Oh, the Places You'll Go


Just my every day life as a fiancee soon to be wife of an army man. Living long distance including the 5 months after we will be married. Dealing with the challenges of living life apart before living life apart through deployments even begin.

The Evbuomwans


The Guy. my wife. life. jesus. cars. sports. family. dancehall. nigerian music. hip-hop. movies. medical. airmen. rice + stew. dexter. working on cars. poetry. nigeria. technology. fixing things for my wife. The Girl. obsessed with jesus. her papa (husband) is her favorite person. love. family. loves being a wife. beauty. modesty. photography. blogging. nature. alfredo pasta. chipotle. iphone lover. cooking. journaling. decorating the home. jesus culture. kari jobe. rachael lampa. everything girly. The Plans. finish school, continue to deeply love one another, allow christ to forever have his hand in our marriage. make babies. travel the world. learn more about one another. try sushi together. purchase the cutest doggie. serve christ. continue to take many photos with eachother.

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Crossing Spain


Personal blogger writing about love and family, relationship breakdowns, health, wry observations, design and crossing Spain on foot in 2015.

From the Mountain
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Cassandra's Marriage Mints


Cassandra's Marriage Mints is for married/engaged couples, and singles who are looking to get married in the future. My ministry provides encouragement, hope, and inspiration coming from my perspective based on God's Word. Not the average marriage blog ;-)

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Letting God
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My Married Woman Notepad


This Blog will share practical knowledge and my life experiences to help women and men navigate through relationships and marriage.

My So-Called Marriage


This is a on-line journal of my deteriorating marriage that I'm keeping as a way to keep my sanity. Also, it could serve as discussion launchpad of sorts on the idea of emotional abuse and how insidious it can be. Emotional abuse doesn't need to involve name-calling. I also plan to examine my part in our deteriorating marriage as well as possibly provide an idea of what I would have liked our marriage to have been like.

Romance Me


A Positive Look at Romance in Marriages. Our mission is to help encourage love and romance to enhance the emotional, physical and spiritual bonding of marriage.

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Romantic Marriage


Exploring married life, with an emphasis on what romance really means, what it takes to create it, to keep it alive, and to rediscover it after a difficult time.

Still a Match?
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That's What I Had In Mind...
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arabs looking to date


welcome to arabamour.com a dating site dedicated to bringing together like minded arab men and women for fun, friendship and marriage. its free to register, add your profile and picture and start searching for your perfect arab partner. with arabamour.com you can communicate SMS email and video

The Newest Vazquez's


I'm a newlywed reformed farm girl, who moved to NYC for a boy. I write about learning how to be married, various travels, cooking mishaps and successes, and the culture shock of living in NYC. Lately I have been 'venturing' into more personal issues, such as fertility, doctor appointments and weight loss. Come on over, and watch me figure out this thing called marriage, and living in NYC.

The Relationship Suite


A blog for all things relationships and dating advice. All articles are written by New York Licensed therapist, Rachel Moheban-Wachtel and based on experiences and research. It's advice you can trust.

Relationship Advice: How To Save A Marriage


Marriage Relationship 4ever is a blog about marriage and relationship tips. We share about how to save a marriage and discuss relationship questions & marriage problems.

Conversation with Women


Conversation with Women is a website where Catholic women come together and discuss. They share their stories and support each other in matters of sexuality, marriage, society, and living the faith. Women submit anonymous testimonials of how they have accepted the church's moral teaching and how they have lived the teaching, struggles and all....most importantly how that moral teaching has born fruit in their lives. The on-line conversations continue through comments and also provide kindling for many off-line conversations.

The Microwave Girl


Perhaps some of you are wondering why I’ve chosen to call myself the microwave girl. The answer is simple…. THAT’S WHO I AM!! I am she! She is me! I’m impatient, intolerant and somewhat uncompromising! I want what I want when I want it – quick, fast and in a hurry!! The problem with that is the product is usually mediocre; thus my reason for ending up in so many garbage relationships…… but we’ll talk about that later. After some much needed reflection and resolve, I’ve discovered that my microwave mindset is hindering me from becoming the person God has destined me to be. Now, I know you’re expecting me to say that I’ve changed my ways. You’re waiting for me to say that my patience has grown by leaps and bounds and I’m more tolerant today than I’ve ever been in my life! That is farthest from the truth. Like you, I’m a work in progress and the struggle to trust the process is a very real one. However, what I’ve learned on my journey to break free of the microwave mindset is that when God says He can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think, He means it! We may not always understand why He has us in waiting, but we can rest in the assurance that He always has our best interest at heart. We can relax knowing that God is in control of every situation. Things will start to happen when He knows the time is right. My blog will take you on a journey of self-awareness and I’ll serve as your personal tour guide while sharing my personal I want it now struggles. My prayer is that I can help you rid yourself of that microwave mindset in exchange for one of irrefutable trust in God’s timing.

Marriage At Its Youngest


We wanted to start a blog so we could share our stories together and show our followers that a young marriage doesn't always end in divorce.