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This blog is written with the intent to inform the reader about depression and recovering from it. If you plan to study psychology, depression is one area you can be sure you will study in detail.

How Couples Stay Together
by John Folk-Williams about 3 years ago
If Your Partner’s Depression Returns
by John Folk-Williams over 3 years ago

Antisocial Social Worker


This social worker says, "I'm not antisocial in the clinical sense, just in the wrong use of the definition sense." While this blogger has a real interest in mental health and psychotherapy, they're not so social themselves. Follow the interesting life of someone who helps others while hiding in a corner themselves.

Furious Seasons


Philip's an award winning journalist who's seriously concerned about the state of mental health in our world today. He's interviewed hundreds of people with mental illnesses, as well as a number of doctors and researchers, which has led him to blog about his conclusions and observations.

Mystery Shrink


A psychologist/author shares what she has learned in practice and study as a way to "Pay it Forward". She has a way with words -post titles such as "Procrastination and the Birth Canal Trip" or "If Cigarettes Don’t Get You, Your Attitude Will" will instantly grab your attention.

Coffee: Gateway to Heroin
by mysteryshrink over 2 years ago
Can You Really Change? Can Anyone?
by mysteryshrink over 2 years ago



Everything you want to know about studying the mind and understanding the study of psychology.

Finding Optimism


How about using technology to increase optimistic thinking and happiness? Optimism apps sells software and online applications to individuals and counsellors all over the world. Read their blog for helpful ideas on maintaining a positive mental state.

We Must Not Think Too Much


This blogger suffers from depression and is on a quest to help help both herself and others who are struggling. Her blog features news, reviews, and personal insights on mental health and depression

Aethelread the Unread


This UK blogger's been diagnosed with Recurrent Depressive Disorder, and he offers what he calls, "thoughts from an addled mind." He features book reviews and random stuff, some of it about mental issues.

Aethelread the Unwritten
by aethelreadtheunread almost 4 years ago
Aethelread the Unwritten
by aethelreadtheunread almost 4 years ago

My Crazy Bipolar Life


The life and recovery process of someone who's been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Agoraphobia, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Self Harm. Anyone who's studying mental health or on a recovery journey of their own will find this blog interesting.

19:57 – Just, why?
by mycrazybipolarlife over 4 years ago
16:47 – My Crazy Bipolar Life – 4 years on
by mycrazybipolarlife over 4 years ago

About.com Bipolar Disorder


Marcia knows the difficulties of living with bipolar disorder from personal experience. This gives her a deeply personal reason to study and share information about this illness. This is a great guide to learning all the basics, from definition, to symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Parkinsonian Symptoms May Be Side Effect of Some BP Meds
about 4 years ago
Three Bipolar Medications Unsafe During Pregnancy
about 4 years ago



Here's some information about the philosophy of the brain. This is a highly scientific and philosophical blog opening up discussion on matters of the mind.



An Australian psychologist blogs lightheartedly about being a psychologist. The site also offers information covering mental health and general health issues.

Commitment to Living


Suicidal risk is a serious thing. Those who are depressed or suffering from other mental illnesses are at risk. Here's one blogger who takes the matter seriously and strives to help increase awareness about the seriousness of the situation.

Zero Suicide Webinar Recording and Slides Available
by Anthony Pisani over 3 years ago

Autism Blogger


This site is a support group for all those dealing with autism or helping someone they love cope. You can write a blog of your own, connect with people who are dealing with the same issues, get help and support, and ask questions.

Raymond mill using skills
by sunnyxiaomo almost 4 years ago
Steps of substance feeding with vertical roller mill
by zhgk3258 almost 4 years ago

Depression Support Blog


A comprehensive guide to dealing with depression. Get the basics, learn about depression types, disorders, anxiety, personality, and treatments, or enter the forums to connect, share and glean from others living with similar conditions.

A Splintered Mind


Douglas is affected by depression and adult ADHD. n his blog, he seeks to overcome the stigma of living with these conditions, create awareness, and provide support. He's reached out to many people over the years and helped them discover a more fulfilling life.

ADHD: A Nightmare of Disorganization
by noreply@blogger.com (Douglas Cootey) over 2 years ago
ADHD vs. Guest Speaking. I won.
by noreply@blogger.com (Douglas Cootey) over 2 years ago

The Mindstorm


Chrisa is a blogger and mental health advocate specializing in providing education and support for parents of children diagnosed with serious mental health conditions. Chrisa began her journey into the world of childhood onset mental illness when her middle child, Timothy, was diagnosed with Emotional Disorder Not Otherwise Specified at age 8, Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Symptoms at the age of 11, and Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type at the age of 14. Chrisa began blogging when her therapist suggested she journal her feelings and thoughts about raising a child with a severe mental health condition. Her blog, The Mindstorm, catalogs the day-to-day triumphs and tribulations of raising Timothy, as well as articles on fighting mental health stigma, navigating the Special Education system, sibling issues, and parental self-care.

Fall Fail
by Chrisa Hickey almost 3 years ago
by Chrisa Hickey about 3 years ago

Suicide No More: Choosing to Live with Schizoaffective Disorder


Jennifer lives with Schizoaffective Disorder, and despite her struggles, she has created a substance-filled blog that is a source of hope to others out there struggling with the same illness. Learn how to combat stigma, discover suicide resources, and learn to smile while dealing with a "crazy life".

Frontier Psychiatrist


This London based psychiatric trainee critiques the psychiatric world with his unique writing style. He reviews books, programs, and news, and has a somewhat different outlook than most psychiatrists of today.



Healthy Place blog states that one in five Americans has a type of mental illness in any given six months. The purpose of the blog is to provide comprehensive information about almost everything related to mental health: news, tests, online networks to name a few.

Past Holiday Memories May Trigger Self-Harm
by Jennifer Aline Graham over 3 years ago
Having Real Friends and Your Self-Esteem
by Fay Agathangelou over 3 years ago

A Healthy Life


Victoria works in New York City as both a social worker and a psychotherapist. All of her posts are designed to boost the healthfulness of her readers' daily lives.

Everyone has an inner critic, an inside voice that tells us...
almost 4 years ago
Are You Dissatisfied at Your Job? You Don't Have to Be.
almost 4 years ago

What Are Our Instinctual Gut Feelings


This blog is setup to give a place for the exploration with others of the work that Robert (Bob) Sterling and Silver (M.C.) Love have done with honoring gut instinctual feelings as a guide for healthy living and the exploration of human-ness. We invite you to participate in our blog if you are interested in exploring the essence of human-ness and how we might follow our instinctual gut feelings — the signals of emptiness and fullness in our guts — to emerge again as vibrant and healthy beings in tune with our caring natures. We also invite you to read our book "What's Behind Your Belly Button" and make comments on this blog as to your responses to our book.

How Our Awareness of Gut Feelings and Intuition May Protect Us From Immoral Behaviors
by Silver Love over 2 years ago
Increasing Intuitional Intelligence: How the Awareness of Instinctual Gut Feelings Fosters Human Learning, Intuition, and Longevity
by Silver Love over 2 years ago

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