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This blog brings an international focus to its coverage of the medical tech community. Readers can expect a new article almost daily.



This hospital worker launched his blog here to chronicle the latest medical happenings as they related to IT. His great writing has earned a loyal, large readership.

Morning Headlines 3/21/14
by Lt. Dan over 4 years ago
News 3/21/14
by Mr. HIStalk over 4 years ago

Diagnostic Imaging


This blog keeps its readers abreast of a new form of diagnostic technology that might be safer and more effective than other means. The articles here excite you about the possibilities.

Bob on Medical Device Software


Blogger Bob likes to concentrate on how software technology and advancements are helping with medicine's progress. This is a simple yet well-stocked blog page.

Device Talk


This blog provides a place for people in the medical community to discuss and learn more about the devices they use. It's a site great for patients to catch their physicians off-guard.

Da Vinci Xi: Intuitive's Next-Gen Surgical Robot Released
by Chris Wiltz over 4 years ago
Report: Healthcare Cybersecurity Appalling, Legislation Not Enough
by Chris Wiltz over 4 years ago



The black-and-white, classic medical picture that opens this blog speaks to the professional and classy writing this blog flaunts. It covers radiology and other fields as well.



Top-tier radiologists are always seeking out the latest technological advances for their profession. This blog places them in the thick of their quest for the new and improved.

3D Printed Maps Help Blind People Navigate Inside Buildings
by Editors over 2 years ago
FDA Approves New ScandiDos System That Measures XRT Dose
by Editors over 2 years ago



This blog focuses on electronic medical records as they contrast with electronic health records. Readers can also learn how to create their own records for their safety.

No,The Patient Isn’t Disrupting Your Workflow!
by Anne Zieger over 2 years ago
Around the Twittersphere – Healthcare Simplicity!
by John Lynn over 2 years ago

Wired EMR Practice


This blog looks to see the gap between technology and medical practice significantly reduce in size. The IT talk thankfully never grows too techie in the casual posts.

Wow, That was Fast
by Dr. Michael Koriwchak over 2 years ago
An Open Letter to Andy Slavitt, Acting Administrator CMS
by Dr. Michael Koriwchak over 2 years ago

Medical Smartphones


Cutting edge mobile technologies that provide medical care are this blog's focus. Learn here how your iPad might one day help provide intestinal relief to you.

Optimal smartphone screen size? 5.5 to 5.7"
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH almost 3 years ago
Apple announces ResearchKit
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 3 years ago

The Wired Doc


Internist and Geriatrician Daniel Litoff, M.D., F.A.C.P. writes about use of technology in medicine. Dr. Litoff became The Wired Doc in 2000 when his use of technology in was featured in the AMA Medical News. Today he continues to adapt smart phones, tablet computers and digital imaging to help him care for his patients.

In Your Ear


The Official GN ReSound Blog provides hearing industry news and insights, as well as technology updates and stories of how hearing instruments make people's lives better.

How to Support Someone with Hearing Loss
by gnresound over 2 years ago
Thomas Edison and Living with Hearing Loss
by gnresound over 2 years ago