Newlyweds Next Door


Newlyweds Next Door is about a young couple that is madly in love and are enjoying watching their love grow and mature. The blog covers a range of topics, including daily life as a married woman and divorce rates and other trends amongst newlywed couples.

Lucky In Love


Lucky in Love chronicles the life of a newlywed young woman in her twenties as she navigates a new life with the love of her life and creates a beautiful new family. Most posts are about the adventures of the blogger and her husband, and the love that they share.

It Might Be Love


It Might Be Love is a site for any and all things related to love. From the romantic love you share with your spouse or significant other to the love you have for family and friends to the things you love like fashion and music, this blog has it all. The blog also offers a plethora of resources including articles, dating and relationship advice, love poems and quotes, and music and book reviews.

The Loom & Crystal Story
by Chelle over 4 years ago

Sex, Lies, and Dating in the City


This blog features real stories about dating, relationships, and sex in New York City. Read the stories on this blog so you'll know how to spot true love and won't fall for the wolves in sheep's' clothing. And every now and then you might even read a story of true love blossoming.

Living Our Love Song


This blog documents an amazing story of love, loss, and hope. Kendra and Ryan started dating after high school, got married, brought a house, and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Five months later, they lost their love and precious baby girl. This blog reminisces on the love they had for their baby and inspires its viewers with the love they have for each other and celebrating the life of their baby.

Dear 10 years ago me.
by noreply@blogger.com (Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker) over 2 years ago
Not being enough.
by noreply@blogger.com (Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker) over 2 years ago

Evan Marc Katz


Evan's a personal relationship coach for women, suggesting that his 12-week commitment course is much like getting a Masters Degree in Men. Once dubbed a "serial dater" by CNN, Evan knows just how to help women understand men and has a high success rate -with dozens of his clients finding real, lasting love, many now married with kids. Women, check out his site for tons of free relationship advice to help you find and keep love.

IEP…I don’t believe
by Jason Fitch almost 5 years ago

Dear Future Hubby


Dear Future Hubby is a lighthearted, sarcastic, and entertaining blog about weddings, romance, and love. The blog is written from the perspective of "your future wife," as she describes the things she wants and doesn't want in her future husband. Posts on Dear Future Hubby also shine a light on the blogger's personal experiences with love and relationships.

...And That's Why You're Single


...And That's Why You're Single is a dating and love advice blog aimed at getting people involved and invested in sharing their love and relationship stories. The blogger, Moxie, is also very forthcoming in her personal experiences and opinions regarding finding love and happiness with the opposite sex.

The “How Sexual Are You?” Litmus Test #atwys
by ATWYSingle about 4 years ago
That Guy You’re Sure Isn’t a Jerk? Yeah, He’s a Jerk
by ATWYSingle about 4 years ago

The Urban Dater


The Urban Dater is a blog about relationships, love, sex, and dating. Posts highlight articles written by both experts and ordinary people concerning the topics of romance, dating, sexual fulfillment, and much, much more. The blog's contributors also share their personal experiences from the dating scene from time to time.

That Time I Co-Starred in a Fetish Film
by the Urban Dater Contributor over 2 years ago
Problems with Jealousy? There’s a Cure…
by Christopher Isaac over 2 years ago

Relationship Disaster


Relationship Disaster offers tips, advice, and solutions for relationship and marriage problems. If you're down on love, want to know how to get your ex back, or have questions about cheating and infidelity, this blog has the resources for you.

Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40


True love has no time limit, and the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 blog is proof of that. The blog offers advice and stories on romance, love, and relationships even if you are a tad bit older.

Moving from friends to more
by Dating Goddess over 4 years ago
Emotional cheating
by Dating Goddess over 4 years ago

The Real L.A. Love Story


This blog chronicles the rather complicated love story of Artemis--a southern California resident who just had a baby, and, though she tried, could not marry his father. Follow the blog for an eventful ride on the journey of love, life, laughter, and motherhood.

Love and Sex


The Love and Sex blog explores various topics in love, romance, and sex from an exclusively female perspective. The women who contribute to the posts are experts in social media and the topics on which they write.

How to Sell Your Book with Facebook Ads
by Amy Abbott over 2 years ago
Skinny Zevia Cocktails
by LiveLeanEatGreen over 2 years ago

Dating and Relationship Advice for Women


This blog is comprised of a group of authors, image consultants, professional daters, and friends who love the process of finding that special someone and falling in love. These women have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to the land of love and they're willing to share their knowledge and experience with everyone who's ready for love.

Love Quotes and Quotations


Love is a beautiful language, whether it's spoken or written. This blog showcases written expressions of love by sharing quotations about love that are meant to inspire and enlighten.

Humorous Love Quotes Put Relationships into Perspective
over 4 years ago
Hilarious Love Quotes about Love & Relationships
over 4 years ago

Love Sessions


Love Sessions is a one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know pertaining to love, break ups, marriage, sex, dating, and so much more. The blog offers professional relationship advice and can even connect you to a one-on-one counselor.

Find Love Keep Love


Does love just seem to evade you? Ever felt like you can't hold on to true love? The Find Love Keep Love has all the resources you need to not only fall in love, but also to stay there. This blog is your "trusty toolbox for the romance blues."

In a dilemma reg marriage
almost 4 years ago
I feel unworthy!
almost 4 years ago

Blogs of Love


Blogs of Love showcases love and romance stories, love poems and quotes, romantic song lyrics, and romantic date ideas. If you need some help in the romance department, this is definitely your go-to guide.

Simple Marriage


This guy has both experience and education to back him up: he is a husband (married 17+ years!), father, author, speaker, and a Marriage and Therapist with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. He believes that marriage is a choice and strives to keep his advice simple and applicable, helping people become better human beings so that they can become better marriage partners.

The Proper Use Of The Tongue
by Corey over 2 years ago
The Inca Trail and Marriage
by Corey over 2 years ago

Married Man Sex Life


How about some sage sex life advice from a married man? He encourages his readers to reclaim the married life that they expected to have. His blog, while centered around sex, isn't really a "how-to" guide, but rather offer ideas for both sexes that will lead to a happier and healthier physical relationship.

The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife – Complete Video Series
by Athol Kay almost 3 years ago
The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife Part Five is Live!
by Athol Kay about 3 years ago

Love Birds


The Philosophy of this site is, "Better to be a pair of lovebirds on earth than fairies in heaven." The blogger himself is an impressive writer who's passionate about helping people grow and improve their relationships. He discusses dating, engagement, marriage, and all relationship stages in between.

The Best Way Is Romance, To Catch A Woman's Attention
by Jasmine Burton over 3 years ago

Relationship Bridge Building


Kim's a life and relationship coach who encourages her readers to focus on the things that they can improve to become a better person from the inside out. She believes that those who learn how to love themselves first will be better able to love others.

Hot Alpha Female


This blogger realized that someone needed to start dealing out straight talk about relationships, and so she became the person to do it. Let her answer all the "whys" of love in a way that few others can't or won't do.

Love & Sex


Here one can join in a discussion on love and sex, or choose from a plethora of relationship advice articles, from sexual health, techniques, and problems, to health relationship advice, tips for finding love, understanding men, and more.

Use What You Got! 15 Green Crafts for Kids
by Jenn Sinrich over 4 years ago
Oh Baby! 11 First Month Moments You’ll Want to Savor
by Bonnie Gibbs Vengrow over 4 years ago