My Crazy Bipolar Life


The life and recovery process of someone who's been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Agoraphobia, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Self Harm. Anyone who's studying mental health or on a recovery journey of their own will find this blog interesting.

19:57 – Just, why?
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16:47 – My Crazy Bipolar Life – 4 years on
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About.com Bipolar Disorder


Marcia knows the difficulties of living with bipolar disorder from personal experience. This gives her a deeply personal reason to study and share information about this illness. This is a great guide to learning all the basics, from definition, to symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Parkinsonian Symptoms May Be Side Effect of Some BP Meds
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Three Bipolar Medications Unsafe During Pregnancy
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Here Not Sad


A bipolar Photographer's journey of recovery from mental illness



My journey through a Bipolar life. The ups and downs (hehe!), the struggles and triumphs.

Stop Pretending


19 years old. Posts about struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, and recovering with both. Frequent hospitalizations and going to a residential treatment center. Trying to find where I fit in and what to do with this life.

Coming tests
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Circumstantial speech
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Bipolar, Unemployed, and Lost


A blog about a woman coping with her ever-changing moods and outlook on life. This needs to be known, to help her...

A Piece of My Mind


A Piece of My Mind came to me one night while I was thinking, I would love to get out my feelings regarding my Bipolar Disorder and the other issues I deal with. In addition to my Bipolar Disorder, I suffer from ADHD, Eating Disorder, as well as mild OCD. My goal is to bond and help those with mental illnesses not feel so alone. And to help those who just don't "get it", begin to understand the issues we deal with. I decided to do this in a blogging outlet and not focus on editing but just let the words flow as I type. Life is not edited so neither should my blog! Here is A Piece of My Mind...