and what makes her who she is.

my life my dreams this is just me


just blogging about life as a wife and everything else that is going on

A Long Distance Love


She's in California while he studying at the US Air Force Academy. They're in love and this is how they're making it work!

Veteran's California Conservation Corps


If you are a military veteran, and would like to be either a Wild Land Fire Fighter, and Electrician, or you simply just like the wilderness and want to spend 6 months out with no cell phone or any of the ammenties at home...apply now!

There's Something About Michiko


Wife to an Air Force pilot; working mom of 3; and added to my never-ending list by starting a blog. Check it out!

fraNk The NCO


Mildly Disgruntled, Mostly Content, Military NCO

Devil Dog of Azeroth


Newly Married to a United States Marine, (Both former World of Warcraft addicts) going about day to day fumbling through life as a MilSO.

In High Heels and Dogtags


A notepad, a diary, a planner, a sounding board, an online depositary of my thoughts and plans for the future. This blog will be where I will share my thoughts on so many things.This will not simply be a travel blog because this is not just about the places I have seen as a military wife. This will also be about the people I have met, lessons i have learned and more.

The Professional Army Wife


I'm a very career-oriented gal married to an Army soldier. Now that I've experienced such a dynamic change, I'm hoping to share my thoughts with the community. I'm learning that the military spouse community is unique too! And that it's filled with such amazing women and men of all kinds. My goal is to learn a lot from my peers and to be able to reach as many people to one day be a resource and gain understanding for others that are also learning the ropes.

Military and Veterans Discounts


A leading site that publishes hidden local and national discounts for military personnel and veterans. Over 300,000 locations and counting.

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder


I blog about my life as an Air Force wife-to-be, my job as a middle school teacher, book reviews, recipes, and DIY / craft projects.

Military Videos


Military videos from the Armed Forces of the world. Combat videos, military news and off duty fun. Submit your own military videos to us. Catch the latest news from Iraq and Afghanistan.

the chronicles of my panic disorder.


learning to cope with being a navy wife, your husband gone constantly....and with a panic disorder.

Red, White, & Marine Wife


I began this blog as a way of connecting with other military wives, and sharing my experiences through life as a military wife. Red, White, and Marine Wife is not a blog where I complain about my husband's commitment to the military, but rather his dedication to serving our country. My husband serves in the United States Marines while I serve on the home-front.

Guns, Bandaids & Whiskey


A blog by a veteran Combat Medic (68W), who is slowly transitioning back to the civilian world to become a emergency medicine physician. Thoughts on the military, healthcare, and personal ramblings.

Same-Sex Marriages: Not a decision to be left to the states.
by Medic almost 3 years ago
In defense of David Petraeus: Why the punishment wasn’t a double standard
by Medic about 3 years ago

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon


I want to share what I have learned and what is yet to come as a US Marine's girlfriend not American and living in a different country than my boyfriend and communicate with other bloggers going through my same journey.

Going Green: Our Army Adventure


A look into the life of two twenty-something college educated, cohabitating civilians becoming a new Army family, and the stress, confusion, worry, love, dysfunction, and pride that follow from the radically changing direction of our life.