This blog discusses logotypes, marks, signs, and symbols. You'll also find postings on topics such as where to use logos, corporate logo development, and more.

MET has new logo and the Internet is not happy about it
by Boris over 2 years ago
The Hidden Meaning In The Logos of Hyundai, Toyota and BMW
by Boris over 2 years ago



Brian Yerkes is an entrepreneur and the owner and creative director of a web design and branding firm in Florida. His site offers insight to industry developments and general insight to work in this field. He also has a love for car logos.

Fort Myers Beach Website Launch – Matanzas.com
by Colin over 2 years ago
New Restaurant Website Design Launched for Matanzas on the Bay, Fort Myers Beach
by Brian almost 3 years ago



Blogger Dinesh discusses the design and history of logos. Dinesh also frequently post on interesting happenings in India.



Blogger Krisha Krishna Sharma is a freelance graphic and logo designer. Design work is used for both print and on screen. Find postings discussing reviews, tips and advice for graphic and logo design.

What I learned so far
by design about 3 years ago
What is branding?
by design over 3 years ago



Blogger Duane Kinsey is the co-founder of Logobird, a design studio based in Australia. His blog discusses branding, logo design, graphic design, social media, field specific news and developments.

Logo Design Blog


This is the blog of TheLogoMix.com. The blog talks about everything related to logos, including fonts, how to decorate a logo for a holiday, such as Christmas, and more.

Marine Castle
by dalia over 2 years ago
Watch Antiques
by dalia over 2 years ago



This site is all about logo design. Find postings discussing the cost of a logo, to how logos are created and more.

The 7 Biggest Logo Events in 2013
by Paul over 4 years ago
How to Do a Great Lion Logo
by Paul over 4 years ago

Logo Design Maestro


Find postings related to logo design such as common mistakes, a review of some corporate logos’ origin and history and more. The site is affiliated with a company offering graphic design services, such as logo design, brand identity development and other design services.



The site offers tips on logo design and corporate identity development. It also touches on aspects of the business, such as how to increase business, how to deal with clients when they don’t pay for logo design work and more.



Blogger Denis Radenkovic created this blog to discuss logo design lightheartedly and to share his logo designs. He indicates his blog was created out of hobby, not for intense analysis and criticism.

by denis about 3 years ago
EspressoMento.com Logo & Visual Identity Design
by denis about 3 years ago



The Logo Design Guru speaks from professional experience. As a provider of branding solutions for small and start-up companies, the blog offers insight on basic logo design, Web design, and running a small business.

MycroBurst Blog


This blog is where small business owners and graphic designers converge. Find logo and graphic design solutions and creative talent on display.

Orange Gecko Design


This blogger highlights custom design work created for its design service business. There are a variety of designs to view that were created for logos, business cards, letterheads, ads, banners and more.

What's black and white, black and white, black and white?
by tizzylish over 3 years ago
Feeling Grinchy...
by tizzylish over 3 years ago

Siah Design


Blogger Siah specializes in logo design and is based in Alberta, Canada. This blog discusses the logo design work of Siah’s business, Siah Design.

Re-branding Deladurantey Law Firm
by josiahjost over 2 years ago
by josiahjost almost 3 years ago

Tactix Buzz


This blog offers a view of the day to day works of Tactix Creative, a design firm based in Mesa, Arizona. In addition to featuring design work, the blog discusses design news, ramblings in the office and more.

Thanks for the Thanks!
by Tactix Creative almost 4 years ago
Custom Icon Designs
by Tactix Creative about 4 years ago

The Design Cubicle


Blogger Brian Hoff is a graphic designer from Philadelphia. His work is both on the web and in print, from brand identity to web design. He discusses tools and service he relies on as a designer, fonts for design, design book reviews and more.

The Logo Factor


As professionals in the logo design business, this blog speaks of the latest news related to logos, provides reviews and critiques on logos and offers a tutorial resource.

Our Blog Has Moved
by Steve Douglas almost 3 years ago
Our Blog Has Moved
by Steve Douglas almost 3 years ago

Webcore Design Blog


Blogger Daniel Evans highlights his logo design work with this team at Webcore Design. Each posting of a logo include a link to a Youtube Channel where more of the logos may be viewed. It also goes into explaining why a logo is featured with certain elements.

Logo Design – Fund a House
by Daniel Evans over 4 years ago
Logo Design – High Performance
by Daniel Evans over 4 years ago

logo Design


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Logo Design Australia - Australian Logos


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SEO Company Dubai


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Logo Design


The craft of logo design is not as simple as what novice designers think of. It takes in-born artistry and the ability to put ideas on paper with pencils. A logo is the main aspect that creates the first impression about your brand in the customer’s consciousness and it is not a good idea to let amateurs make your logo to save money.

Logo Design


Choosing online logo design over direct consulting lets you save a lot of overheads. Also, you get the output in a matter of minutes. But the craft of logo design is no child’s play. A novice might not understand what the big deal about it is but if you agree that first impressions are the best impressions, you should know that a logo is mainly about first impression. What you get from an online logo design service is just a computer generated gimmick. And the science of artificial intelligence needs to go miles before you can expect something significant from such services. Let me explain, online logo design services work based on the principles of conceptive artificial intelligence and this discipline of science is only in its nascent stage. It is rooted in constructivist mathematics of intuitionism. Makes any sense? That’s exactly what I am getting at. To put it in common parlance, logo design requires a lot of logical thinking, ability to reason, good intuition and above all, knowledge of human psychology. Artificial intelligence, as of now, is only capable of the above said factors to a certain extent. But if you are aiming to penetrate your customers’ consciousness with your brand, you cannot compromise too much on your budget and you will definitely need expert hands like those at Rocket Design to make it happen. Another downside of online logo design is that, it requires too much user input. While you might actually like contributing to designing your company’s logo, you are highly likely to end up with a logo that is appealing only to you or like minded people. It is like selecting a dress. When you go shopping for your wardrobe, you try on outfits of your taste. But if your idea is to look appealing to others, it is always better to go with the suggestions of the salesman. I mean, you need to think like a salesman; not a shopper, in order to get an engaging logo that is appealing to your prospective customers. You can consider logo designers at Rocket Design as good salesmen who believe in delivering what makes you look good before others rather than what makes you feel good. This attitude is what has made Rocket Design the favorite of many a startup in Mumbai. Visit the website of Rocket Design, have a look at some their recent work and you will know how many successful startups have benefitted from their brainy logo design services. So, drop your idea of opting for online logo design and entrust the identity of your business with team Rocket Design.

Logo Design Dubai


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