A physics grad has composed this blog this popular comic that deals with the worlds of code, language relations, and mathematics. It's as convoluted as it is funny.

about 4 years ago
Manual for Civilization
about 4 years ago

X, why?


This blog spot offers a much needed diversion for those overworked math majors looking for inspiration. X. why? provides comic relief with math humor and related cartoons for the reader.

(x, why?) Mini: Cheers!
by (x, why?) over 2 years ago
January 2016 Geometry (not Common Core) Regents, Part 2
by (x, why?) over 2 years ago



360 was begun in order to create a place where people could share interesting facts on mathematics. It offers a wealth of diverse, yet solid content on its pages.

Have a power-ful day
by Ξ over 2 years ago
Happy Pi Day 2015!
by Ξ over 3 years ago

Simple City


Blogger Richard Elwes offers topics on everything math and science related. This blog actually has quite a bit of content, ranging back to 2007.

Faro Shuffles
by Richard over 4 years ago
Total Numbers of Permutations
by Richard over 4 years ago