Mind Hacks


This blog offers a vast amount of information on psychology and psychiatry. This blog can help you in your studies or to decide if the field is right for you.

The death of the soul has been greatly exaggerated
by vaughanbell over 2 years ago
Spike activity 12-02-2016
by vaughanbell over 2 years ago

Transcendental Meditation


Meditation has long been considered an effective support tool for mood management. But the Web has suffered a dearth as of late when it comes to worthwhile and comprehensive pages that discuss the peace-inducing activity. This blog discusses meditation from a platform that focuses on serenity and improvement. Those who are looking for more information on the topic will definitely be rewarded. Info on meditation's help teems for academic achievement and stress and mood support.

Katy Perry And The “Cure For The Common Stress”
by Rose Hoffmann over 2 years ago
What Happens When Students Are Given The Tools To Fight Stress And Find Inner Stability?
by Admin over 2 years ago

Everyone Needs Therapy


The Therapy Doc is a clinical social work and social science research PhD and has a general belief that everybody could benefit from therapy. She blogs about everything from current events to technology and relates it all back to mental health and therapy.

Glimpsing Heaven
by therapydoc@gmail.com (therapydoc) over 3 years ago
Me Before You: The Six Gift Take-away
by therapydoc@gmail.com (therapydoc) over 3 years ago

The Happiness Project


Gretchen Rubin is familiar to many because of her appearance on The Oprah Show. She's actually an attorney turned author of several books, the first of which was a bit of a parody on self help books. But her last book, The Happiness Project and her blog of the same name speaks to us for our purposes here. It's practical, it's doable for the most part and it's not the usual self help drivel we may be used to. The full title of her book exemplifies her blog: "The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun."

Agree? “The Best Kind of Laughter Is Laughter Born of a Shared Memory.””
by gretchen@gretchenrubin.com (Gretchen Rubin) over 2 years ago
Fill in the Blank: “Our Life Is What Our __ Makes It.”
by gretchen@gretchenrubin.com (Gretchen Rubin) over 2 years ago

The Positivity Blog


This blogger is all about promoting a positive outlook on life in order to bring positive things into your life, which will in turn lead you to an overall healthy lifestyle. This blogger has published two books on this subject matter, so you know that you are getting advice from an expert!

How to Overcome Failure: 9 Powerful Habits
by Henrik Edberg over 2 years ago
34 Inspiring Quotes on Criticism (and How to Handle It)
by Henrik Edberg over 2 years ago

ADHD Roller Coaster


Gina Pera's an award winning author who hosts what is quite possibly has one of the best web resources on ADHD. After reading a book on Adult ADHD, she became amazed at the widespread ignorance of this condition. Her blog is a shining light, an advocate for all those dealing with this mental illness.

Watching A Mind Falling Apart — In Reverse
by Gina Pera over 4 years ago
Young Australian responds to “Kids on Speed?”
by Gina Pera over 4 years ago

A Beautiful Revolution


A Beautiful Revolution is the mindful, brilliant blog of a guy who has truly experienced a beautiful revolution. Once extremely depressed and suicidal, he has used his blog to chronicle his journey toward a changed life.

by andre66 over 4 years ago
by andre66 over 4 years ago

The Reality of Anxiety


Anxiety is one of the most common demons faced by those who battle the erratic side of mood management. This blog understands how pervasive this concern has become and fields a seemingly endless barrage of possible remedies that can help. Recent posts address such ideas as support groups, panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, and just getting through the day. Blogger Aimee comprehends firsthand how awful anxiety can be and doles out advice from her own experience.

All in the Mind Blog


You will find some very interesting articles and posts on this blog concerning psychology, the mind, medicine, and neuroscience. The combination of these make this blog intriguing to students and those interested in the field.

Think Simple Now


The Think Simple site's passionate about spreading happiness. And it appears that they've been pretty successful. Their web page has had press coverage from Glamour Magazine and Yes Magazine, been reviewed in numerous paper publications, has had a book mention, and is even now available as a Kindle subscription.

4 Ways to Feel More Loved
by Kayla Albert almost 3 years ago
3 Ways to Build Your Confidence
by Guest of TSN almost 3 years ago

Fighting Monsters


This blogger works to help mend the lives of those suffering from mental health issues over the age of 65 in England. Her Nietzsche-referencing title conveys her vigilance.

Final post
by cb almost 4 years ago
Protected: Quick update
by cb almost 4 years ago

Mental Health Social Worker


Education, careers, ethics, research, and new developments within the field of social work are discussed here. Everything in the field is fair game as potential article material at MHSW.

My Skim Cap


Mental health, spirituality, social justice, and the environment are but a few of the topics this blogger focuses on. The blogger inputs his own experiences into the articles.

Seventeen: Body Peace Blog


Many people assume that grown adults, having worked a 9-5 job for years on end, are the primary suffers from stress and mood issues. Seventeen sagely understands that young girls and teens, too, can face challenges to their temperament. Body image issues and the desire to replicate celebrities are particular causes for their dilemmas. This blog, written by a self-possessed Jess, provides numerous postings for young women on the art of loving peacefulness and loving themselves.

Boost Your Body Confidence: 9 Reasons To Love The Skin You're In
over 4 years ago

Lois Roelofs


This nursing teacher has been in the field for over 40 years, so you can trust that she has lots of wisdom to impart. She's also a creative writer who takes her skill seriously and is now a published author of "Caring Lessons".

Historic Pullman – Chicago
by Lois Roelofs about 4 years ago
New Neighbors in Millennium Park – 2014
by Lois Roelofs about 4 years ago

Teen Mental Health


This blog discusses how parents can make a difference and that kids do have a chance for getting better with appropriate intervention. This is a wide ranging resource for understanding mental health targeting families and teens as well as educators and health professionals.

Art Therapy Without Borders Blog


This blog is about the promotion of art therapy and who it can do to help people through difficult times. This blog is meant to educate people on what art therapy can do as well as show them how it can help overcome mental health issues.



This licensed therapist is opening up about her own beliefs when it comes to mental health dealing with a very broad range of topics such as abuse, relationships, and discrimination.

When, "I'm sorry" isn't an apology
by Kellen over 2 years ago
"Choosing" to be Happy
by Kellen over 2 years ago

American Counseling Association


This blog features a group of very well educated industry professionals who blog about everything from mental health and stress, to to life's changes and experiences.

Good Therapy


The purpose of this blog is to advocate against therapists who misuse their power. Good therapy is a therapy directory of therapists worldwide who subscribe to a collaborative approach to therapy and a vision for social change in the field of mental health.

Researchers Successfully Erase Memories in Rats
about 4 years ago
Moving Forward after the Death of a Child
about 4 years ago

Raising Happiness


Raise joyful kids and live your happiest life while doing so. Christine Carter's a a sociologist and happiness expert. Her blog offers parenting advice from a science perspective. Her science is solid, her tips easily applicable and practical for the average family.

Why I Yell at My Kids
about 4 years ago
Is Your Marriage Losing its Luster?
over 4 years ago