Review of Optometry Blog


This is an extensive collection of optometry articles in a very attractive layout. There's lots of helpful info here -even a collection of printable patient handouts for practicing optometrists to use in their own practices.

On Eye


This is a valuable source of information on the subject of contact lenses and the vision world. Learn about lens fitting and stay up on the latest technologies.

Preventing Contact Lens Dropout
by cvadmin almost 4 years ago
Dry Eyes with Contact Lenses
by cvadmin over 4 years ago

Clarin Eye Care Blog


Clarin has over 70 years of experience in meeting people’s eye care needs, and in this journey of life, we all experience eye care needs. This is a blog that can guide anyone along this unpredictable journey.

Pixels Are In The Eye Of The Beholder
by admin over 4 years ago

Eide Neurolearning Blog


The Eide Blog offers stellar articles on topics ranging from brain learning to attention deficit disorders. There is so much here, it's almost too much good stuff on a wide range of topics within the neuroscience moniker.

Health Affairs Blog


Health Affairs is highly esteemed in both the medical and governmental communities as one of the finest and most reputable periodical sources for health policy news and commentary. The publication's blog of the same title continues that commitment to health policy for a web-enabled audience. Medical students and professionals alike should consider this site to be regular, mandatory reading, if only to stay at the forefront of the most salient news affecting their industry.

When Less Is More: Issues Of Overuse In Health Care
by Shannon Brownlee, Vikas Saini, and Christine Cassel about 4 years ago
The 2014 GME Residency Match Results: Is There Really A “GME Squeeze”?
by Edward Salsberg about 4 years ago

Not Running a Hospital


From Grey's Anatomy to E.R., we have all likely been exposed at some point in our entertainment experience to the dramatic and cinematic potential of hospital drama. Blogger Paul's blog is not exactly ready for a close-up anytime soon. This former CEO of a major teaching hospital is more focused on quality medical care than on love from the cameras. His blog provides an insider's understanding of how America's medical facilities run, from the inside out.

What will their legacy be?
by noreply@blogger.com (Paul Levy) over 2 years ago
Hear me. Do you know me?
by noreply@blogger.com (Paul Levy) over 2 years ago

Nursing Home Abuse


Though rather depressing, this blog about nursing home abuse is also very thought-provoking and full of things to consider when researching nursing homes and assisted living facilities. For example, one article muses about the poor treatment of staff leading to abuse of residents.

A Comparison Of Alden Nursing Homes According To Medicare Data
by Jonathan Rosenfeld over 2 years ago
Decubitus Ulcer Complications: Septic Shock
by Jonathan Rosenfeld over 2 years ago

Inside Aging Patient Care


There has to be an outlet for the caregivers out there who didn't ask to be forced to give care. This blog completely sympathizes with those who had to care, and not necessarily by choice.



OneMedPlace is your one-stop-shop for really interesting findings on new medical technology advances. Pharmaceuticals and drugs are a specialty for this page.

Med Tech


This blog brings an international focus to its coverage of the medical tech community. Readers can expect a new article almost daily.

Qmed: Medtech Pulse


This blog is exclusively target people who demand up-to-the-minute med tech news and information. They focus on new and upcoming medical devices.

Medical News


Medical technology headlines from the world over comprise the concentration of this page. It's a great site to go to when you're looking for just a bit of really important news.

Are we ageing healthily? An interview with Professor Carol Jagger
over 2 years ago
Women struggling to find their voice: March 2016 ovarian cancer awareness month
over 2 years ago

Dr. Ted Eytan


This doctor is completely in the corner of the patient and doing what he can to better the patient's experience. He looks at events where technology and family medicine blend.

Save the Date: 2016 Kaiser Permanente National LGBTQ Health Symposium – Open to All
by Ted Eytan over 2 years ago
Re: My Walking Jackets – Couple of Asks from Regina Holliday
by Ted Eytan over 2 years ago



Come here for the primest source of biomedical informatics news and coverage. The writers are self-avowed geeks whose passion for this is infectious.

20 Best Medical and Healthcare Informatics courses .
by Hamza Emadeen almost 3 years ago
Goomedic 2014 : We are back .
by Hamza Emadeen almost 4 years ago



This hospital worker launched his blog here to chronicle the latest medical happenings as they related to IT. His great writing has earned a loyal, large readership.

Morning Headlines 3/21/14
by Lt. Dan over 4 years ago
News 3/21/14
by Mr. HIStalk over 4 years ago

Medical Breakthroughs


Beeline to this page in order to fill your head with some of the most exciting and important medical headlines. The site also boasts many special reports and features.

Diagnostic Imaging


This blog keeps its readers abreast of a new form of diagnostic technology that might be safer and more effective than other means. The articles here excite you about the possibilities.

Sumer's Radiology Site


When it comes to health informatics, radiology and imaging is a large part of getting a diagnosis and therefore, this blog is dedicated to radiology. You will find everything to do with radiology and what the images mean.

Tarsal Tunnel Varicosities: MRI
by Sumer Sethi over 2 years ago
DAMS Career Counselling Session 2016
by Sumer Sethi over 2 years ago

Bob on Medical Device Software


Blogger Bob likes to concentrate on how software technology and advancements are helping with medicine's progress. This is a simple yet well-stocked blog page.

Device Talk


This blog provides a place for people in the medical community to discuss and learn more about the devices they use. It's a site great for patients to catch their physicians off-guard.

Da Vinci Xi: Intuitive's Next-Gen Surgical Robot Released
by Chris Wiltz over 4 years ago
Report: Healthcare Cybersecurity Appalling, Legislation Not Enough
by Chris Wiltz over 4 years ago

Medical News Today


As the blog's title indicates, this site is updated with the freshest tech news daily. Their archive, also worth a look-see, boasts hundreds of thousands of pieces.