The Stroke Recovery Blog


Peter has focused his medical research on the nature of strokes since the '90s. His blog here provides everyday readers with a master class on rehab from the trauma.

Dangerous Phrases
by Peter G Levine almost 4 years ago
A blog entry about football-induced brain injury.
by Peter G Levine almost 4 years ago

Inspired Recovery


Trauma is an unfortunate part of many people's lives. When it strikes yours, will you be prepared to put everything into your recovery? Will you experience an inspired recovery?

Kitchen Project Pictures
by jturka over 4 years ago
A Week of Hospital Recovery – Day 7
by jturka over 4 years ago

Stroke Blog


Information about exercises and rehabilitation after stroke as well as answers to questions from stroke patients and their caregivers.

Stroke Revelations


Stroke Revelations aims at providing scientific data and understanding about strokes, but to a lesser degree, about various neurological illness and injuries. The articles, announcements, and resources range from the most basic newspaper articles to complex scientific ones. Additionally, Billy Ethridge, the blog editor as well as a severe hemorrhagic stroke survivor and writer, also intermittently offers his own very personal perspectives on the issues covered.

Mama, Doctor, Stroke Survivor


Robin does a great job explaining her stroke and deficits in terms of her medical background.