Architecture for Radiology


Who knew that radiology and architecture had so much in common? Turn here to learn why these two fields are not really an odd couple.



Top-tier radiologists are always seeking out the latest technological advances for their profession. This blog places them in the thick of their quest for the new and improved.

3D Printed Maps Help Blind People Navigate Inside Buildings
by Editors over 2 years ago
FDA Approves New ScandiDos System That Measures XRT Dose
by Editors over 2 years ago

Wandering Radiologist


This blogger is a family man whose profession counts as one of his most prized passions. Learn more into a day in the life of a real practitioner here.

30 years on…what do I make of this?
by wanderingradiologist almost 4 years ago

Radiology Assistant


An official association in the Netherlands heads this super informative blog. Learn how radiology applies to every part of the body here.

Radiology 101


When you're looking to refresh your radiology basics, turn to this blog. Learn about the if, whys, and wherefores of the science.

The Radiology Blog


The latest on education in radiology as it takes place in America is this blog's fodder. Learn about great institutions and what makes a great radiology expert.

What Role Does CT Play in Screening for Lung Cancer?
by minava over 4 years ago

Health Imaging


This blog helps radiology pros keep their skills in great condition. You can keep abreast of the industry's latest changes here.

Medscape: Radiology


MedScape has attracted much attention for its very thorough assemblage of informative radiology news. The recent clipping on Alzheimer's was revelatory.

Added Value of Quantitative FDG-PET Parameters in NSCLC Prognosis
over 2 years ago
Advances in Genomic Medicine 'Unstoppable'
over 2 years ago



This blog imports an international focus to the radiology blog landscape. It also enables readers to go in-depth into myriad radiology cases.



This blog blends the best of the radiology community with a Wikipedia feel. Experts in the field regularly contribute and update postings.

Radiology Case Reports


The University of Washington compiles salient cases of note for this radiology blog, providing a jolt of knowledge for readers.

X-Ray Stories


Every x-ray professional has a store of anecdotes that arrive from working on the job. This blog compiles many of those stories for loyal readers' benefit.

X-Ray Vision


This blog acknowledges that X-rays are the primary way that most of us are introduced to radiology. The writing here helps you to progress in your understanding of it all.

The Last Cowboy in Paris
by Stacey Gordon over 2 years ago
Radio Blah Blah
by Stacey Gordon over 2 years ago

Your ER Doc


This ER doc has a chatty tone and a lot of creativity with his blog posts. He's worked in more than nine emergency rooms during his profession, and he realizes that medicine can be an overwhelming subject to the average patient. One of this site's goals is to "demystify" medicine and emergency room care.

Dave Goldberg Cause of Death – Top Possibilities
by Your ER Doc about 3 years ago
2014 Flu Season Tips
by Your ER Doc over 4 years ago

The Big Optometry Blog


The Optician magazine blog. Get the latest news and thoughts concerning the latest buzz in the world of optometry.

Optometry Blog


The world of optometry is constantly evolving. This blog is designated as a common platform where those involved in this field can come to collaborate, discuss, and improve upon their work.

Peripheral Vision


This site is a form for the optometric world. Share ideas and learn about the benefits of social networking for your practice.

Optometry Blog


This student of optometry shares her thoughts and seeks to connect with other likeminded individuals. Read news, tips, and personal insights.

The E-Myth Optometrist By Michael Gerber
by Thanh over 4 years ago
Chinese Proverb
by Thanh over 4 years ago

Retina Eye Doctor


This blogger is a board certified ophthalmologist and trusted retina specialist with nearly twenty years in the profession. He realized that there are few credible web sources covering diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, maintaining that while "Understanding retinal disease is difficult, accepting visual loss is harder". So he started a blog of his own, with a desire to better educate both patients and doctors.

Changing Locations
by Randall Wong, M.D. over 2 years ago
Avastin is Safe | Study Shows No Link to Infection
by Randall Wong, M.D. almost 3 years ago