I’m a researcher, scientist and clinician with 15 years of experience in sexual and human behavior. I created this blog and twitter account, originally, as a conversation to myself. As I began tweeting lessons I learned from my own relationships and all of the clients I encountered, I realized that these lessons could prevent others from doing some of the dumb ass experiences I have had. A note on tone: sometimes my voice will seem angry, direct, brutal blunt force honest, but always with an optimistic intent and always positive. Ultimately, you have to laugh at yourself. I have structured this blog in several ways: 1) my direct experiences which will be categorized by degree of adventure, 2) lessons learned, 3) relationship tips, and 4) open dialogue. I invite you to tell me off, advise me, support me, and/or ask any questions you have. I can assure you if I haven’t experienced it directly; I have experienced it through clients. Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed it (not in the orgasm way, but in the laughing with me way)! Disclaimer For legal purposes around confidentiality and disclosure, I will be concealing the identity of people.

Top 3 things NOT to say on your online dating profile
by Clarissa Silva, MSW over 2 years ago
Is Tinder cheating on itself? Super Like?
by Clarissa Silva, MSW almost 3 years ago

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Be the first to Get hot news, Gist and portfolio of city people

A Secret Bucket List


A Secret Bucket List is a tale of two best friends from complete opposite worlds but have the same hopes and dreams for themselves! One problem, they are stuck in marriages that forbid them from speaking of their desires . This blog will talk about hopes, dreams, grunts, laughs, bucket lists, and just rambles! To protect the privacy of the innocent (us) and our families (them), we’ve decided to create an alias, Janet and Chrissy will do…

2 Lovers 52 Days


Two lovers living 4,000 miles apart. Fifty-two days before they can see each other again. Two decks of cards decorated with inspiration and left in places to be found by strangers, one on each day, to pass the time and to spread our happiness with others. Send us an email if you find our cards and let us know! 2lovers52days@gmail.com



At Memeoirs, we are story-tellers and romantics. We aim to write about the love stories of our customers as well as giving advice relating to love and how to make it last.

Romantic Marriage


Exploring married life, with an emphasis on what romance really means, what it takes to create it, to keep it alive, and to rediscover it after a difficult time.

Still a Match?
by Rosemary West over 2 years ago
That's What I Had In Mind...
by Rosemary West over 2 years ago

Classy In KC


The struggles of a classy girl in a trashy world. Twenty something, public relations major, with a drive to conqueror the world. Follow my adventures as I go through the ups and downs of college, dating, and discovering who I am.

Tales Of Woo


New York City couples tell their stories on how they found love in the big city.

Xtra Small


A young pair's stories about a teenage romance maturing in adulthood



This blog is about love...hope everyone will enjoy.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam


Hello everyone, I am girl from India, and for the purpose of anonymity for now lets call me "R". I moved to US of A 4.5 years ago to fulfill my lifetime goal and my parents dream of being a doctor here. I don't want to sugar coat it. My life's been rough both on professional and personal fronts. I made several mistakes and learned some costly lessons that almost cost me my life. I lived a great part of my life in darkness and fear, and finally I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Initially I just wanted to make a blog where I could talk about my relationship with my boyfriend, (lets call him "D" for now,) but I realized that my story is much more than our struggle for my parents' acceptance. Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend is one of the four most precious people in my life right now, others being my parents and my brother. I think my life's always been very complicated, and I am stuck in spiders web. I want this blog to represent who I am, to be an inspiration to people like me who have no one to talk to, who had to lose everything they were before they could find themselves again. So in a nut shell this blog will be about our relationship, my family, my professional struggle and my general world view. So, welcome to my world y'all. I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I have living it. :) -R.

by Raina over 4 years ago
When blessings come in bundles… Part-2
by Raina over 4 years ago

Will She Find Love Again?


A 50-year-old widow discovers the unexpected adventures of dating in the 21st Century.

One-Offs by Yves Isle


"Get off" in one page! "One-Offs" are short (less than 1 page), oh-so-sweet erotic musings. I'm here to titillate your imagination in just a few seconds. I also post and review erotic or arousing art. Always accepting submissions of erotic flash fiction and art. Enjoy!

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Love Therapy Center provide ultimate individual, family and couple counseling services, love therapy, EMDR therapy which help to solve your relationship problems.

Burns the Fire


Ecstatic Tales of Life, Death, Love and Art.

Walking The Shoreline


A blog about love, faith, relationships, and all the bigger issues of life. Come join the journey

Love Stories


The I Married Me Love Stories blog shares personal reflections, research, articles, and tips on happiness, self-love, affirmation and other positivity topics. I Married Me is about committing to loving yourself and developing a personal practice of positivity. When we love ourselves more, we spread love and happiness to others.



poems woven from the threads of the heart

Relationship Advice: How To Save A Marriage


Marriage Relationship 4ever is a blog about marriage and relationship tips. We share about how to save a marriage and discuss relationship questions & marriage problems.

Somewhere in Between


I am a writer of poems and stories. I feel that life is one long novel divided into chapters. My chapters change as I change my residence. I write about America, my homeland, and all its possibilities. I write about my beautiful time in Ireland which I will never forget. Now I am writing from France where everything in my life is illuminated differently. I write about all the places in between. I belong nowhere and everywhere. Many things can happen before you turn the page to the next chapter of your life. Sometimes letting go is about not giving up and it’s almost always about love

The Microwave Girl


Perhaps some of you are wondering why I’ve chosen to call myself the microwave girl. The answer is simple…. THAT’S WHO I AM!! I am she! She is me! I’m impatient, intolerant and somewhat uncompromising! I want what I want when I want it – quick, fast and in a hurry!! The problem with that is the product is usually mediocre; thus my reason for ending up in so many garbage relationships…… but we’ll talk about that later. After some much needed reflection and resolve, I’ve discovered that my microwave mindset is hindering me from becoming the person God has destined me to be. Now, I know you’re expecting me to say that I’ve changed my ways. You’re waiting for me to say that my patience has grown by leaps and bounds and I’m more tolerant today than I’ve ever been in my life! That is farthest from the truth. Like you, I’m a work in progress and the struggle to trust the process is a very real one. However, what I’ve learned on my journey to break free of the microwave mindset is that when God says He can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think, He means it! We may not always understand why He has us in waiting, but we can rest in the assurance that He always has our best interest at heart. We can relax knowing that God is in control of every situation. Things will start to happen when He knows the time is right. My blog will take you on a journey of self-awareness and I’ll serve as your personal tour guide while sharing my personal I want it now struggles. My prayer is that I can help you rid yourself of that microwave mindset in exchange for one of irrefutable trust in God’s timing.