Serenity Birth


This CA blogger recommends local classes, and also tackles some controversial issues surrounding childbirth. Some topics include rethinking cord banking, and prenatal yoga.

Birth Emissary


This blog is written by a doula and Conscious Birth Emissary. There are some great posts on heart breath meditation, and appreciating the power of the sun while pregnent.

Mohawk Valley Doulas


Lots of videos, graphs and pictures make up this very visual blog. Learn about birth images from ancient times, and when vertical birth is right for you.

Midwife Thinking


As a homebirth midwife and lecturer this blogger seeks to encourage information sharing and discussion about birth. Expect research, birth stories, critical thinking, videos, artwork and debate

The Human Microbiome: considerations for pregnancy, birth and early mothering
by midwifethinking over 4 years ago
The Future of Midwifery and Homebirth in Australia?
by midwifethinking over 4 years ago

Homebirth: A Midwife Mutiny


Out of Australia, this blogger strives to bring pregnancy and birth out of a hospital setting. In addition to some very informative articles, there are quite a few videos of a variety of different kinds of births.

Everything Birth's Blog


While this may not be written by a proper midwife, this blog's author does owns her own business "dedicated to providing products and services that support and empower women through the birthing process [and] committed to environmentally sound practices."

Why To Use A Birthing Stool, And Which One We Love
by Dawn over 2 years ago
Support our Midwives Going to Armenia Again!
by ebbloggadminster over 2 years ago

Hakima Midwifery


A well-maintained site featuring descriptive accounts written by a midwife and lactation consultant based in California who also happens to be a Muslim, this is a great resource for mothers-to-be of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Hakima Midwifery has Moved
by Shannon Staloch, LM, CPM over 4 years ago



A great, informative resource for both expectant mothers and midwives, written by a "[b]irth advocate, postpartum doula, childbirth educator and birth doula-in-training." This blog is visually exciting and incorporates multimedia.

Battlestar Galactagogue: On Fenugreek and Other Products for Perfect Production
by Anne over 4 years ago
Help Me To Help You: The Promise and Pitfalls of Peer Support in Social Media
by Anne over 4 years ago

Navelgazing Midwife Blog


This is an interesting blog because this midwife, after helping with homebirths, recently began focusing on hospital births. Check out the archives for a wealth of information about the pros and cons of giving birth at home.

Doulas Get Together
by Navelgazing Midwife over 3 years ago
Lilia's Birth Story (Brow Presentation)
by Navelgazing Midwife about 4 years ago

A Midwife's Muse


This blog takes a close look at many aspects of being a midwife, including assisting with births, and all the paperwork that goes with it. There is also a great post about postnatal care.

The 11+ nightmare
by midwifemuse over 2 years ago
Dear Dave
by midwifemuse about 3 years ago

Midwifery Supplies Canada


Run by a doula and midwifery supply salesperson, this website is ideal for mothers-to-be looking for the right products to ease herself into a comfortable home birth. You can purchase birthing pools, DVDs, books, and more all from this blog, and most of the products come with in-depth reviews.

Valerie Gommon Midwife's Blog


A mass of pertinent articles makes this blog worth visiting, though we wish there were more pictures and an archive of posts to make it more accessible to surfers. The author clearly both knows what she's talking about and does her research as there are many links to outside articles on the subject.

Planning a “What is a midwife workshop
by gommon almost 4 years ago
Planning a “What is a midwife workshop
by gommon almost 4 years ago

With Child Midwifery


Written by a midwive, this is more of a resource for midwives than expectant mothers. Though the blog itself is not recently updated with pertinent information, if you're expecting and living in New England, you can contact this Massachusetts-based guide for a free consultation.

Red Rock Midwifery


This midwife offers some great advice, information, and even book recommendations for expecting families. The blogger even touches on the sensitive subject of when a homebirth does not go according to plan.

Mamma Primitiva


Political and pragmatic, this site is upkept by a traditional midwife and has information for mothers-to-be and midwives alike. A great resource with highly detailed articles on uterine health, spirituality, and vaccination.

An Obstetrician's Hope- The Unnecesarean


This site advocates for patient rights concerning the "unnecessary cesarean epidemic." It includes posts from patients and doctors alike and is a must-read for mothers-to-be.

Passion for Birth- Childbirth Education Training


Ideal for expectant mothers, midwives, childbirth educators, and those seeking careers in the field of childbirth. This site has succinctly amassed information for over five years and is chock-full of resources.

Talk Birth


Written by a midwife based in Missouri, this site is both informative and interesting. It amasses a wealth of articles that are easy-to-navigate through.

Yahoo with a Doppler!
by talkbirth almost 4 years ago
Recipe: Wild Raspberry Cobbler
by talkbirth about 4 years ago

Better Birth


Just because this blog hasn't been updated in a year does not mean that the information it supples is not relevant- this site is a great resource for laid back mothers-to-be who are seeking accessible, instead of overwhelming, articles on what to expect when you're expecting.

Real Women. Real Options. Real Birth.


An excellent example of a site that merges the personal with the professional sides of midwifery, this features articles promoting natural, or independent, childbirth.

Ethics for Midwives


The title says it all- this blog focus on current ethical issues facing midwives. A great resource for industry professionals looking to stay up-to-date on contemporary moral issues.

Spinning Babies Blog


With over five years' worth of posts, this blog explores an expanse of midwifery-related topics, including the physiological, mental, and emotional aspects of childbirth.

Maternal Positioning Needs Better Understanding
by Spinning Babies Lady over 2 years ago
Don’t say Posterior? Does silence serve?
by Spinning Babies Lady over 2 years ago

Birth Activist: Bloggin' For Better Births


This page is concise, consistently-updated, and utilizes multimedia, which makes it an easy and enjoyable read. Plus, with over 6 years of archived articles, your bound to find something addressing your specific needs.

Bring Birth Home


This blog was created as a way to share beautiful and inspirational homebirth stories. There is also a ton of facts and information here for anyone planning a home birth.