Ben Smith


The writer for Politico earned his Internet celebrity for breaking first news coverage on Obama's difficult yet ultimately successful campaign.

Dems' 2014 foil: Koch brothers
by Burgess Everett over 4 years ago
Issa, Cummings clash on IRS witness
by Lauren French over 4 years ago



Matthew Yglesias, a noteworthy figure in the American liberal political scene, has an additively readable writing style.

The Angry Black Woman


"Race, politics, gender, sexuality, and anger" all intertwine and conspire for an opinionated female blog as enticing as it is incendiary.

Atheist Oasis – A Rational Refuge


Atheist Oasis is a place where atheists and agnostics can come together to discuss politics, the separation of church and state, how experiences with religious family members and friends have affected their lives in general, and so much more. Simply put, this blog is a virtual oasis for those who reject religion and are seeking truth and reason.

Religious Fascism In The U.S–Adults Getting Married Is Their Business Only
by KA over 2 years ago
More On The Madness Of Muslims– Pakistan, Land Of The Pedophiles
by KA over 2 years ago

Blag Hag


Blag Hag details the thoughts and experiences of a liberal, geeky, nerdy atheist feminist who recently escaped Indiana for Seattle, WA. Most of the posts are about religion, science, feminism, atheism, politics, biology, and any number of combinations of these things.

Greta Christina's Blog


Greta Christina blogs about sex, atheism, politics, dreams, and life in general. The sidebar of the blog also has an extensive listing of enlightening posts and conversations regarding atheism.

Bay of Fundie


The Bay of Fundie is dedicated to preserving the Constitutional separation of church and state, which is under attack by Christian fundamentalists. It features commentary on news and politics, particularly focusing on the radical religious right wing and how they can be best kept at bay. The blogger is an atheist and is opposed to superstition and the regulation of morals, as are often propagated by theists.



Feministing is a feminist centered blog that focuses on world politics and issues. Often written with biting wit, it's a fantastic blog to read to get a different point of view.

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet
by Maya Dusenbery almost 3 years ago
Stay in your lane: We don’t need rich white actresses’ comments on sex work
by Verónica Bayetti Flores almost 3 years ago

Quantitative Peace


A political science PhD focuses on international relations and comparative politics. This blog works as an extension of Michael's relationship with his studies.

by Michael A. Allen over 4 years ago
QP LIVE! Where to Find Us at MPSA 2014
by Chad Clay over 4 years ago



We love this blog because it's political spin is inspired and hilarious. Yes, it also focuses on pop culture and fashion - but the main draw is it's politics. It's written with heavy sarcastic wit and tons of factual information.

Mike Tidmus: Blog


This is an activists political take on current events and politics. It is a blog that is focused around the gay culture and has very interesting and funny content. We love the videos on this blog!

Pundit Mom


Pundit Mom is written by a mom who is passionate about politics. It's a hilarious account of politics, motherhood and feminism all rolled into one.



Altara focuses on United States politics with special attention paid to elections. It's funny, smart and the perfect thing to read to stay up to date.

by Homer over 2 years ago
TV ads
by Homer over 2 years ago

Progressive Blog Digest


Progressive Blog Digest gives you short, readers digest blog entries about the political process in America, political news and funny bits about politics.

by Nick Burbules over 2 years ago
by Nick Burbules over 2 years ago

California News Blog


This blog is published by a blogger who has been in California for four decades and is known as The California Blogger. It is all about the Golden State, politics, visiting information, celebrity news, among many other topics.

New Ronald Reagan California GOP Headquarters
by California Blogger about 3 years ago
Obama 2016: Sex Change for a Third Term
by California Blogger about 3 years ago



No matter which side of the aisle you choose to seat yourself in the congregation of politics, there's no ignoring that technology consistently leads us into new phases of electoral dynamism. Obama's 2008 victory, for instance, was bolstered by the latest innovations. techPresident was founded to analyze candidates' computer and Internet savvy. Facebook and Twitter stats are tracked for major figures, and the writers here excellently interpret them for readers who monitor the political world's web knowhow.

For Syrian Refugees, the World Food Program Makes Food Aid Electronic
almost 4 years ago
First POST: Disclosures
almost 4 years ago

The Moderate Voice


Where to turn when on the search for middle-of-the-road political fare? One recommendation is to read one liberal blog post followed by a conservative offering, and let your mind sum up the difference. Equally effective, and much more efficient, is to take frequent perusals of the Moderate Voice's posts here. A dozen-strong editorial staff wade through the latest political headlines and endeavor to sift kernel-sized truths from the mass of over-baked hype that can plague less centrist pages.

Is Ted Cruz cracking up?
by David Robertson over 2 years ago
Cartoons: Gun Baby
by Clay Jones over 2 years ago

Little Green Footballs


This conservative blog is prone toward thorough investigative work. It's been quite influential in spearheading the downfall of such public figures as Dan Rather.

Why Republicans Shouldn't Attempt Humor, Exhibit R for Rubio
by Charles over 2 years ago
Sunday Acoustic Session: Aoife O'Donovan
by Charles over 2 years ago

Op Ed News


This blog brings a commendably democratic perspective to the liberal agenda. Screaming is eschewed for more subdued ruminations on supporting Americans, not conglomerates.

Interstellar: The hubris of Manifest Destiny and Technological Prowess in Outer Space
over 3 years ago
Yonder Comes Sin: More Terror From the Top
over 3 years ago

Crooked Timber


Scholars from around the world comment on political happens from a decidedly liberal vantage here. The posts are wordy, yet chock full of intellectual insights to savor.

Sunday photoblogging: Steps in Siracusa, Sicily
by Chris Bertram about 4 years ago
With Reformicons like this, no wonder the Reactobots always win
by John Quiggin about 4 years ago