Cracked to the Core


One mom speaking about her very personal journey of guiding her son through the vast maze of schizophrenia. The good, the bad and the ugly. No thoughts too personal. No experience too dark. And until society gets its act together...no real names.

Vantage Point Counseling Services


Vantage Point Counseling's website includes a blog created by owner Michael J. Salas. This blog includes self-help information about substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.

The Challenges of Mental Illness


Living with bipolar can be very debilitating. Bipolar affects all aspects of our lives. Relationships and careers can be lost because of the affect of Bipolar. How to survive and be successful despite bipolar. Posts about schizophrenia, depression, treatment choices and symptoms.

Breathe Recovery Blog


Breathe is an online journal of a person dealing with schizophrenia. It's articles are meant to help others with similar issues.



Mental Health Tips for Mentally Fine-Being

YourBalance: Find Your Me Time


YourBalance: Find Your Me Time helps women achieve a more healthy life balance, as illustrated in Jennifer Beall's book "'Me' Time: Finding the Balance Between Taking Care of Others and Taking Care of Yourself." It addresses difficulties with setting/maintaining boundaries and with saying "no"; these difficulties create stress, low self-esteem and problems with relationships. It explores the roots of these difficulties, normalizing and explaining how they came to be; it also offers practical suggestions to help overcome them.



Wife of PTSD sufferer writes about her journey through her husband's PTSD and all life threw her way before her thirties.

Becoming a psychiatrist


It’s our goal to make a depression and anxiety free society so that everyone can get the full moments of life happy life.Becoming a psychiatrist leads you towards a psychiatrist career.



FortifyMe is a blog about mental illness and health written by Catherine, who has experienced what it is like to be sick and how wonderful it is to be healthy. She shares her experiences and provides links to resources where anyone can get help.

Bipolar, Unemployed, and Lost


A blog about a woman coping with her ever-changing moods and outlook on life. This needs to be known, to help her...

A Piece of My Mind


A Piece of My Mind came to me one night while I was thinking, I would love to get out my feelings regarding my Bipolar Disorder and the other issues I deal with. In addition to my Bipolar Disorder, I suffer from ADHD, Eating Disorder, as well as mild OCD. My goal is to bond and help those with mental illnesses not feel so alone. And to help those who just don't "get it", begin to understand the issues we deal with. I decided to do this in a blogging outlet and not focus on editing but just let the words flow as I type. Life is not edited so neither should my blog! Here is A Piece of My Mind...

The Challenges of Mental Illness


There are many challenges to face when you have a mental illness. Symptoms, treatment, employment, disability, suicide, insomnia, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression and more topics

That redhead said


I blog about my day-to-day life with a mental illness and the journey to recovery.

Addressing anxiety and coping with stress


We all face daily stressors and the demanding world around is constantly adding more than we can often manage.

Minding the Bedside


Designed for the nursing book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind, this blog is dedicated to the education and promotion of using mindfulness, meditative awareness, and compassion at the bedside and...in life!

Meditation Tip: Meditate In Pain!
by Jerome Stone almost 4 years ago
Meditate When You’re Broken…
by Jerome Stone almost 4 years ago

Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment


Anxiety symptoms and treatment. First of all, lets try to understand why are feeling anxious? Is it because we are worried about something? Are we stressed out?

teen depression


This blog is about symptoms of teen depression and learning to implement healthy skills to assist teens in dealing and coping with their <a href="http://www.hitations.com/">depression</a>.



This blog is about anxiety and the difference between normal <a href="http://www.hitations.com/">anxiety</a> and when it can become a real problem that needs treatment.

Pea Soup - Being Dad


This is about a Dad and 3 boys our times together and interactions, not always face to face and increasingly less so. I make the most of every moment we share, whether in person or via electronic media. I expand our experiences to this blog, so as to extend the feelings of being with them for as long as possible. I am more than this, but nothing else of me is of equal or even slightest consequence by comparison. I am also unwell with Severe Clinical Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder. The former suffered for 20+ years the latter more recent

Work In Progress


A therapeutic look at the journey to overcome depression and anxiety. What I learn, how I learn it and the raw truth that I don't want to "go back to how I was before" my collapse. I want to find my authentic voice and be the real me. Been through this twice....not again please.

The New ADHD


ADHD Collective is spearheading a cultural shift in how culture approaches ADHD. Along with a new acronym for ADHD (Approaching Development + Health Differently) "The New ADHD" Blog begins a new dialogue about ADHD that highlights real life experiences of people with ADHD.

Creative Katrina


Mindfulness and the creative spirit. Offers tips and insights on how to balance the mind, body and spirit for a happier life and fulfilling career.

chronic migraines


Finally, an all natural migraine relief product that is fast, effective and with NO adverse side effects as with prescription drugs.