Letters from Laura - Thoughts on Unassisted Childbirth


Letters from Laura is written and managed by the author of Unassisted Childbirth Laura Shanley. She is very passionate about this topic and believes that birthing should be unassisted and painless. Also on her page she expresses her belief that giving birth is a sexual experience. If you are interested in seeing what an unassisted birth looks like, check out her website http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/.

How to Create the Birth of Your Dreams
by Laura Shanley over 3 years ago

Mother Wit


Lesley Everest is a trained doula and doula trainer. This blog provides many insights to the doula life with well researched posts and familiar stories. Lesley uses this blog to reach out to other doulas the help train as well as families in search of other options. She brings all of her knowledge and shares her passion for childbirth.

MotherWit Loves Matraea!
by motherwit doula over 2 years ago
One Hundred Thousand Contractions and Counting
by motherwit doula over 2 years ago

The Feminist Breeder


Brought to you by a prelaw student and mother of three, this blog constantly demonstrates how feminism and motherhood go hand in hand. Recent blog posts document the homebirth of the blogger’s first daughter.

An Exercise in Saying Nice Things About Yourself
by Feminist Breeder over 3 years ago
T-Minus 10 Days Until Closing…
by Feminist Breeder over 3 years ago

Ilithyia Inspired


After having a successful, unassisted home birth herself, this blogger has a lot of experience to draw from for her posts. She is also a doula and self-proclaimed birth servant, and offers tons of advice on all aspects of pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding.

Boobies & Weaners
by Sarah - Ilithyia Inspired Doula over 4 years ago