Brain Science Podcast


The Brain Science Podcast is "the show for everyone who has a brain." Since 2006 host Ginger Campbell, MD has been exploring how neuroscience is unraveling the mystery of how our brains make us who we are. She helps scientists share their work with people from all walks of life.

BSP 126 Andy Clark on Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind
by docartemis@gmail.com (Dr. Ginger Campbell) over 2 years ago
BSP 125 Ninth Annual Review Episode
by docartemis@gmail.com (Dr. Ginger Campbell) over 2 years ago

Dana Foundation Blog


Neuroeducation, neuroethics, and brain science come together in this information packed blog. Topics such as morality, murder, and brain awareness help to balance out more scientific posts.

We've Moved!
by Dana over 4 years ago
New in Cerebrum: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
by Dana over 4 years ago

NeuroLogica Blog


Blogger Steven Novella, MD, offers articles on neuroscience and critical thinking. There is a healthy does of skepticism within his solid writing.

Prebiotic Earth
by Steven Novella about 4 years ago
Ernst on Homeopathy
by Steven Novella about 4 years ago

Sharp Brains


Sharp Brains is a site about brain fitness and overall cognitive health. Topics include stress and the brain, brain rewiring, and schizophrenia research, among many other high level and intriguing posts.

Debunking Myers-Briggs personality test: What is it good for?
by SharpBrains almost 4 years ago
Upgrading Education and Health in light of Neuroscience: The Frontier of Gaming?
by SharpBrains almost 4 years ago

Brain Waves


Neuroscience news is provided by blogger R Douglas Fields. He received advanced degrees at UC Berkeley, San Jose State, and UC San Diego, so his blog posts are intelligent and spot on.

The Taste of Thanksgiving
by R. Douglas Fields over 2 years ago
Toxin in Dungeness Crab Causes Brain Damage
by R. Douglas Fields over 2 years ago

Suzanne Gordan


Suzanne Gordon is an award-winning journalist , author and patient advocate. She has written many articles and given lectures on important medical issues that effect us or someone we love.

Is Bullying Really Epidemic in Healthcare?
by Suzanne over 4 years ago
A Doctor Goes into the Cockpit and Sees Some Interesting Things
by Suzanne over 4 years ago

Who Moved My Dentures?


Peruse a wide range of health and money related topics with this thorough blog. With new articles almost daily, this blogger has been posting helpful tips and advice since 2007.

Californians for Patient Care


Patient care advocates in the Golden State look to this blog to address Californian concerns. Readers elsewhere will enjoy the lively discussion.

Hospice Clinician


Come to this page when looking for info on patient care as it relates to hospice treatment. New federal legislation regarding this always factors in here.

The Millionaire Nurse


Nurses, the direct caregivers in most cases, should learn to care for themselves well too. This blog counsels them to improve their own situations, and ability to help others.

Protect Patients


This blog has one focus -- to provide readers with what they need to fight for the patient care they deserve. It also tells you how the law can support your efforts.

Sovaldi — Pay Now or Later
almost 4 years ago
Manufacturer Yanks Cancer-Spreading Device from the Market
almost 4 years ago

Everyday EMS Tips


Great patient care begins the minute the injury has been suffered. This blog lets patients and med pros alike learn about what to do in emergency scenes.

Happy Halloween and make it a safe day for kids
by Greg Friese over 2 years ago
Capnography and Sepsis webinar – November 5
by Greg Friese over 2 years ago

Mobile Health Watch


Patient care is vastly improving thanks to advances in mobile treatment. Learn more about this new-fangled notion here.

Mesothelioma Help


Dealing with this egregious form of affliction is an often drawn-out affair. This blog helps you secure the excellent patient care you'll need to improve.

BMJ Group


This blog regularly features articles that address patient care head-on. Centenarians and Japan medical care are new post topics.

Non-contiguous propagation of ALS: River of hyperexcitability?
by Steve Vucic, Web Editor over 4 years ago

John Hopkins Nursing


One of America's leading medical programs grooms the country's next generation of great nurses. Learn more about their formation on this page.

Experience of a Lifetime
by Guatemala Volunteer Group over 4 years ago
Bienvenidos a Antigua!
by Guatemala Volunteer Group over 4 years ago

db's Med Rants


This blog written by Dr Centor offers his readers insights into the various treatments and happenings within a hospital setting. Very insightful seeing it through the eyes of a physician.

July advice for interns and 3rd year students
by rcentor about 4 years ago
Rounding in July
by rcentor about 4 years ago

WhiteCoat's Call Room


Delve inside the emergency room situation and learn why there's always stalling here. It will lend you a new perspective on medical care as a patient.

Healthcare Update Satellite — 04-16-2014
by WhiteCoat about 4 years ago
Income Comparisons – Teacher vs. Physician
by WhiteCoat over 4 years ago

ER Stories


Unfortunately, George Clooney's diaries while starring on the eponymous show aren't found here. Instead, patients can learn about some exciting events that take place in the ER.

Movin' Meat


Don't let the name of the blog fool you, this is written by an ER physician. He blogs about some serious issues facing ER doctors and health care in general.

A better way to think about Altered Mental Status
by shadowfax over 2 years ago
Happy SGR Repeal Day
by shadowfax over 3 years ago