Joe My God


Gay culture, short stories, politics, and fabulous disco trivia. Joe is witty, insightful, and covers both big gay issues and day-to-day thoughts and experiences. No wonder readers identify him as one of the best LGBT blogs online.

Click On Over To The New JMG!
by Joe Jervis almost 3 years ago
Holding Hands In Jerusalem
by Joe Jervis almost 3 years ago

General Gayety


Life’s too short to be taken seriously. GG keeps everything in perspective by offering humorous anecdotes to GTBTQ news and stories.

Wishful Thinking
by Leslie Robinson over 2 years ago
This Week's Quote
by Leslie Robinson over 2 years ago

Gay Arab Guy


Gay Arab guy picks up news stories about race, sexuality, and the intersection of identifiers. Not only will he alert you of some lesser-known stories, he also has a gift for untangling issues without over-simplifying.

Pride Agenda


A blog mainly about queer politics in NYC, but extending across national politics and LGBT social issues.

Nobody Passes


NP is run by author Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, who writes predominately about “queer assimilation." Her blog includes videos of book readings and upcoming book deals, as well as her thoughts on LGBT issues.

Listen to my reading at The Furnace reading series in Seattle!!!
by mattilda bernstein sycamore over 2 years ago
My review of DO I SOUND GAY?...
by mattilda bernstein sycamore over 2 years ago

The Rare Reporter


David Webb, a veteran journalist who has covered LGBT issues for the mainstream and alternative media for three decades, writes columns about activism, health, politics, culture, entertainment, travel and other areas of interest.

Ellen ain't so nice
by David Webb over 2 years ago
FFRF targets small Texas town; police chief responds, 'Go fly a kite'
by David Webb over 2 years ago

Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam's New Adventures


Just imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently ‘married’ middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country. They went, they survived, they thrived, they scribed, they returned.

Conchita Rocks
by Jack Scott about 4 years ago
Eurovision – And the Band Played On
by Jack Scott about 4 years ago

Musings of Brandon Shire


Discuss a wide variety of LGBT interest including interviews with LGBT filmmakers, authors and upcoming artists. Particular focus on LGBT Youth homelessness and the people and organizations working to overcome the problem.

Where are you, Brandon?
by Brandon over 2 years ago
Happy Holidays
by Brandon over 2 years ago



Sean Paul Mahoney is an openly gay, HIV+ playwright and UrtheInspiration tells the story of his story of recovery from addiction and alcoholism and other hilarious antics!

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Sobriety?
by seanpaulmahoney over 2 years ago
A Post 4 Years in the Making
by seanpaulmahoney over 2 years ago

Generation: (WH)Y?


This website was created for Generation Y, which is a group in the United States of America that should hold the most power and influence; yet, we are a youth culture that does not act upon it. This is the website of those who are culturally relevant and want to enlighten the world. From funny to serious, politics to sex advice to race issues, this is the place for those who have often thought : Why?

Thirty Minutes To Alamo Square Park
by Jeffrey Hartinger over 2 years ago
The San Francisco Sob Story
by Jeffrey Hartinger over 2 years ago



DalyCommaS is a lesbian working in the digital marketing world. Her blog focuses on both being a lesbian, the world around her and focussing on gaining equality for everyone. Some LGBTQ commentary posts and some life posts.

Civic Resolve


Fighting the Good Fight for the LGBTQ Community! A lone lesbian thinking, feeling and speaking her way in and out of the tangles that face us all in the LGBTQ population. Politics, poetry, passion and pure investment in being open, honest and forever hand in hand with my brothers and sisters.



A new blog about anything and everything within the LGBT community; whether it be news, advice or personal experiences from me!

The Active Voice


There is a rich and textured landscape, full of plot twists and colorful characters, that surrounds the psychological research on sexual orientation. The Active Voice is where we get to have a conversation about the intersection between psychological research, social and public policy, and our lived experiences. The voice behind "The Active Voice" is Gayle Pitman, a professor of psychology and women's studies.