Lesbian Dad


A personal essay/photography blog about parenthood generally, and lesbian parenthood in particular. The blog is thoughtful and extremely well-written, crafted, and edited.

Camp It Up!
by LD almost 4 years ago
10 x 10, inch by inch
by LD almost 4 years ago

Suburban Lesbian Housewife


Sara is a queer woman balancing raising children, the headaches and heartwarming moments of suburban life, and being a queer lady. A great blog for any parent, queer or straigh

World War III
by noreply@blogger.com (Sara) over 3 years ago
The Emptying Nest
by noreply@blogger.com (Sara) over 3 years ago

Meg, Megan, and Eden


I am a pro-tog in Washington that had the honor of photographing this beautiful couple and their new bundle of joy.



One mother and daughter's journey from self discovery to acceptance.