Radiological Heterodoxy


This blog sees itself as alternative to the traditional, stuffy radiology blogs out there. Read here often for a fresh yet highly informed opinion on it all.

Radiological Aptitude Test
by Paul McCoubrie over 2 years ago
More Rules of Radiology
by Paul McCoubrie over 2 years ago

X-Ray Stories


Every x-ray professional has a store of anecdotes that arrive from working on the job. This blog compiles many of those stories for loyal readers' benefit.

X-Ray Vision


This blog acknowledges that X-rays are the primary way that most of us are introduced to radiology. The writing here helps you to progress in your understanding of it all.

The Last Cowboy in Paris
by Stacey Gordon about 2 years ago
Radio Blah Blah
by Stacey Gordon over 2 years ago