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The writer for Politico earned his Internet celebrity for breaking first news coverage on Obama's difficult yet ultimately successful campaign.

Dems' 2014 foil: Koch brothers
by Burgess Everett over 4 years ago
Issa, Cummings clash on IRS witness
by Lauren French over 4 years ago



Matthew Yglesias, a noteworthy figure in the American liberal political scene, has an additively readable writing style.

Mike Tidmus: Blog


This is an activists political take on current events and politics. It is a blog that is focused around the gay culture and has very interesting and funny content. We love the videos on this blog!



Altara focuses on United States politics with special attention paid to elections. It's funny, smart and the perfect thing to read to stay up to date.

by Homer over 2 years ago
TV ads
by Homer over 2 years ago

Progressive Blog Digest


Progressive Blog Digest gives you short, readers digest blog entries about the political process in America, political news and funny bits about politics.

by Nick Burbules over 2 years ago
by Nick Burbules over 2 years ago

California News Blog


This blog is published by a blogger who has been in California for four decades and is known as The California Blogger. It is all about the Golden State, politics, visiting information, celebrity news, among many other topics.

New Ronald Reagan California GOP Headquarters
by California Blogger about 3 years ago
Obama 2016: Sex Change for a Third Term
by California Blogger about 3 years ago



No matter which side of the aisle you choose to seat yourself in the congregation of politics, there's no ignoring that technology consistently leads us into new phases of electoral dynamism. Obama's 2008 victory, for instance, was bolstered by the latest innovations. techPresident was founded to analyze candidates' computer and Internet savvy. Facebook and Twitter stats are tracked for major figures, and the writers here excellently interpret them for readers who monitor the political world's web knowhow.

For Syrian Refugees, the World Food Program Makes Food Aid Electronic
almost 4 years ago
First POST: Disclosures
almost 4 years ago



Independently minded readers should gravitate to this blog for politically opinionated transparency. Each day's primary issues are analyzed here with refreshing sobriety.

An Agenda for the IMF
by Lawrence Summers, Washington Post about 4 years ago
Supreme Oligarchy
by E.J. Dionne, Washington Post about 4 years ago