Pay for College


This blog locates scholarships within a larger plan of attack to reduce college money needs overall. Parents can also help their kid become more budget-conscious here.

College Funding Checklist for the Final Days of Summer
by Deborah Fox over 3 years ago

Fox College Funding


It's easy to forget that managing your financial aid is a year-round process. This site keeps you on track no matter the season.

Saving for College


The idea of saving up thousands of dollars for school can be daunting. This site makes the process of making your own financial aid more manageable.

College Parents


Your Mom and Dad are likely suffering more anxiety than you about making college work for your finances. Take them here and help them see financial aid as possible.



Serious about living life on the cheap? Honestly, what college student isn't these days? This site discusses living a minimalistic lifestyle in all venues. Save on everything from food to textbooks and date night, or learn to shop for bargains on the Internet.

10 Wines to Ease Winter's Chill on the Cheap
over 2 years ago
Try Fashion Week's Top 10 Spring Looks for Less Than $25
over 2 years ago

How I Save Money


A struggling college attendee has crafted this blog to vent about the difficulties of finance. Thankfully, he's been able to resurface after some credit card trouble.

Last Day Of The Month
by Lulu over 2 years ago
Money Mondays: 22 February 2016
by Lulu over 2 years ago

Grad Money Matters


This blog entreats cap-and-gown wearers to take these money-saving tips with them beyond commencement. It also educates the young readership on how to maintain that thriftiness.

A Guide to Forex Trading to Help Boost a Student’s Income
by GMM over 2 years ago
Make Money With Your Car
by GMM over 2 years ago

Graduated Learning


This blog is from the perspective of a a young woman who has graduated from college, got a job, and tries to figure out what to do next. The blog does a great job of combining personal insights into her life with actually substantive personal finance advice.

Everything’s Different Now
by Stephanie over 2 years ago
That time something cool happened on the internet
by Stephanie about 3 years ago



This site opens with a charming, important disclaimer: unlike what the title may presume, you won't find studly, scantily clad men here. Rather, the blog's prefix refers to the money-weary students whom the site primarily targets. The writers understand that a college education demands that most brain cells be used to soak up knowledge from the campus; the posts use a simple yet attractive style to help pupils save and improve finances while they improve their resumes.

What Are The Best Ways to Make Money If You Want to Make Life Changes?
by Martin over 2 years ago
The Secret System For Those Who Can’t Save Money
by Martin over 2 years ago

The Scholarship Blog


This is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive scholarship blogs anywhere. The posts offer a teeming number of links to free money all over the Internet.

College Grant Guide


Government grants, alongside scholarships, rank among this blog's most recommended free-money strategies. Native Americans and non-traditional students receive special info.

Rich Poor Student


College students in the midst of debt dilemmas can learn how to deal with the problem and save on expenses here. It also offers tips on how to land awesome savings on entertainment.

Where to buy cheap Apple products (MacBooks, iPhones, iPads etc)
by admin over 4 years ago

College Money Tips


Conserve financial resources while you earn your degree, or make college easier to afford, with this campus-focused blog. It takes the time to walk neophytes through definitions of debt and credit scores.

College Debit Cards
by Stephen Carr over 4 years ago
Iowa Law Students May Not Need to Pass Bar Exam
by Stephen Carr over 4 years ago