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I'm a girl fighting her walk out of the closet. My blog is all about the amazing, gorgeous, horrible or sometimes just strange things I have to face ... and about Loreen whom I really love. By a young lesbian, for you! :)

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"You know what turns me on? Effort. Assurance. Show me you care. That you really want me. I’m tired..."
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Closeted Lesbian Tamil Girl


A gay Tamil teenage girl living in the USA, a debater, writer, feminist, and rationalist. And oh, by the way, still in the closet.

What Dykes Like


Boobs. Plaid. Gaydar. Jeeps. Chicks in uniform.



Phillesbian.com is the only digital magazine catering exclusively to women who love women in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, offering lesbian/queer identified women in Philly a resource for arts & culture, events, news, fashion, health, and more.

Generation: (WH)Y?


This website was created for Generation Y, which is a group in the United States of America that should hold the most power and influence; yet, we are a youth culture that does not act upon it. This is the website of those who are culturally relevant and want to enlighten the world. From funny to serious, politics to sex advice to race issues, this is the place for those who have often thought : Why?

Thirty Minutes To Alamo Square Park
by Jeffrey Hartinger over 2 years ago
The San Francisco Sob Story
by Jeffrey Hartinger over 2 years ago



LGBTQ News, Arts, Media, Politics, Celebrities, and Health



DalyCommaS is a lesbian working in the digital marketing world. Her blog focuses on both being a lesbian, the world around her and focussing on gaining equality for everyone. Some LGBTQ commentary posts and some life posts.



our blog features interesting trends and finds about all things t-shirts and highlight designs and concepts for the LGBT community.

This 'Murican Life: Dispatches From Appalachia


From the Bay Area to the Mountain State, notes from a queer girl living in small-town America.

Kiki's Worlds


The Rants, Ravings, Interests and Musings of a Queer Stripper, Teacher and Student

Civic Resolve


Fighting the Good Fight for the LGBTQ Community! A lone lesbian thinking, feeling and speaking her way in and out of the tangles that face us all in the LGBTQ population. Politics, poetry, passion and pure investment in being open, honest and forever hand in hand with my brothers and sisters.

Dan & Robert


Two almost married guys taking in all the twists and turns life has to throw at us, and turning a house into a home.



One mother and daughter's journey from self discovery to acceptance.



A new blog about anything and everything within the LGBT community; whether it be news, advice or personal experiences from me!

Gay Travel Advice


Gay Travel Advice is a site where LGTBI Travellers could find useful information about travelling aimed at LGTBI community

Nurturing Gay Self-Esteem and Relationships


Adam D. Blum, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist who blogs on issues of gay relationships and self-esteem. His work is informed by his own 24-year gay relationship.

Spoon and the Moon


Hello from Wickedly Sisters! We are interested in running a small ad on your blog/site. We think visitors to your site would enjoy our LGBTQ, international gold medal winning iNovel made by a creative lesbian team. Spoon and the Moon is a whimsically risqué fairytale. This wildly imaginative story is full of humor, a twinge of tenderness and a heaping of unexpected turns. It is an interactive book for adults with clever animations, a hot soundtrack by musicians from Europe and North America all woven through a magical storyline. Although our pockets are not deep, would you please consider a small place for an ad for Spoon and the Moon? We can offer a small fee or a free download of our whimsical book available on iPad™ and iPhone, Android™ tablets and Kindle Fire™. In the spirit of reciprocity, we also would be delighted to blog about your site and/or your publications, and mention you on our Facebook pages. You can email us at mmmarie1961 AT aol.com . You can find out more about us at: spoonandthemoon DOT com, or please Google Wickedly Sisters on Huffington Post. Thanks buckets, Marie and Margaret—Wickedly Sisters.

Infinitely Gay - Introspection and Exploration


What's the difference being different When the differences now look alike You say I'm changing, I'm not sure that's wrong - John Hartford

The Active Voice


There is a rich and textured landscape, full of plot twists and colorful characters, that surrounds the psychological research on sexual orientation. The Active Voice is where we get to have a conversation about the intersection between psychological research, social and public policy, and our lived experiences. The voice behind "The Active Voice" is Gayle Pitman, a professor of psychology and women's studies.