Transcendental Meditation


Meditation has long been considered an effective support tool for mood management. But the Web has suffered a dearth as of late when it comes to worthwhile and comprehensive pages that discuss the peace-inducing activity. This blog discusses meditation from a platform that focuses on serenity and improvement. Those who are looking for more information on the topic will definitely be rewarded. Info on meditation's help teems for academic achievement and stress and mood support.

Katy Perry And The “Cure For The Common Stress”
by Rose Hoffmann over 2 years ago
What Happens When Students Are Given The Tools To Fight Stress And Find Inner Stability?
by Admin over 2 years ago

Seventeen: Body Peace Blog


Many people assume that grown adults, having worked a 9-5 job for years on end, are the primary suffers from stress and mood issues. Seventeen sagely understands that young girls and teens, too, can face challenges to their temperament. Body image issues and the desire to replicate celebrities are particular causes for their dilemmas. This blog, written by a self-possessed Jess, provides numerous postings for young women on the art of loving peacefulness and loving themselves.

Boost Your Body Confidence: 9 Reasons To Love The Skin You're In
over 4 years ago

Anxiety Slayer


Sometimes your anxiety can feel like it's creeping up on you and there's no relief. Enter the writers of this site, who know how to start vanquishing the issue.

2 Invisible ways to handle anxiety on public transport
by admin over 2 years ago
Concern about a friend with anxiety who has become distant
by admin over 2 years ago

Approach Anxiety


Men sometimes encounter mood issues when dealing with women that interest them. Guys that want more confidence around pretty chicks should check this out.

Podcast: Step by Step Elimination of Approach Anxiety with Eric Disco
by Eric Disco over 2 years ago

Stress Blog


This blog will educate you on effective ways to keep your stress and its affect on you in check. "Om," fitness, and simplification are recent topics.

Stress Stop


Contrary to popular belief, there are actually techniques out there to help you restrict your stress issue. Manifold experts share their viewpoint on this here.

over 3 years ago
Holiday Stress
over 3 years ago



One of the most troubling triggers of mood issues can be a phobia that's plagued you. Take on the overwhelming fear directly and learn remedies here.

Anxiety No More


This blogger considers himself to be exceptionally well-read on the topic of anxiety, and has accumulated huge savvy on it. Readers can feel his longstanding expertise in the detailed nature of his posts.

My battle with anxiety was wrong
by Paul David almost 4 years ago
How to overcome avoidance behaviours with anxiety
by Paul David about 4 years ago

Stress Management


Whether work, family, studying, or family is the main cause of your current stress, this blog offers posts to help combat it. Students of all ages are especially targeted.

Dr. Berg Explains Adrenal Fatigue & the Adrenal Body Type
by Dr. Eric Berg D C over 4 years ago
Stress, Belly Fat & Your Body Type
by Dr. Eric Berg D C over 4 years ago

Empowering Serenity


Blogger Suzanne, being a Reiki master, knows how to coax a good deal of serenity into your life. She encourages you to embrace the joy and positivity in your life at this moment.

Living with Anxiety


This blogger has faced a personal challenge in handling not only social anxiety but also other phobias. There's a focus on pinpointed ways in which to counter the stress.

The Anger Coach


Blogger Tony uses life experience and an avuncular tone to help anger-prone people manage the rage. He is really gifted as pacifying road rage specifically.

OCD, Panic, and Anxiety


A New York City-based psychologist has made stress reduction his expertise. He introduces readers to the concept of mindfulness, based on meditation practices.

Multitasking and distraction
by Paul Greene, Ph.D. over 4 years ago
Mindfulness and OCD
by Paul Greene, Ph.D. over 4 years ago

Panic Away


Blogger Barry, an Irish native, learned in college that panic attacks were assuaged not with calm but with excitement. His radical viewpoint has apparently helped many to recover.

Inner Light Outer Peace


Jen underwent a barrage of traumatic circumstances before finding that yoga was the secret to her peace and joy. She returns the favor to her readers by showing them that serenity is possible.

Class Special Series-Yoga for Cancer Survivors with Rita
by Jen over 4 years ago
Yoga Dance with Vivian Howell
by Jen over 4 years ago

Managing Stress


This blog's author has been steeped in Japanese mood and stress management technique. Readers can also pick up tips on productivity and motivation here.

Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment


Anxiety symptoms and treatment. First of all, lets try to understand why are feeling anxious? Is it because we are worried about something? Are we stressed out?



This blog is about anxiety and the difference between normal <a href="http://www.hitations.com/">anxiety</a> and when it can become a real problem that needs treatment.