Gwen in Love


Gwen in Love is a girl's guide to love, marriage, and sex. Posts on the blog range from orgasms and sexual satisfaction to romance, religion, and self-image. Gwen gives it to you straight as she tries to make sure that everyone has a marriage as "rockin' hot" as hers.

Ask Dan and Jennifer


Ask Dan and Jennifer is a steamy, exciting site for sex, love, and dating. The blog features books, videos, fun quizzes, and lots of other great resources to help you improve your love life and your sex life. Be warned that once you click on this site you're bound to stay for at least a couple hours.

How To Make Your Girl’s Sex Drive Stronger Than Yours!
by Shawna Lenee over 2 years ago
7 Ways To Be A Naughty, Dirty Girl – And Drive Him Wild!
by Kaylen Jackson over 2 years ago

Exploring Intimacy


This blog provides relationship coaching and sex education for adults of all ages and with all levels of experience. The blog is written by Dr. Ruthie, a recognized relationship expert specializing in sexual communication and recovery from intimate partner violence. Dr. Ruthie will give you the formula for amazing love, breath-taking sex, and a healthy relationship.

Being Open About Being Open (and Queer)
by Dr. Ruth Neustifter almost 4 years ago
On books, drinks, and hook-ups
by Dr. Ruth Neustifter over 4 years ago

Abiola's Passionista Playbook


This blog is all about passion, hence the word "Passionista" in the title. Swing by the colorful, vibrant, lively site to discuss and learn about all things love, sex, relationship, and dating-related.

Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Challenge! Day 10 of 10: Your Crown Chakra (Video)
by Abiola over 2 years ago
Sacred Bombshell Self-Care Challenge! Day 9 of 10: Your Third Eye Chakra (Video)
by Abiola over 2 years ago

Married Man Sex Life


How about some sage sex life advice from a married man? He encourages his readers to reclaim the married life that they expected to have. His blog, while centered around sex, isn't really a "how-to" guide, but rather offer ideas for both sexes that will lead to a happier and healthier physical relationship.

The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife – Complete Video Series
by Athol Kay almost 3 years ago
The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife Part Five is Live!
by Athol Kay almost 3 years ago

Kinsey Confidential


Here's a love advice blog that caters to the younger crowd, specifically college-age. It offers sexual health information. Ask your personal sex question here that you may not be comfortable posing elsewhere.

Catherine Johnson-Roehr Reviews “She Shoots Men”
by Bianca Jarvis over 4 years ago
Having “The Talk” About Consent And STI Testing
by Elizabeth M Day over 4 years ago

F*ck Yeah, Sexual Health


Fuck Yeah, Sexual Health is both a sexual health blog and a women's health blog. We want to shed light on misconceptions about sex and sexual health by posting articles, facts, advertisements, answering questions and pretty much anything pertaining to sex and sexual health. Ask us tons of questions because we love doing the research that will help you make an informed decision. We want to show that sex is normal, fun and hilarious. Remember, everybody fucks. We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy running it! Happy humping!

these-things-happen-70: sizvideos: Deadpool’s instructive...
by spyraleyes over 2 years ago
misandry-mermaid: Reminder for those who don’t know, if you have a vagina, make sure to urinate...
by spyraleyes about 3 years ago

One-Offs by Yves Isle


"Get off" in one page! "One-Offs" are short (less than 1 page), oh-so-sweet erotic musings. I'm here to titillate your imagination in just a few seconds. I also post and review erotic or arousing art. Always accepting submissions of erotic flash fiction and art. Enjoy!