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A well-maintained site that focuses on women's health news. We recommend this site for specific questions as the archives are organized and searchable via the drop-down menus marked "categories."

Will Zika be a Game Changer in the Abortion Wars?
by Guest Contributor over 2 years ago
A Feminist Sociologist’s Thoughts on the Zika Virus
by Susan Sered over 2 years ago

Letters from Laura - Thoughts on Unassisted Childbirth


Letters from Laura is written and managed by the author of Unassisted Childbirth Laura Shanley. She is very passionate about this topic and believes that birthing should be unassisted and painless. Also on her page she expresses her belief that giving birth is a sexual experience. If you are interested in seeing what an unassisted birth looks like, check out her website http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/.

How to Create the Birth of Your Dreams
by Laura Shanley over 3 years ago

Childbirth Today


This blogger is more than qualified to write on the topic of childbirth. With over 30 years experience as a childbirth educator, journalist, and birth researcher, Connie Livingston seeks to educate women so that they can make informed decisions during childbirth.

Five Tips for Staying Healthier This Holiday Season!
by Connie Livingston over 3 years ago
Birth Rocks Academy in UK
by Connie Livingston over 3 years ago

Pushed Birth


Pushed Birth is a bit of a controversial blog about the medical field and how they treat women giving birth. The author of the blog and the book the blog is based on, Pushed, provides stories and studies to the trauma an induced or "pushed" birth can do to a mother and child. She gives statistics and explains that the majority of the time these pushed births are very unnecessary.

Natural Childbirth


Alison Haasch started this blog a decade ago to try and fill the gaps about natural childbirth. She still uses this blog to bring fresh information and plenty of resources. Check out what scientists are saying in her post "Science Says: Excessive Crying Could Be Harmful to Babies" or "Study Links Caesareans With Births Before Term."



Anne started this witty and opinionated blog about birth to help process her own thoughts and to help anybody else do the same. She uses it to reveal videos and articles about the every aspect of birth. She advocates healthy and natural birthing solutions.

A Nursing Mom Walks Into A Bar
by Anne over 3 years ago
The Unexpected Shower Guest
by Anne over 3 years ago

Crunchy Domestic Goddess


Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Amy Gates believes in natural living from birth and all through life. She uses this blog to help her readers explore the natural birth and life afterwards. Come hear from real life advice and research articles a-plenty!

Mother Knows Best
by Crunchy Domestic Goddess almost 3 years ago
Making Some Headspace and a Meditation Challenge
by Crunchy Domestic Goddess almost 3 years ago

The Trial of Labor


Though this blogger ended up having hospital births, she promotes the option of home and natural births. There are also some very thought-provoking posts about enduring several miscarriages while trying to have a baby.

You need “shadow care?”
by MIA: Mother in Academia over 3 years ago
Current Research and Paradigm Shifts
by kgjames over 4 years ago

Women in Charge


Women in Charge is a blog dedicated to empowering women. They believe births should be natural and supported, not controlled. The writters of this blog fill its posts with feel-good stories of happy natural births. The key to healthy and happy births is in this blog.

What day is it?
by Maria Iorillo almost 3 years ago
Kijan ou rele?
by Maria Iorillo almost 3 years ago

Sarah Stewart


This New Zealand native is passionate about health. Sarah Stewart is a health professional and is dedicated to educating her readers about childbirth, the need for midwives and health in general. She has a recent post announcing the upcoming Virtual International Day of the Midwife, which is a great example of her loyalty to midwives and others in healt field.

I am a nurse again!
by noreply@blogger.com (Sarah Stewart) over 2 years ago
Coaching. An effective way to adddess work-life pressures?
by noreply@blogger.com (Sarah Stewart) over 2 years ago

First the Egg


Molly, a self-proclaimed feminist, writes this blog for equality in the birthing and parenting area. She fully supports natural childbirth uses this blog to communicate her feelings and ideas on the subject. Along with her opinion she provides many links and great information for her readers.

support feminist motherhood studies
by Molly about 4 years ago
great picture book: Rosie Revere, Engineer
by Molly about 4 years ago

Belly Tales


Read about touching birth stories, as well as facts about babies after they are out of the belly. There are also some great links to tons of helpful resources.

Misleading home birth headline
by The Midwife almost 5 years ago

Mom's Tinfoil Hat


HIlary Gerber is working towards becoming an OB/Gyn and uses this blog to express her thoughts, feelings and many perspectives on life and childbirth. This fiesty single mother will get you hooked with her wit and life stories.

