Chicks Dig Me


The blog’s theme is expecting the unexpected, which is to say there’s not one central thread she blogs about “except loving women, and having a penchant for blowing my top about whatever gets my goat, and having an inappropriate sense of humor.” She’s witty, no matter if she’s commenting on an issue or telling a story for her day, and can quote Vanilla Ice.

“I’m sorry, but you’re a fucking moron” comments not going to be approved
by joankelly6000 over 4 years ago

Cherry Grrl


CG has lesbian entertainment news and culture, with a plethora of links to longer stories, videos, and other articles.

Choosing the Best car Accident Lawyer
by admin over 2 years ago
PHX Injury Firm
by admin over 2 years ago

Fit for a Femme


This lady chronicles her daily wardrobe to “fight femme invisibility”. Added bonus, fantastic fashion tips!

Fit for a Fête
by SBJ about 4 years ago
Of All Places
by SBJ about 4 years ago

Loose Femme


The blog has a bit of everything: “Whatever kick-starts Loosefemme’s faggoty, tasteful voracious engine” becomes the content of the blog.

Queer Fat Femme


“Welcome to the Queer Fat Femme Blog Guide to Life! Featuring advice, glitter, fat fashion, travel, performance recaps, community building and sardonic anecdotes from the life of Bevin Branlandingham.” And yes, she’s as friendly, funny, and quirky as she sounds.

Matt Kailey


Matt Kailey writes about transgender and transsexual issues, both in the news and from his own experience. The blog includes “Ask Matt Mondays” where readers can write into Matt for advice, insight, or a listening ear.

Tranifesto Celebrates Five Years
by Matt Kailey about 4 years ago
Ask Matt Double Header
by Matt Kailey about 4 years ago

Can I Help You, Sir?


“The [blog] title comes from a phrase I hear all too often, and that’s kind of what I want to capture here: my day-to-day experience of feeling more at home with the masculine energy I naturally have than with the feminine energy I was brought up to have.”



This blog, formerly known as My Husband Betty, is a journal of gender and trans issues kept by author/speaker Helen Boyd. Posts include worldwide news, personal experiences, and great insights into issues of queerness.

Mile 2, Day 2: #MileofMusic
by helenboyd almost 4 years ago
WI Unites for Marriage
by helenboyd almost 4 years ago

The OTHER Mother


Robin’s blog is primarily about being a parent, and being a lesbian is secondary. She often includes pictures from her home and of her children, who are adorable.

The Long Way Home


We all have a story to tell the world. It’s not like one story is better than others, but some of us feel that there might be something –a word, a sentence, a thought, that would make a difference in somebody’s life. My story can be told in few sentences but the turmoil I have gone through to accept myself and live my life being true to myself, is worth putting myself on a platter. I believe that there is another girl or boy who is lost in the ocean of contradicting feelings and beliefs, and is looking for a ray of light that will make them feel not so alone.

My Bucket List
by Dace about 4 years ago
Courage To Fail
by Dace about 4 years ago

Closeted Lesbian Tamil Girl


A gay Tamil teenage girl living in the USA, a debater, writer, feminist, and rationalist. And oh, by the way, still in the closet.

What Dykes Like


Boobs. Plaid. Gaydar. Jeeps. Chicks in uniform.



Phillesbian.com is the only digital magazine catering exclusively to women who love women in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, offering lesbian/queer identified women in Philly a resource for arts & culture, events, news, fashion, health, and more.

F is forr...


A really funny blog with relationship articles, vlogs, interviews and Sex Talk every Friday. This girl is hilarious.

Fancy Hair Party
by effimai almost 4 years ago
Favourites: NV Colour
by effimai almost 4 years ago

Just Be. Love All. Live Life.


be.love.live chronicles the life, love, & travels of an american woman following her bliss, chasing her dreams, and soaking up life with her swedish wife.

empowered :: find your word for 2015|part 2.
by Liz over 3 years ago
meditation mondays: find your word for 2015
by Liz over 3 years ago

Elizabeth Merritt Abbott


Just a Midwestern girl about to get married to another Midwestern girl with too many thoughts about books, movies, squirrels, poodles, and life.



Matza Balls & Candy Canes. Fried green tomatoes & patios. Life is so darn good when you're a happy, healthy, loved, lesbian. Ps there may be some killer recipes too, just sayin'.

Lesbian Cupid's Online Dating Blog


LesbianCupid.com allows women to search for partners by country, state, city and age, enabling them to find a match in their desired location. The elaborate profiles allow users to sort through the personals by interests, hobbies and beliefs to find a suitable match. By being selective up front, women can ensure more enjoyable and longer lasting relationships with partners who complement them.

A Summer Full Of Peaches


A Summer Full Of Peaches is the blog of Carley & Stacey; a couple who met in St Andrews, fell in love and now live together in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our blog documents our life together, whilst worrying that we may soon have to move apart.

Gratitude, lately
by Carley over 3 years ago
Fear of ostracism
by Carley over 3 years ago



Truths around the challenges, crazy and special moments of 2 Jamaican lesbian women in love. Pick up on tools and tips to keep your relationship hot, spicy, loving, open, passionate and sincere...