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Pop culture as digested by the LGBT community best describes this site's focus. Readers who love Madonna and the hottest international DJs will celebrate each post.

Your Nightly Briefing: Alejandro Granados In Teamm8
by Matthew Rettenmund over 3 years ago
Sweater Girls
by Matthew Rettenmund over 3 years ago

This Southern Faggot


A provocative title, a well-written blog. He ventures into his past for memories about sneaking “gay” books out of the library, or what it means to be “out of it.” His honest accounts of feeling isolated even within the gay community can echo with any reader who has ever felt on the outside of something they thought they had an insider’s pass to.

4 walls make a room
by thissouthernfaggot over 3 years ago
4 walls make a room
by thissouthernfaggot over 3 years ago

My Native Life


Rob is a Native American living on a reservation with his partner and children. He has a wealth of experience, including military service and work as a firefighter, and draws upon his experiences to write deep, meaningful entries pondering the subtleties and big moments of daily life.

Saginaw Chippewa Letters to Santa Claus
by admin over 4 years ago
Disenrollment situation self-inflicted
by admin over 4 years ago

Life Lube


A resource and guide for gay men’s health issues.

All Men Pics


Photos of the most beutifull men on earth

Unicorn Booty


A blog dedicated to offering the latest news relevant to gay men.

Dan & Robert


Two almost married guys taking in all the twists and turns life has to throw at us, and turning a house into a home.

Nurturing Gay Self-Esteem and Relationships


Adam D. Blum, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist who blogs on issues of gay relationships and self-esteem. His work is informed by his own 24-year gay relationship.

Knowing Nile


Knowing a person for a year of their life would normally classify as a rather small amount of time considering the planet been here for millions of years and still going around in circles!. In more recent times,with true believe ,Now, utter disillusionment ,my true soul mate in life ,Bridget Jones sadly never made it to my world.. Breaking and Entering without caution nor guilt Nile did, age 19 , armed with attitude double his age . Deflating with time after the initial shock of such marquetry in my life "life" a word Nile would choose to differ on many times to come.Here our year begin. Began it did , Nile went to Uni to study films studies at Kingston,I i begin well got fired from my current job, decided to set a Media Company as you do with Nile's help of course -) As the year progressed,, so we did we, hence being a thrown stone away form us receiving exclusive contracts from "Take A Break Magazine" Much fun was had throughout , break ups ,celeb bashing , firing , singing , Nile's speed dating,,countless items Nile throw out of the window of our quiet little abode in London's Brick lane and of course setting the Manic Media Group up. Nile suffered from Schizophrenia and other issues for most of his life. During our time, Nile voluntarily admitted himself to a Mental Health Unit based in East London from May 2011 , Nile then took his life on the 31st on the same month. A Year of Knowing Nile was sadly and unfairly not enough !!

The Reluctant Cat Owner's Journal


The Reluctant Cat Owner's Journal is about the daily trails of mutli-cat ownership and the adventures of being gay. Acerbic, unapologetic, but always funny. Read me hard and all night long.