Natural Childbirth


Alison Haasch started this blog a decade ago to try and fill the gaps about natural childbirth. She still uses this blog to bring fresh information and plenty of resources. Check out what scientists are saying in her post "Science Says: Excessive Crying Could Be Harmful to Babies" or "Study Links Caesareans With Births Before Term."

Crunchy Domestic Goddess


Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Amy Gates believes in natural living from birth and all through life. She uses this blog to help her readers explore the natural birth and life afterwards. Come hear from real life advice and research articles a-plenty!

Mother Knows Best
by Crunchy Domestic Goddess almost 3 years ago
Making Some Headspace and a Meditation Challenge
by Crunchy Domestic Goddess almost 3 years ago

On Being Blythe


This self-proclaimed shameless mommy blog highlights the wonder of having your child at home. Lovely photos and thoughtful posts about pregnancy and motherhood, combined with a question and answer series about homebirth, makes it an invaluable resource.

Hobo mama


An aspiring writer and mother blogs about natural parenting. Read about her recent home birth, as well as some tips on breastfeeding, and how to comfort an older sibling when the new baby arrives.

Carnival of Natural Parenting — 2013 year in review
by Lauren Wayne almost 4 years ago
You're invited to my Mother Blessing!
by Lauren Wayne almost 4 years ago

Tiny Grass


This blogging couple relates their experiences with natural and at home childbirth. With baby number four on the way, expect plenty of up to date information and anecdotes about birthing options.