Loose Femme


The blog has a bit of everything: “Whatever kick-starts Loosefemme’s faggoty, tasteful voracious engine” becomes the content of the blog.

Queer Fat Femme


“Welcome to the Queer Fat Femme Blog Guide to Life! Featuring advice, glitter, fat fashion, travel, performance recaps, community building and sardonic anecdotes from the life of Bevin Branlandingham.” And yes, she’s as friendly, funny, and quirky as she sounds.

Think in English, Count in Chinese


Bilingual, bi-cultural, (somewhat) bipolar. This site aims to provide info & exposure for male models in general, and Asian/Eurasian male models in particular.

Queer Geek Theory


Alexis is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California, working on a dissertation about queer temporality and cultural representations of the future. The blog covers a variety of topics from an academic stance.

New worlds
by Alexis Lothian about 4 years ago
A Foretaste of the Feminist Future, circa 1889
by Alexis Lothian over 4 years ago

Matt Kailey


Matt Kailey writes about transgender and transsexual issues, both in the news and from his own experience. The blog includes “Ask Matt Mondays” where readers can write into Matt for advice, insight, or a listening ear.

Tranifesto Celebrates Five Years
by Matt Kailey about 4 years ago
Ask Matt Double Header
by Matt Kailey about 4 years ago

Can I Help You, Sir?


“The [blog] title comes from a phrase I hear all too often, and that’s kind of what I want to capture here: my day-to-day experience of feeling more at home with the masculine energy I naturally have than with the feminine energy I was brought up to have.”



This blog, formerly known as My Husband Betty, is a journal of gender and trans issues kept by author/speaker Helen Boyd. Posts include worldwide news, personal experiences, and great insights into issues of queerness.

Mile 2, Day 2: #MileofMusic
by helenboyd almost 4 years ago
WI Unites for Marriage
by helenboyd almost 4 years ago

Lesbian Dad


A personal essay/photography blog about parenthood generally, and lesbian parenthood in particular. The blog is thoughtful and extremely well-written, crafted, and edited.

Camp It Up!
by LD almost 4 years ago
10 x 10, inch by inch
by LD almost 4 years ago

Suburban Lesbian Housewife


Sara is a queer woman balancing raising children, the headaches and heartwarming moments of suburban life, and being a queer lady. A great blog for any parent, queer or straigh

World War III
by noreply@blogger.com (Sara) over 3 years ago
The Emptying Nest
by noreply@blogger.com (Sara) over 3 years ago

The OTHER Mother


Robin’s blog is primarily about being a parent, and being a lesbian is secondary. She often includes pictures from her home and of her children, who are adorable.



GF “is a supportive community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum.” The site has many photos, stories, and thoughts about being genderqueer, unisex, or androgynous.

Profile: Byron or Tina
by Vlad over 2 years ago
Vintage Pride
by Freiya over 2 years ago

Gay Politics


“Gay Politics covers the intersection of politics and the fight for equality for gays and lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. We follow key stories about electoral politics, the legislative process and the people involved in both, with a special emphasis on the campaigns and careers of openly LGBT candidates and elected officials.”

Victory Fund Endorses 12 Openly LGBT Political Candidates
by Steven Thai about 4 years ago
John McCrostie Wins Idaho Primary
by Matt Ingoglia about 4 years ago

Joel Derfner


Joel is a musical composer who has links to his new music and humorous tales from his life as a gay man and composer.

by Joel Derfner over 4 years ago
Lawfully Wedded Husband
by Joel Derfner almost 5 years ago

Angry Brown Butch


ABB discusses politics, media, culture, and her own life. The Brooklyn-based blogger has strong opinions about these issues, which are always interesting reads.

Gay Arab Guy


Gay Arab guy picks up news stories about race, sexuality, and the intersection of identifiers. Not only will he alert you of some lesser-known stories, he also has a gift for untangling issues without over-simplifying.

My Native Life


Rob is a Native American living on a reservation with his partner and children. He has a wealth of experience, including military service and work as a firefighter, and draws upon his experiences to write deep, meaningful entries pondering the subtleties and big moments of daily life.

Saginaw Chippewa Letters to Santa Claus
by admin over 4 years ago
Disenrollment situation self-inflicted
by admin over 4 years ago

Gender-ID Blog


GID has a number of bloggers who write about all sorts of topics: what they’re reading, what they’re watching, and what they’re doing.

Pride Agenda


A blog mainly about queer politics in NYC, but extending across national politics and LGBT social issues.



The web portion of GLAAD: “The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) amplifies the voice of the LGBT community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping grassroots organizations communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, GLAAD promotes understanding, increases acceptance, and advances equality.”

OSCARS celebrate Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, Holly Woodlawn and Alicia Vikander
by rbradford over 2 years ago
Must-See LGBT TV 2/28-3/5: Biden, Lady Gaga and Chris Rock at the OSCARS, Tyler Oakley "bros" it up on "The Amazing Race," and more
by rbradford over 2 years ago

Nobody Passes


NP is run by author Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, who writes predominately about “queer assimilation." Her blog includes videos of book readings and upcoming book deals, as well as her thoughts on LGBT issues.

Listen to my reading at The Furnace reading series in Seattle!!!
by mattilda bernstein sycamore over 2 years ago
My review of DO I SOUND GAY?...
by mattilda bernstein sycamore over 2 years ago