In which I try not to overthink blogging and share some funny stories
by MomTFH over 4 years ago
Blogger once thought extinct, spotted!
by MomTFH over 4 years ago

Village Midwife


This passionate midwife shares her life, family, and occupation for all to learn and grow from. Joy Johnston is a great example of a lady who strives to serve her fellow midwives with her vast information and personal experience.

Mother Wit


Lesley Everest is a trained doula and doula trainer. This blog provides many insights to the doula life with well researched posts and familiar stories. Lesley uses this blog to reach out to other doulas the help train as well as families in search of other options. She brings all of her knowledge and shares her passion for childbirth.

MotherWit Loves Matraea!
by motherwit doula over 2 years ago
One Hundred Thousand Contractions and Counting
by motherwit doula over 2 years ago

Stand and Deliver


If we could include this in our top five, we would, as this blog is one of the most comprehensive out there. At Stand and Deliver, Dr. Rixa Freeze--a PhD and mama of 3--reflects on pregnancy, birth, and mothering. You'll find a bit of everything: personal narratives, academic essays, birth stories, and cultural critiques.

A bun in the oven: connecting the food and birth movements
by Rixa Freeze over 2 years ago
Can motherhood be an asset in academia?
by Rixa Freeze over 2 years ago

Sweet Song Doula


This Boston, MA area doula posts some great reading recommendations. There are also wonderful tips on finding support before and after the baby is born, and information about breastfeeding.

Radical Doula


Mirium is a women's advocate for choice and everything empowering. She uses Radical Doula to bring well researched information to her readers. She hopes to educate others about the way our culture views women and their rights. See her post Midwifery under attack in North Carolina and other big birth news.

Radical Doula Profiles: Maggie Weber-Striplin
by radicaldoula over 2 years ago
Radical Doula Profiles: Cat Ennis Sears
by radicaldoula over 2 years ago

Doula Ambitions


Join this blogger on her journey towards becoming a Certified Doula. The blog includes videos, informative articles, and personal thoughts on such topics as home vs. hospital birth.

Disposable Vs. Reusable Diapers
by Emily over 2 years ago
A Very Informative Video on Circumcision
by Emily over 2 years ago

Science & Sensibility


Through Lamaze International, Science and Sensability brings the perfect balance of instinct and science to childbirth. With helpful tips, reading materials and exercises this blog will help you get a great feel for the world of natural childbirth and every option.

Is Your Favorite in the Top Five? – Science & Sensibility’s Five Most Popular Posts
by Sharon Muza over 4 years ago
Series: Journey Towards LCCE Certification – Update: Preparing for the Exam
by Sharon Muza over 4 years ago

The Birth Book Blog


Tina Cassidy, after writing Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born, decided to write a blog as well to keep up the informations flow as well as keep in contact with her readers. This is a great place to stop for a writer's view and articulation on these important matters.

Changing the Climate around Birth: A Kickstarter campaign for 'Why Not Home?'
by Tina Cassidy almost 4 years ago
A Stack of Books
by Tina Cassidy over 4 years ago

Meconium Happens


Aside from the disturbing title, Meconium Happens is blog written by "fledgling midwife" as she comes across new experiences and life quandaries. She blogs about those special stories but she also brings heart with lyrics and anything she considers nice. Check out One Hot Mama's post It Feels Like the Very First Time.

The Natural Family Blog


Jenny Hatch, author of several childbirth books and this blog is currently not keeping her blog updated as regularly as most bloggers, but she is still very dedicated to natural childbirth. Jenny does regularly host a podcast and edits for Blogging Mother's Magazine. Check out Jenny and the great things she has done and is more than willing to share.

Blogging Break
by Jenny Hatch over 2 years ago
ESSA 101: Or, Why Call the U.S. Senate and Scream?
by Jenny Hatch over 2 years ago

Vancouver Doula


Jacquie is a doula and loving it. She blogs about inspiration, family, life and birth. In her blot, Vancouver Doula, Jacquie reaches out to anyone who is interested in listening and learning about the beauty she sees in natural childbirth and enjoying it.

Slow Birth
by Jacquie Munro about 3 years ago
by Jacquie Munro about 4 years ago

Birthing Beautiful Ideas


Kristen Oganowski writes Birthing Beautiful Ideas as a mother, doula and friend. She writes about her experiences as a doula and her passion for natural childbirth. She also writes about funny stories, her family and life in general. Come here for a real life view on doula love and beautiful ideas.

Sometimes When you do Nothing, you’re Doing Everything Right
by BirthingBeautifulIdeas over 4 years ago
Birthing Beautiful Ideas Turned Five, So Stop by and Delurk or, you Know, Whatever, SQUIRRELS!
by BirthingBeautifulIdeas over 4 years ago