Awful Library Books


This blog is bibliophile welcome! Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with what this is really about. This blog is great because its two writers are public librarians who spend their time finding fabulous outdated and oddball books and collector's items.

Coming Collapse of China
by Holly Hibner over 2 years ago
John Kerry? In 2016?
by Mary Kelly over 2 years ago

Library Grants


Librarians and staff members frequently engage in grant writing while the library is silent. Here, they can find tips especially tailored to them.

Knight News Challenge: Libraries
by Stephanie Gerding over 2 years ago
ALA Great Stories Club Grant
by Stephanie Gerding over 2 years ago



Informancy offers a a blog from Christopher Harris, who is a former elementary school teacher and current librarian. His blog covers a wide variety of topics but focuses on a technology and Internet-minded slant throughout his articles.

Stephen's Lighthouse


Stephen's Lighthouse helps to illuminate library industry trends and new advances in innovation as well. The blogger writes from a perspective of true knowledge as he has visited over a hundred libraries in many different countries during his time working.

33 Reasons Why You’re Addicted To Books
by Stephen Abram over 4 years ago
Harvard Presentation: Library Transformation: Sketching the Future Library
by Stephen Abram over 4 years ago

Free Range Librarian


Free Range Librarian offers insight into librarianship, writing, and everything in between. The blogger is a director of the Cushing Library at Holy Names University in Oakland, Ca.

Next steps for PBA: Thoughts from one of “these people”
by K.G. Schneider about 4 years ago
by K.G. Schneider over 4 years ago

Annoyed Librarian


The Annoyed Librarian offers scathing musings on libraries and everything else in this hard-hitting blog spot. It's tagline is "Fighting Libraries in Oakland" but it offers much more in the way of content as well.

Approve a Real Librarian This Time
by Annoyed Librarian over 2 years ago
Knitting and Reading
by Annoyed Librarian over 2 years ago

David Lee King


The blogger offers insight into library websites and digital technology in this interesting blog spot. He covers management, marketing, planning, and much else.

Social Media Guidelines for Staff
by David Lee King over 2 years ago
Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts just Got Easy
by David Lee King over 2 years ago

Walt at Random


Blogger Walt is a librarian who's been active in the field for much of his life. He calls his blog spot the library voice of the radical middle and it fits that description aptly.

Gold OA Journals 2011-2015: Grade Changes and an Update
by Walt Crawford over 2 years ago
Not quite gone: a short catchall post
by Walt Crawford over 2 years ago

DIY Librarian


DIY Librarian offers a variety of posts about librarianship and other related topics. Stories include dogs in libraries, conferences, a day in the life of a library day, and much more.

The Specialist: now accepting submissions
by Tara over 4 years ago

Tame the Web


Tame the Web offers musings on libraries, technology, and people. It comes from a blogger who is an assistant professor in library and information science at San Jose State University.

Metadata Man
by Michael Stephens over 2 years ago
What is 3D Printing? from Teens @ White Plains Public Library
by Michael Stephens over 2 years ago

The Lipstick Librarian


The Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian definitely has its own voice. There's some great information here on being a librarian, and many of the posts are funny and feel like they were truly written from the heart.

For Mature Librarians Only
by absherl over 4 years ago

The Shifted Librarian


Blogger Jenny writes about making libraries "more portable." She delves into information technology and the ways in which people can get books and such information more quickly and easily.

Librarian Avengers


Librarian Avengers comes from Erica, a librarian who holds a master's in information science. She offers articles on a variety of topics on librarianship and beyond.

Librarian Avengers on Pinterest
by Erica Firment over 4 years ago

A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette


A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette has a tagline that states that a polite librarian is a good librarian. It offers funny advice for overstressed librarians to get a good laugh out of.

Librarian, You're a grand old
by J over 4 years ago
Harassment, Avoiding
by J almost 5 years ago

Love the Liberry


Blogger Amy offers some crazy, fun stories about being a librarian in this blog spot. This is a funny and witty spot for those looking to see what a day in the life actually feels like.

by Amy over 2 years ago
by Marian The over 2 years ago

Closed Stacks


The Closed Stacks blog is a collaborative website written by a variety of different librarians. It's meant to entertain, educate, and enlighten its readers.

Academic Librarian


The Academic Librarian blog offers topics on libraries, history, rhetoric, poetry, philosophy, and more from a philosophy and religion librarian at Princeton University.

The Mess of Ebooks in P2P Review
by Wayne Bivens-Tatum almost 4 years ago
Joe Murphy Drop the Lawsuit petition
by Wayne Bivens-Tatum almost 4 years ago

Alice in InfoLand


Blogger Alice writes about both the reality and illusion within the realms of school and library life. She also takes a look at 21st century information distribution as well.