Here Not Sad


A bipolar Photographer's journey of recovery from mental illness

Workin' with What I've Got


Bloggers is a published author, teacher, and exhibiting artist who writes, with humor and poignancy, about her experience with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She further questions the nature of "normal" vs "healthy."

by T about 3 years ago
Brain, Storm – for my mother
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My journey through a Bipolar life. The ups and downs (hehe!), the struggles and triumphs.

MS Stole My Brain


I have a rare form of pituitary failure, and was also diagnosed with MS. I have a degree in psychology and this blog is my forum for sharing how I learn to live with these chronic illnesses, and how to help others around me cope as well. Ultimately my goal is to live with these disorders with grace. I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety. I know what it feels like to want to die, and I know I can help.

Four Leaf Clover Tattoos
by alpha over 4 years ago
In Loving Memory Tattoos
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Life Enhancing


'Life Enhancing' brings you tips, techniques and ideas for enhancing life through the science and behavioral technologies of NLP, mBIT and Positive Psychology. It's also about fun, creativity and learning.

Life Enhancing Magic!
by Grant Soosalu about 4 years ago
Enhancing your life with Exquisite Superlatives
by Grant Soosalu over 4 years ago

Mommy Mentality


Ridiculous accounts of one woman's adventures in battling depression and her infant daughter.

Better Mental Health


to engage the people in Devon in comoissioning Mental Health services for adults and young people and learning diasability

The Panacea Community - A Healthy Mind


The Panacea Community is dedicated to helping you improve, enlighten, and transform your life by connecting with and learning from master teachers related to MIND BODY SPIRIT EARTH and ABUNDANCE.

Austin Psychology & Assessment Center


This blog is written by the psychologists of the Austin Psychology & Assessment Center. Our blog focuses on well-being, tips for being happier, mindfulness techniques, advice about parenting and relationships, as well as many great book recommendations from the psychologists themselves.

Some Mindfulness Meditation “Hacks”
by Dr. Mike Brooks over 4 years ago
Why Is Mindfuless is the Master Key to Change?
by Dr. Mike Brooks over 4 years ago

seedmind: a coherent source of energy for living


an Australian dad and partner exploring mindfulness practice, psychotherapy, relationship, parenting, healthy living, sense of place, poetry

When you hear a man speak…
by Simon Williams almost 5 years ago

Beauty from Pain Blog


A blog where I write about mental health with the aim of helping others benefit from my experiences with depression, borderline personality disorder, self-harm, suicide attempts etc.

Dear Little Amanda…
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So, I didn’t kill myself this year…
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I'm a new blogger sharing my life with a mental illness. My name is Victoria and I have suffered with anxiety, panic and agoraphobia since 1993. I have had depression practicably all my life. I am NOT trying to sell you anything. I in fact will never endorse a product that claims to take away any mental illness. My only purpose is to help someone who is trying to work through these illnesses. You are not alone, there are so many people who go through this stuff everyday and because of the stigma many have refused to get help. I am here to share my experiences, educate and offer support. Through this I will decrease the stigma even, if it’s one person at a time. <3

I find that when I have pms, my symptoms of generalized anxiety and depression get worse
by High AnXieties about 4 years ago
I am a recovering alcoholic, does anyone have any alternatives for anxiety and panic
by High AnXieties about 4 years ago

Stop Pretending


19 years old. Posts about struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, and recovering with both. Frequent hospitalizations and going to a residential treatment center. Trying to find where I fit in and what to do with this life.

Coming tests
by stop-pretending about 4 years ago
Circumstantial speech
by stop-pretending about 4 years ago

Mindful Concepts


Life Coaching in the areas of Addiction/Alcoholism, Weight Loss and Financial Wellness.

Trauma in Childhood


Trauma in Childhood addresses adults with childhood trauma, the effects of trauma on children and adults, and getting over or recovering from trauma.

Clinical Corner


This blog helps psychotherapists become more effective. Each blog addresses a common problem in therapy and offers easy to use solutions to help patients recover.

by Jon Frederickson about 3 years ago
She attacks me as a therapist!
by Jon Frederickson over 3 years ago