The Reality of Anxiety


Anxiety is one of the most common demons faced by those who battle the erratic side of mood management. This blog understands how pervasive this concern has become and fields a seemingly endless barrage of possible remedies that can help. Recent posts address such ideas as support groups, panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, and just getting through the day. Blogger Aimee comprehends firsthand how awful anxiety can be and doles out advice from her own experience.

Fighting Monsters


This blogger works to help mend the lives of those suffering from mental health issues over the age of 65 in England. Her Nietzsche-referencing title conveys her vigilance.

Final post
by cb almost 4 years ago
Protected: Quick update
by cb almost 4 years ago

Astrid's Journal


A blogger with autism and other mental health issues writes about mental health solutions.

by Astrid over 4 years ago

Art Therapy Without Borders Blog


This blog is about the promotion of art therapy and who it can do to help people through difficult times. This blog is meant to educate people on what art therapy can do as well as show them how it can help overcome mental health issues.

Suicide No More: Choosing to Live with Schizoaffective Disorder


Jennifer lives with Schizoaffective Disorder, and despite her struggles, she has created a substance-filled blog that is a source of hope to others out there struggling with the same illness. Learn how to combat stigma, discover suicide resources, and learn to smile while dealing with a "crazy life".

Beauty from Pain Blog


A blog where I write about mental health with the aim of helping others benefit from my experiences with depression, borderline personality disorder, self-harm, suicide attempts etc.

Dear Little Amanda…
by A over 3 years ago
So, I didn’t kill myself this year…
by Amanda over 3 years ago



I'm a new blogger sharing my life with a mental illness. My name is Victoria and I have suffered with anxiety, panic and agoraphobia since 1993. I have had depression practicably all my life. I am NOT trying to sell you anything. I in fact will never endorse a product that claims to take away any mental illness. My only purpose is to help someone who is trying to work through these illnesses. You are not alone, there are so many people who go through this stuff everyday and because of the stigma many have refused to get help. I am here to share my experiences, educate and offer support. Through this I will decrease the stigma even, if it’s one person at a time. <3

I find that when I have pms, my symptoms of generalized anxiety and depression get worse
by High AnXieties about 4 years ago
I am a recovering alcoholic, does anyone have any alternatives for anxiety and panic
by High AnXieties about 4 years ago

Breathe Recovery Blog


Breathe is an online journal of a person dealing with schizophrenia. It's articles are meant to help others with similar issues.

YourBalance: Find Your Me Time


YourBalance: Find Your Me Time helps women achieve a more healthy life balance, as illustrated in Jennifer Beall's book "'Me' Time: Finding the Balance Between Taking Care of Others and Taking Care of Yourself." It addresses difficulties with setting/maintaining boundaries and with saying "no"; these difficulties create stress, low self-esteem and problems with relationships. It explores the roots of these difficulties, normalizing and explaining how they came to be; it also offers practical suggestions to help overcome them.



Wife of PTSD sufferer writes about her journey through her husband's PTSD and all life threw her way before her thirties.

Addressing anxiety and coping with stress


We all face daily stressors and the demanding world around is constantly adding more than we can often manage.

SBX Supplements Schizophrenia Blog


SBX Supplements Schizophrenia blog discusses schizophrenia generally but focusing on new treatments, natural treatments and recovery.