Planet Homo


Randy, the brains behind PH, is an art director by trade. He created PH to engage community, often through the use of images and imagery. Planet Homo asks of its readers active engagement with the texts, and in return, creates a community of queer thinkers.

Hey, Gays: Leave Aaron Schock Alone - The Daily Beast
by Hello about 3 years ago
Let's be Brief
by Hello about 3 years ago

Queerie Bradshaw


Queerie Bradshaw is a site for sex-positive feminism, healthy body images, queer rhetoric and celebrating diversity. Like her namesake, Carrie of Sex and the City, QB is all about sex, relationships, and dating. She often does reviews for sex toys and books. She wrote a dating column for Curve Magazine and also does a sex and the law advice column for Autostraddle that’s worth checking out.

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, a.k.a. The Transfer from QueerieBradshaw.com to LaurenMarieFleming.com
by Queerie Bradshaw over 3 years ago
Accepting Stories of Love and Coffee for my New Romance Anthology
by Queerie Bradshaw over 3 years ago

Joel Derfner


Joel is a musical composer who has links to his new music and humorous tales from his life as a gay man and composer.

by Joel Derfner over 4 years ago
Lawfully Wedded Husband
by Joel Derfner almost 5 years ago

Angry Brown Butch


ABB discusses politics, media, culture, and her own life. The Brooklyn-based blogger has strong opinions about these issues, which are always interesting reads.

The Closet Professor


“A blog about GLBT History, Art, Literature, Politics, and Culture. The Closet Professor is a fun (sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes very serious) approach to GLBT Culture.”

Leap Year
by Joe over 2 years ago
God Loves Us
by Joe over 2 years ago

Who Kills the Spiders?


Probing the dynamics and complexities of LGBT relationships, culture, and oppression.

Boomer Beefcake and Bonding


Beefcake, male bonding, and other gay content in kids' movies, tv programs, comics, toys, and games in the 1960s and 1970s, when everything was subtext and innuendo. An occasional rant about how even today, popular culture continues to assume that LGBT people do not exist.

Petey's Boyfriend in "Cul de Sac"
by noreply@blogger.com (Boomer D) over 2 years ago
Fall 1993: Matt and the Bartender Frighten the Horses
by noreply@blogger.com (Boomer D) over 2 years ago

This 'Murican Life: Dispatches From Appalachia


From the Bay Area to the Mountain State, notes from a queer girl living in small-town America.

Kiki's Worlds


The Rants, Ravings, Interests and Musings of a Queer Stripper, Teacher and Student