Not Running a Hospital


From Grey's Anatomy to E.R., we have all likely been exposed at some point in our entertainment experience to the dramatic and cinematic potential of hospital drama. Blogger Paul's blog is not exactly ready for a close-up anytime soon. This former CEO of a major teaching hospital is more focused on quality medical care than on love from the cameras. His blog provides an insider's understanding of how America's medical facilities run, from the inside out.

What will their legacy be?
by noreply@blogger.com (Paul Levy) over 2 years ago
Hear me. Do you know me?
by noreply@blogger.com (Paul Levy) over 2 years ago

Head Nurse


Jo wittily and caustically captures what hospital life is like for the big nurse in charge. Real and authentic accounts of actual trials and triumphs on-site appear here often.

Today I went to a funeral.
by Jo over 2 years ago
Things of which I will never tire, part three thousand and forty-six:
by Jo over 2 years ago

Morningside Hospital


This Alaskan hospital dates back to the civil rights era, which makes it a rather interesting read. Not only are there posts relating to medicine but there are also historical references to the hospital making it extra special.

Long Journey is Eventful
by Ellen over 4 years ago
Citizens Hired as Guards for Patients and Prisoners
by Ellen over 4 years ago

Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley


For anyone interested in what goes on in a hospital and the various practices, this is a great blog. In addition, you can read about hospital expansions and what it takes to make this happen.

Non-Clinical Jobs


This blog was designed to serve as a place where those who didn't want clinical jobs to find medically relevant professions. Each post discusses how to find top positions.

Job Posting: IRB Medical Review Board Chairman
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 2 years ago
Is it time to pursue the CFA credential?
by Joseph Kim, MD, MPH over 2 years ago

St Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst - Male Nurses


If you are a male nurse or studying to be one, you will find this blog very insightful. While male nurses are more common, they still face some incidences in hospitals which are discussed here.