Radical Doula


Mirium is a women's advocate for choice and everything empowering. She uses Radical Doula to bring well researched information to her readers. She hopes to educate others about the way our culture views women and their rights. See her post Midwifery under attack in North Carolina and other big birth news.

Radical Doula Profiles: Maggie Weber-Striplin
by radicaldoula over 2 years ago
Radical Doula Profiles: Cat Ennis Sears
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Red Rock Midwifery


This midwife offers some great advice, information, and even book recommendations for expecting families. The blogger even touches on the sensitive subject of when a homebirth does not go according to plan.

Where’s My Midwife?


This is the blog for an organization that assists people in finding midwifes for their hospital or at home births. There is some valuable information here about midwives in general, and some wonderful birth stories.

We Are Pregnant!
by Anna over 4 years ago

Spirit of Life


By posting articles about women’s health, and the latest trends in midwifery, this midwife helps keep readers informed about different childbirth options. Check out the recent post, “A Checklist for Expectant Women” to see if you are as prepared as you could be.