Living to Make Sense of It All


One of the primary goals of anyone living on Earth is to figure out what it's all for. This blog helps you find the ideal mode to discover purpose -- via mediation and calm.

The Divorce Collaborative


The Divorce Collaborative blog provides great information about collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, and general topics concerning divorce. Posts on the blog range from how to break divorce to your kids to alimony reform.

The Initial Telephone Call to The Divorce Collaborative LLC
by Colleen Cunnally over 4 years ago
Massachusetts Mandatory Parent Education Program For Divorcing Parents With Minor Children
by Colleen Cunnally over 4 years ago

Human Law Mediation


Workers speaking as a group, or collectively, can have enormous clout with their employers. Employers working alone, by virtue of being the ones holding the money, do have enormous clout over their employees. How do the two parties settle their differences and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement? Human Law Mediation's blog looks into questions like this one, and offers analysis on major news stories as they pertain to mediation.

Nancy Love's Weblog


The blogger is a workplace effectiveness consultant and is also an international trainer in workplace mediation and leadership. She inputs her creation, the Pulse Method, into her blog which deals with People Using Language Skills Effectively.

Back to Work
by Dr. Nancy Love almost 4 years ago
Love with no regrets…
by Dr. Nancy Love about 4 years ago

Mediator blah...blah...


Tragically left for an author hiatus in August of 2010, this mediator blog was staggering in terms of its longevity and prolific posts. Nearly all issues related to negotiation appear to come up at some point.

Dialogic Mediation Services


Parenting during a mediation is fraught with potential trouble. How will children perceive the divorce, what will they feel their role in it to be, and will the adults emotions be harmful to their offspring are just a few of the significant issues that inevitably arise. Dialogue Mediation Services handles questions like these, and many more in other topics. Read on to be informed.

by 山野辺洋子 almost 3 years ago
by 山野辺洋子 almost 3 years ago

Just Mediation


Just Mediation offers a blog that covers topics such as divorce mediation, elder care mediation, theory, and much more.

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about 2 years ago
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about 2 years ago

PGP Meditation


Posting often and focusing heavily on the psychological aspects of mediation, this blog talks about tips, tricks, and new ideas in the negotiating process. The author makes a consistent effort to put genuinely new content on the blog, and appears to be strongly interested in the subject matter.

Mediation Matters


In this mediation blog, Steve Mehta tells us how he sees life and careers that people can choose to take. Along the way we learn about mediation.

Morningside Village Blog


LiLy, or Lifeforce in Later Years, examines some of the problems that come up with caring for and working with the elderly. The site shares news about the care center that hosts it, and readers will gain insight into the process of working with communities of senior citizens here.

Peace Talks


While this blog is the company blog for an attorney turned mediator, it is also updated frequently and covers relevant issues. The essential dialogs that Peace Talks focuses on include subjects like the importance of prenuptial agreements and the routes to uncontested divorce settlements.

UK Mediation


This mediation blog posts about the role of mediation in modern society, what the company that hosts it is up to, and interesting news in the mediation world. It covers topics like when it is correct for companies to use mediation in internal disputes, and how members of parliament consider mediation as a practice.

Mediate BC


One problem of the modern world is that sometimes mediation must occur when fewer than all of the parties involved are present. This blog discusses the nuances and techniques of mediation conducted over distance by various media.

The legal consequences of a refusal to mediate
by MediateBC Society about 4 years ago
Caution: We often see only what we are looking for!
by MediateBC Society about 4 years ago

Mediation Online


Mediation Online speaks to its readers in a frank, direct tone. It doesn't mask its terms in complex jargon, and in a world where mediation information is frequently shrouded, murky, and obscure, this tells us what we need to know briskly. Some of its frequent themes include "MythBusters" style posts about mediation, and careful analysis of changing laws.

Adriana Elliot Mediation Blog


Adriana Elliot links to resources in the field of mediation, and explains how to deal with some of the most pressing challenges that mediators and their customers must face. Her taste in subjects is eclectic, but her coverage is as thorough as her topics are broad.

Hesketh Mediation


Whether concerned with negotiation or worried about legal complications between two parties, we all have questions that need answering when it comes to seeking mediation. Hesketh mediation takes these questions one at a time and answers them from a highly professional perspective.

What value do Mediators add?
by Philip Hesketh over 2 years ago
One day lad all this will be yours …
by Philip Hesketh almost 3 years ago

abSolution Mediation


This mediation firm blog looks at mediation with an eye towards the inevitably human parts of practicing and receiving it. Readers can find anything from discussion of picking up one's dog poop after the winter, and how that relates to mediation, to simple diagrams showing more complicated mediation ideas on abSolution Mediation.

The Boston Divorce and Mediation Blog


This divorce blog is not afraid to get its hands dirty, and investigates some fascinating stories about mediation. What happened when a bitter divorcing wife got on Facebook pretending to be a saucy young girl interested in her husband? Here's a hint, the husband had a plan. Check out this excellent blog to read more.

Divorce at Any Age
by Jon Fields about 4 years ago
Bitcoin and Divorce: Declaring your Digital Currency
by Jon Fields about 4 years ago

Tracy Fischer Mediation


Something as emotionally charged and important to the lives of its participants as mediation is a dynamo for producing difficult situations. Tracy Fischer's blog looks at some of these in a Q&A format, and provides the author's professional opinion on each subject at the impressively low cost of free.

Alternatives to Massachusetts Family Court
by Tracy Fischer almost 4 years ago
How to Choose a Divorce Mediator in Massachusetts
by Tracy Fischer about 4 years ago

CFR Mediation Services


Unafraid to be deemed tacky or pandering, this mediation blog takes on popular issues like NY representative Anthony Weiner's outing of his private parts in a publicly disseminated photograph. The blogger has a great eye for visual appeal, and the carefully crafted posts are as attractive as the ideas they espouse.

Massachuttes Family Law and Divorce Mediation


This divorce mediation blog discusses everything from how members of a divorce can stay mentally and physically healthy through the process to the trends of marriage as they stand today. Readers interested in an all-encompassing approach to divorce mediation will find this blog perfect for their varied interest.

It’s not too late to RSVP!
by Larri Parker almost 4 years ago
Congratulations class of 2014!
by Larri Parker almost 4 years ago

Enjoy Mediation


A detective and mediator, this blogger writes primarily to an audience of mediators. He can discuss both the simplest and most difficult and esoteric concepts in mediation with the same efficiency, and for this reason is an excellent choice to read.

IMI 2015 Biennial Census Survey
by Mediator Jeff over 2 years ago
#RenoACR15: Organizational Ombuds- Expand Your Skills
by Mediator Jeff almost 3 years ago

Divorce and Mediation Blog


A strong interest of this blogger appears to be gay marriage. This is something of a rarity in the mediation blogging world, and in conjunction with a strong writing style makes this blog a certain point of interest.

Shasta Superior Court Family Judge Gibson Denies Existence of Constitution
almost 4 years ago
Divorce and the Founding Fathers..... :)
over 4 years ago