A Beautiful Revolution


A Beautiful Revolution is the mindful, brilliant blog of a guy who has truly experienced a beautiful revolution. Once extremely depressed and suicidal, he has used his blog to chronicle his journey toward a changed life.

by andre66 about 4 years ago
by andre66 over 4 years ago



One of the most widespread mood dimmers is depression. Come to this blog for highly comprehensive information on the real and treatable disorder.

Storied Mind


This blog is written with the intent to inform the reader about depression and recovering from it. If you plan to study psychology, depression is one area you can be sure you will study in detail.

How Couples Stay Together
by John Folk-Williams about 3 years ago
If Your Partner’s Depression Returns
by John Folk-Williams over 3 years ago

We Must Not Think Too Much


This blogger suffers from depression and is on a quest to help help both herself and others who are struggling. Her blog features news, reviews, and personal insights on mental health and depression

Aethelread the Unread


This UK blogger's been diagnosed with Recurrent Depressive Disorder, and he offers what he calls, "thoughts from an addled mind." He features book reviews and random stuff, some of it about mental issues.

Aethelread the Unwritten
by aethelreadtheunread almost 4 years ago
Aethelread the Unwritten
by aethelreadtheunread almost 4 years ago

Depression Support Blog


A comprehensive guide to dealing with depression. Get the basics, learn about depression types, disorders, anxiety, personality, and treatments, or enter the forums to connect, share and glean from others living with similar conditions.

Mommy Mentality


Ridiculous accounts of one woman's adventures in battling depression and her infant daughter.

teen depression


This blog is about symptoms of teen depression and learning to implement healthy skills to assist teens in dealing and coping with their <a href="http://www.hitations.com/">depression</a>.

Sad Mum Happy Mum


Sad Mum Happy Mum is my storey of a Mum living with depression. Through my blog I wish to increase the awareness of depression, break down the stigma attached to depression, and provide a safe environment for Mum's like me to share their storeys of depression.

The Blue Morpho


The Blue Morpho is written by a young woman coping with long-term depression. Jane Smith writes about how the depression affects all aspects of her life from dieting to dating, and tries to provide helpful advice for others with similar obstacles in life.