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If you're going through the ups and downs of dating, you might enjoy reading the dating adventures of K. on Cosmopolitan. They're always full of adventure, fun, and sex, so you can get a little inspiration to "spice-up" your love life!

Sex, Lies, and Dating in the City


This blog features real stories about dating, relationships, and sex in New York City. Read the stories on this blog so you'll know how to spot true love and won't fall for the wolves in sheep's' clothing. And every now and then you might even read a story of true love blossoming.

Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40


True love has no time limit, and the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 blog is proof of that. The blog offers advice and stories on romance, love, and relationships even if you are a tad bit older.

Moving from friends to more
by Dating Goddess over 4 years ago
Emotional cheating
by Dating Goddess over 4 years ago

The Real L.A. Love Story


This blog chronicles the rather complicated love story of Artemis--a southern California resident who just had a baby, and, though she tried, could not marry his father. Follow the blog for an eventful ride on the journey of love, life, laughter, and motherhood.

The Sarayiah Post


An Outlet of Isaac Sarayiah's Views on World Events, Life in General, Love, Relationships Etc. Using his unique experiences to unlock the Mysteries of Life, Love and Relationships etc in order to help others... "be FREE be ALIVE be Truly HAPPY"

Sex on Fire - My Posts
by Isaac Sarayiah over 4 years ago
A Giraffe is not just for Xmas - My Posts
by Isaac Sarayiah over 4 years ago

P.S J'adore


A not so fairy tale story but non other than my reality.

A Secret Bucket List


A Secret Bucket List is a tale of two best friends from complete opposite worlds but have the same hopes and dreams for themselves! One problem, they are stuck in marriages that forbid them from speaking of their desires . This blog will talk about hopes, dreams, grunts, laughs, bucket lists, and just rambles! To protect the privacy of the innocent (us) and our families (them), we’ve decided to create an alias, Janet and Chrissy will do…

Classy In KC


The struggles of a classy girl in a trashy world. Twenty something, public relations major, with a drive to conqueror the world. Follow my adventures as I go through the ups and downs of college, dating, and discovering who I am.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam


Hello everyone, I am girl from India, and for the purpose of anonymity for now lets call me "R". I moved to US of A 4.5 years ago to fulfill my lifetime goal and my parents dream of being a doctor here. I don't want to sugar coat it. My life's been rough both on professional and personal fronts. I made several mistakes and learned some costly lessons that almost cost me my life. I lived a great part of my life in darkness and fear, and finally I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Initially I just wanted to make a blog where I could talk about my relationship with my boyfriend, (lets call him "D" for now,) but I realized that my story is much more than our struggle for my parents' acceptance. Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend is one of the four most precious people in my life right now, others being my parents and my brother. I think my life's always been very complicated, and I am stuck in spiders web. I want this blog to represent who I am, to be an inspiration to people like me who have no one to talk to, who had to lose everything they were before they could find themselves again. So in a nut shell this blog will be about our relationship, my family, my professional struggle and my general world view. So, welcome to my world y'all. I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I have living it. :) -R.

by Raina over 4 years ago
When blessings come in bundles… Part-2
by Raina over 4 years ago

Will She Find Love Again?


A 50-year-old widow discovers the unexpected adventures of dating in the 21st Century.