Birth Change


Lori Wrankle blogs about everything women and birth. She is a traditional midwife and runs her own midwife business. Lori writes about everything that she finds meaningful and worth questioning. See her recent hysterectomy and breast feeding posts.

My Thoughts: Eastside Women's Health & Lactation


Knowledge is everything when it comes to birthing your children. Glean from the experience of a doula and Nurse-Midwife who can help you make informed decisions.

Help! I'm Expecting!


This blog, from the Denver area, offers great advice about all things motherhood. Expect great tips that range from thrifty shopping for baby clothes to nutrition.

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Bellies and Babies


Nicole is all things birthing. She a mother, a doula, an aspiring midwife and educator. She uses Bellies and Babies to advocate for women's choice and to help reduce fear of childbirth. She expresses the importance of midwives and other involved the birthing process.

World Doula Week Giveaway
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Motivational Monday
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ABC Doula News


From homemade baby-wipes to a mean recipe for shredded chicken chili, this blog has a variety of helpful tips about motherhood. You can also read about welcoming a new baby into the household, and all the positives of placenta pills.

Birth Express


This is a very visual blog, full of professional pictures by the blogger who is both a labor doula and photographer. Follow along as the blogger participates in a 52 week photography challenge, with a new post every week.

Delco Doula


Well written, weighty posts varying from breastfeeding statistics to personal experiences make up the bulk of this PA doula's blog. The blogger also brightens up the page with some great family pictures, as well as maternal themed paintings.

RIP Marsden Wagner
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2011 Pennsylvania Cesarean Rates, by hospital
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Nancy Rust Birth Doula


All of the delicious looking recipes might make you hungry enough to forget you are reading a doula's blog. Luckily there are also some great posts about this blogger's personal childbirth experience, as well as more general topics such the pressure to lose baby weight after birth, and the effects of sleep deprivation.

Gloria Lemay Birth Blog


This blog comes courtesy of a childbirth activist from Vancouver B.C. This blogger includes some great video lectures, opinions concerning the first moments after birth, and even some tips on cleaning birth linens.

Gloria Lemay’s New Blog Website
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The Nesting Place


From Toronto, Canada, this blogger focuses on how to prepare for a birth. Topics include epidurals, birth plans, and the first four weeks with a new baby.



This eye-catching blog has a different colored post nearly every day. Some of the tips are very practical, such as how to prepare a child for daylight savings.

Beer + Bubs, A Birth Blog for Blokes


This Australian blog is targeted towards men. Some of the helpful tips include how to get a woman to the hospital without a car, and what to expect during the first few weeks with a newborn.

Daya Marron


This blogger is obviously up to date on the latest childbirth and doula literature. Visit this blog for book reviews, videos, and links to fantastically informative articles.

Bethan Stewart


This blog comes from a doula and postpartum depression counselor. Read about birth preparation from the dad-to-be's perspective, and how to find an emotional support group after the baby arrives.

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Watercolor: Good at This (& being generous Artists)
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Natural Doula Birth


Different birthing positions and the benefits of a bath during labor are just a few of the topics raised in this clean and succinct blog. There is also a brief but thorough fact sheet about the history and benefits of a doula.

Lea Wolf


This is mainly a photo blog capturing breathtaking moments during a variety of births. However, there are also links to plenty of useful resources including information about classes, and favorite books and articles about childbirth.

Lumina Birth


This is a great blog for anyone in the Atlanta, GA area, due to the vast listings of local classes and resources. Luckily for readers out of the area, this blog is also full of great tips and thoughts about childbirth planning and preparation, as well as information about what happens after the baby has arrived.

Claudia Tillman - Breastfeeding Educator and Happy Baby Breastfeeding Check-Up
by Lumina Birth over 2 years ago
by Lumina Birth over 2 years ago

Confessions of a Birthaholic


Detailed and inspiring birth stories fill this Los Angeles area blog. The blogger also includes a number of book reviews, as well as tips on pain and stress relief.

Peachy Keen Birth Services


This blog tackles serious birth related topics, but often with a funny, surprising twist. There are also some client reviews that discuss the important role of a doula.

A Woman's Design


Though somewhat sporadically updated, this bog still has valuable, in-depth posts. Read about the issues surrounding inducement, as well as some personal thoughts about the importance of breastfeeding.

In The Blink Of An Eye
almost 4 years ago
Is Postpartum Doula Support for Everyone (If Everyone can’t Afford Them)?
almost 4 years ago

Preparing for Birth


Committed to "[g]rowing confident, equipped families and birth professionals," this site amasses information that supplies both mothers-to-be and midwives with highly-detailed articles on childbirth. Use the right-hand column's tag section to refine your search.

Childbirth Education Myths 3
by Tiffany Miller over 4 years ago
Childbirth Education Myths 2
by Tiffany Miller over 4 years ago

Bloomington Area Birth Services


Heartwarming is the word that comes to mind when reading this blog, with poems and quotes about love for one's child. There are also quite helpful tips, such as the the safest sunscreen, and postpartum preparation advice.

From the Nanny Files
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Swimming During Pregnancy
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Two Bee Birth Services


Out of Athens, GA, this blog offers a great list of local resources and events, as well as more general information for readers in any location. Some notable subjects include thoughts about patient responsibility, and how to plan a family centered cesarean.

Doula Annie


This doula provides a range of helpful facts, videos and links to articles about infants and childbirth. Read about what to eat while breastfeeding, and the benefits of skin to skin contact between mother and child.