Classroom as a Microcosm


"Siobhan Curious" is a pseudonym for a college level English instructor who started this blog as a way to connect with other educators and share stories--classroom successes and failures, lesson plans and strategies. The result is a support system for teachers everywhere.

My Top 10 Books of 2013
by Siobhan Curious over 4 years ago
“I AM the Teacher”
by Siobhan Curious over 4 years ago

The Fisch Bowl


Karl Fisch is a twenty-one year teaching veteran who is currently the Director of Technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. He comments on everything from learning techniques, administrative politics, teaching altruism to math students and more. Primarily a support tool for staff development, his blog is a great source of new ideas and perspectives for secondary level educators.

Data Doesn't Create Meaning. We Do.
by Karl Fisch over 3 years ago
Data-Driven Schools: Homework
by Karl Fisch over 3 years ago

Dynamite Lesson Plan


Damien Riley, teacher/songwriter, believes that real success in the classroom begins with a Dynamite Lesson Plan. Once you get past the lumpy bumpy site design and the Google ads, you'll discover some dynamite content, including Damien's original music. A valuable resource for organizing and implementing strategy in the classroom.

Medical Assistant Career Program
by Damien S Riley about 4 years ago
My Comments on a So-Called “Teacher Bill of Rights”
by Damien S Riley about 4 years ago

On The Shoulders of Giants


8th grade English teacher and author Ariel Sacks blogs on the leadership role of teachers and espouses the virtues of "teacherpreneurism". Her intent is to help teachers embrace their true value and responsibility as nurturers of the future. Excellent articles on mentoring, politics and teaching, collaboration an more.

Testing Eve
by <a href="/users/arielsacks">206</a> about 4 years ago
Chancellor Fariña on the Best ELA Test Prep
by <a href="/users/arielsacks">206</a> about 4 years ago

Science Fix


Clear and fun videos on cool science projects fit for middle schooler's appear in almost every post here. Flaming money and chocolate pop rocks are recent projects.

Melting Rates
by Darren Fix over 4 years ago
Scientific Method Box
by Darren Fix over 4 years ago

Classroom Solutions


Hear straight from Scholastic’s team of teacher advisers on topics ranging from From Scholastic, the age old learning resource, hosts this blog that features posts by their team of teach advisers. Every problem has a solution, and you'll find the answers here: from how to run a reader’s workshop to discipline and organization in the classroom. This blog is a multimedia wonderland with loads of photos and how-to videos. You can also personalize your feed by subscribing to posts by grade level.

Just a Substitute Teacher...


Of course, there are many ins and outs to the unique career of substitute teaching, and the blogger behind Just a Substitute Teacher... shares the details of his own substitute adventures. He also discusses larger issues in the field of education, such as diversity awareness and standardized testing.

by KauaiMark over 2 years ago
Tis the Season To Get Fired...
by KauaiMark over 2 years ago

Two Writing Teachers


With the sole mission of helping teachers learn to make students better writers, using proven methods of instruction and innovative lesson planning. They also honor teachers and books who are leading innovators in the field of literacy.

Our Real Power: Authentic Writing
by Dana Murphy about 4 years ago
Day 24 of the March SOLSC! #sol14
by Stacey Shubitz about 4 years ago

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher


This blog is written by a third grade teacher and mother of three, and she sometimes posts helpful information about how she prepares materials for her substitute teachers. This is helpful for someone to get a look at the job from the perspective of the person being subbed for. Take a look and see how much time and preparation is needed before a substitute can even begin their day!

Interactive Notebooks
by Julie over 3 years ago

Time 4 Learning


Anyone can post to this blog site, so the breadth of topics can sometimes seem a little random, but within the depth of posts are some truly interesting ideas. All teachers at all levels can find an idea or two in the extensive post archives.

New to the program
by fruitymom30 about 4 years ago
3 weeks into the program with my 6th grader
by bmhparents about 4 years ago

Substitutes, FTW!


