Lipstick Chapstick Peestick


This blog is the personal blog of Lipstick (LS) and Chapstick (CS), a married lesbian couple who are attempting to get pregnant. It follows their progress, as well as notes on the rest of their personal lives.

Grumpy Granny


Grumpy Granny is the personal blog of a 53-year-old lesbian grandmother. She talks about her daily life and her personal invention and reinvention.

2013 in review
by GratefulGran over 4 years ago
Time For A Change
by GratefulGran over 4 years ago

Effing Dykes


Oh, this is a funny one. Effing Dykes is a humor blog about lesbian culture, with long, detailed posts that range from yoga to gaydar to hairstyles. We have no idea how, but it makes sense.

Rock, Paper... Shut Up


This writer describes herself as being a wife, a stay-at-home mom, bipolar, and a lesbian. She makes it clear that she does not consider her bipolar diagnosis as "something wrong with me," but rather a catch-all phrase that allows her to communicate with others who share common traits and challenges.

Up Popped a Fox


Written by a bored mom/social worker/writer/pop culture junkie, Up Popped A Fox is about the unexpected things in life that make you think, laugh or – better yet – both.

by Vikki over 4 years ago
If the Circle Fits…
by Vikki over 4 years ago



A look into the life of Kim Wetter and her adventures in Seattle, WA. Ridiculous stories, political insights, pop culture you never thought you'd care about and more. The only real way to figure out what it's all about is to stop by and take a gander.

Blacked out Kim has Moves
by Kim Wetter about 4 years ago
The “Real” Kim Wetter
by Kim Wetter about 4 years ago

Jesus in Love Blog


Lesbian author Kittredge Cherry writes the Jesus in Love Blog on LGBT spirituality and the arts. It promotes artistic and religious freedom and teaches love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or religious faith. The blog provides timely info and commentary on gay Jesus art and books, queer saints, controversial artists, holidays and other spiritual topics of interest to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people and our allies. Readers call it “one of the most refreshing voices I currently encounter online” and “the most radically progressive and life affirming Christian LGBT site on the Internet.” Another reader says, “It has been a great comfort and joy to come to the website for a quick pick-me-up or source for inspiration.” Kittredge Cherry was ordained by Metropolitan Community Churches and served as its National Ecumenical Officer. Her books include “Equal Rites” and Lambda Literary Award finalist “Art That Dares.” The New York Times Book Review praised her “very graceful, erudite” writing style.

Peter Gomes: Gay black Harvard minister preached "scandalous gospel"
by noreply@blogger.com (Kittredge Cherry) over 2 years ago
Level Ground Fest creates LGBT religious dialogue through art
by noreply@blogger.com (Kittredge Cherry) over 2 years ago

Undecided Answer


Life & times of a twenty something lesbian just blogging to get thoughts out as they come.

by Sara over 4 years ago
Sara[h] – October 10th, 2013
by Sara over 4 years ago



Buskfilms.com is a video on demand site for lesbian film. We blog because we like to talk about movies, films, movies oh and queer culture.

Stud Life
by buskfilmsadmin over 4 years ago
Cassandra Nicolaou Collection
by buskfilmsadmin over 4 years ago

Lez Renovate


Do you love DIY shows best when the woman of the house grabs the tools and nails it? Watch as hilarity and humility ensue as two East Vancouver lesbians grapple with the real time renovation of an 80 year old house, with no handyman in sight.

It's T Time Lesbians


This blog brings events happening in lesbian community no matter where they are located. Its also a place to share experience, connect with others and to enjoy the comfort of a good read.

Lez Be Honest


all things lesbian by twenty-something honest lez, valerie

Cottage at the Lake


Follow the trials and tribulations of Tracey and Julie as they build their dream cottage in BCs interior

Dear Blog, I'm Gay


Dear Blog, I'm Gay is a site that was set up to give advice and help for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. Dear Blog, I'm Gay wants help stop bullying in schools and see equal rights for all gays in every state. Everyone is able and encourage to submit ask for advice on the site.

Make a Noise


Jen is a twenty-something queer living in Charleston, South Carolina. She draws inspiration from a number of sources and her posts reflect the randomness of her thoughts and tastes. Do you like politics, music, photography, and other noteworthy topics? Take a look through her viewfinder and discover something new in the process.

Hello and Goodbye
by Jennifer about 4 years ago



A lesbian blog written by a student couple from the UK. Discussing their lives, relationship, LGBT culture, University life and general gay goings on.

Tree Hugger
by Dykeasaurus over 2 years ago
I Could Say
by Dykeasaurus over 2 years ago

Devon Marshall Writes


Blog of LGBT writer Devon Marshall, author of 'Dante's Awakening - Vampires of Hollywood #1' and 'Voodoo Woman - New Orleans Mysteries #1'. I shall be blogging about everything from sparkly vampires and the zombie apocalypse to LGBT issues and my own accident-prone life. I may do some reluctant promoty-type stuff of my own scribblings in between, but bear with it, please, it does get better!

Where Is Devon Marshall...? Scribbles Update!
by Devon Marshall over 2 years ago
Unexplained Orkney Part 1 : Visitors From Above
by Devon Marshall about 3 years ago

Sugarbutch Chronicles


Sinclair Sexsmith is a feminist and gender theory scholar writing about sex, gender, and relationship “adventures”—her own and others'. SB also has a good roundup of news stories worth checking out and upcoming events for the queer community.

A Personal History of Best Lesbian Erotica
by Sinclair Sexsmith over 2 years ago
Introducing View From The Top: My BDSM Journey
by Sinclair Sexsmith over 2 years ago

Lesbian Dating & Relationships


The purpose of the blog is to “help other lesbians, both single and partnered, to find some insight and inspiration through articles, stories, advice, news, politics, and humor, all relating to, in one way or another, the world of lesbian dating and relationships.”

Dyke Republic


DR is a relatively new online magazine about anything pertaining to dyke culture. News, humor, sex, style, and more topics are up for conversation, and DR is extremely receptive to ideas to help expand content.

The Most Cake


A collection of London lesbians who are interested in breaking out of clichés have come together to discuss culture, art, television and more. They successfully begin to fill in the queer gaps of mainstream gossip and pop culture publications.

Sh*t people say to lesbians: which one’s the man?
by Petit Fours almost 4 years ago
Sh*t gay guys say to lesbians: where is the scissor?
by Petit Fours almost 4 years ago