The Travelin' Librarian


The Travelin' Librarian offers blog posts from a technology innovation librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission. For more than 15 years, he's trained librarians in technology, and this knowledge comes through in his blog spot.

by Michael Sauers over 2 years ago
Mashup Monday: Perfect Team – Lorde vs. P!nk
by Michael Sauers over 2 years ago



LISNews offers stories on everything relating to libraries, librarians, and technology. This is an all-encompassing site for those interested in the subject matter all the way up to those working in the profession.

Who Says Libraries Are Going Extinct?
by Blake over 4 years ago
Miami-Dade Children's Books Budget Cuts
by birdie over 4 years ago



ACRLog is a blog spot dedicated to providing information from (and for) academic and research librarians. This is a well run site with a load of information and detailed postings to boot.

Working With Undergraduate Student Employees: An Appreciation
by Chloe Horning over 4 years ago
On Being A Faculty
by Jason W. Dean over 4 years ago

Virtual Dave...Real Blog


The blogger is a professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. He covers issues within the spectrum of librarianship and technology for the reader.

The Community is Your Collection
by rdlankes over 4 years ago
by rdlankes over 4 years ago

Uol Library Blog


The Uol Library Blog provides information on staff and the goings on of the University of Leicester Library. It's become a place for workers and those interested in library services to go to get their fill of the day's news.

EMLIP Meeting (22 January 2016)
by JackieHanes over 2 years ago
Coventry University:PALS
by Andrew Dunn over 2 years ago

Planet Cataloging


Planet Cataloging is all about cataloging and metadata and is maintained by two experts. Visit their blog for detailed current news on these topics.

Books and Library stuff: tower
over 4 years ago
Books and Library stuff: tower
over 4 years ago

Book Frontiers


Blogger Lydia is a librarian who reviews books on her blog. Her blog spot is all about literature that she comes across as a school librarian.

Cool Librarian


The blog covers such topics as search engines, databases, directories, and other such library related topics she loves to blog on in her site.

Librarians are Weird


"Librarians are weird, but in a good way" is the tagline for this blog spot. The main focal points of the site are usually video/film/television related, such as topics on reviews and media literacy.

Librarians Matter


Blogger Kathryn offers up an all-encompassing blog spot that deals with libraries, technology, being a mother, and everything and anything in between.

Library Fight Club! Game on.
by sirexkat over 2 years ago
I can sleep or I can blog…
by sirexkat about 3 years ago



The blogger is a project coordinator and virtual reference librarian for a nonprofit organization. She offers some crazy posts on the subject matter.

Why you should check out Startup Weekend Toronto EDU: Library Edition
by jandawson over 4 years ago
Shelf Series Volume 2: Grace O’Connell
by jandawson over 4 years ago

Judge a Book by its Cover


Judge a Book by its Cover offers some hilarious articles and pictures that have to do with book covers. The blogger worked in library services for many years and used this knowledge to create a great website on truly bad book covers.



The blog offers a weekly comic strip and covers library related issues as well. There are book reviews offered, too.

Unshelved on Saturday, April 26, 2014
about 4 years ago
Book Reviews
about 4 years ago

The Laughing Librarian


The Laughing Librarian offers tidbits and stories about librarians and the like with a humorous slant to them. It's a bold site that offers some great humor for its readers.

The Digital Librarian


The blog spot gives musings on the intersection between library services and technology.

Meaningful Web Metrics
by jaf over 2 years ago

Modern Librarian Tools


The blog aims to compile the most important professional tools, and e-sources available on the internet for free in the field of libraries and information of interest to the specialists in the libraries and information field from students, researchers and librarians.

إصدار دورية جديدة في مجال المكتبات والمعلومات!
by noreply@blogger.com (Ghadeer Magdy) over 2 years ago
المنح والجوائز المقدمة للباحثين في مجال المكتبات والمعلومات 17!
by noreply@blogger.com (Ghadeer Magdy) over 2 years ago