Substitutes are faced with unique challenges, chief among them working with students who have established relationships with each other and with their regular teacher. This blog provides simple, easily accessible lesson activities for all grade levels to help substitutes remain sane.

Notes From My Classroom and Home


This blog is written by an educator and author of a book on teaching resources. She writes occasionally about substitute teaching, and it is helpful for prospective &quot;subs&quot; to learn how best they can support a teacher and their curriculum in their absence. She has helpful printable tools as well, and an online store with tools for both teachers and parents.

Read Write Think


The International Reading Association maintains a lesson plan blog entitled Read Write Think, which all educators are entitled to submit ideas to. All lesson plans are geared towards reading, but some of the topics include science and math, so all teachers can benefit from perusing these diverse lesson plans.

Year in the Life of an English Teacher


Year in the Life of an English Teacher follows the blogger as he tries out many different kinds of lessons. Each post includes the concept that the blogger is trying to teach, such as compare and contrast or creative pre-writing.

Letter Soup


Letter Soup is a good resource for elementary school teachers who are working with young readers and writers. The blogger focuses specifically on getting students interested in reading by providing many different activities a day.

Diary of a Public School Teacher


This blog is not entirely lesson plans- it varies between the blogger's personal life and political news regarding public schools and teachers- but occasionally an interesting lesson plan idea is thrown in. Some recent interesting ideas including starting a letter writing campaign with students and having students engage in reading aloud practices.



An elementary school teacher runs this blog, aimed at other K-5 educators, and provides unique ideas and detailed lesson plans. She also includes ideas regarding how to motivate students to read and complete their work.

Online Resource: LIFE Photo Archive
by Anonymous almost 4 years ago
Smallpdf.com - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems
by Anonymous almost 4 years ago

Teach Preschool


As the name of the blog suggests, Teach Preschool is a blog that provides preschool teachers with lesson and activity ideas to keep their young children occupied. Parents and babysitters may also find some of the activity ideas engaging and creative.

Mrs. Jackson's Class Website Blog


This blog is unique in that it follows one group of students through their time in a real classroom. Therefore, readers can see the class participate in many different lesson plans, and see how the students respond positively or negatively to different ideas.

William Shakespeare born — History.com This Day in History — 4/23/1564
by CBJ almost 4 years ago
Celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday with some of his best insults and pickup lines
by CBJ almost 4 years ago

Writing is Immortality


Not surprising, given its name, Writing is Immortality seeks to encourage student writing. As such, readers can expect interesting essay and journal prompt ideas and other activity suggestions.

Experiences of a Teacher of English


With literally hundreds of posts in the archives, this blog is kept by an extremely experienced teacher of English. Posts are well-written and reliable, and include ideas about creative writing, expository writing, and improving student engagement with their writing assignments.

1731. The second adolescence
by Fernando Díez Gallego almost 4 years ago
1730. The way a mom corrected her son
by Fernando Díez Gallego almost 4 years ago

Compelling Classroom Conversations


Compelling Classroom Conversations is one of the best blogs for teachers who want their students to share opinions openly. Debate, journalism, English, and history teachers will all benefit from reading this blog, and excellent journal topics are presented regularly as well.



This is one of the surprisingly few lesson plan blogs that is dedicated exclusively to reviewing certain books and deciding how to teach them to students. Ideas on how to teach different elements of books are sometimes included as well.

Miss Farrah


Written by an &quot;average&quot; teacher, this blog features a wide variety of topics. With posts like &quot;Design Your Feng Shui Classroom&quot; and &quot;It's Circus Day,&quot; which can inspire teachers to build lesson plans around unique themes and keep students interested.

Brainstorm in Progress


This fun, unique blog is entirely dedicated toward the teaching of brainstorming. Stacked with creative ideas, writing teachers at all levels will be inspired by this blog to try new things in the classroom and come up with interesting writing assignments for students.