Peaches and Coconuts


This award-winning lesbian blog proves that you can't easily categorize a whip-smart personality like that of this site's writer.

Lesbian Mommy


Being a mom and being a lesbian go, unsurprisingly, hand in hand, and such mothers can find a ton of advice and counsel here.

Grace the Spot


This hilarious blog focuses on humorous interpretations of lesbian culture, including a series of posts on "Stuff Lesbians Like." It is a multi-author blog founded by two lesbians from New York, who currently edit it.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment


Arlan doesn't necessarily always post a lesbian moment each day, but the posts that she does provide are fun, engaging, and make readers feel warm and fuzzy. She provides photos of her favorite celebrities and pop culture moments, and she even posts photos and short bio's of readers who are looking to meet people.



Mombian, written by Dana Rudolph, is a blog about gay parenting and offers stories about court cases, library books, and gay parents in the media. The blogger also runs a video blog with her wife called "She got me pregnant."

Posts of the Week: Three Posts on Three-Year-Olds
by Dana over 2 years ago
Italian Civil Union Bill Passes, Leaves Out 2nd-Parent Adoption Rights
by Dana over 2 years ago

The Lesbian Lifestyle


The lesbian Lifestyle is a bit different from other blogs in that it does not have a regular blogger or set of bloggers. Instead, lesbians from around the world send in submission about their lives on the topic of the month, so the blog posts many diverse stories of lesbian life.

Pam's House Blend


Pam's House Blend is a multi-author blog run by Pam Spaulding that focuses on LGBTQ news and commentary. Particularly, the blog runs many series about Don't Ask, Don't Tell as well as other political battles, like marriage equality.

Processes of advantageous gambling affair: good sites for bettors
by Jane Hamsher over 2 years ago
Tips and hints of felicitous gambling experience: ideal guides for players
by Jane Hamsher over 2 years ago

Susie Bright's Journal


Well, Susie Bright isn't technically a lesbian -- she's bisexual -- but that's close enough for our list. Her journal is a mix of personal stories and political commentaries, including her first confession in decades, which was inspired by an iPhone app.

Honey Lee Cottrell January 16, 1946 - September 21, 2015
by susie@susiebright.com (Susie Bright) almost 3 years ago
Honey Lee Update
by susie@susiebright.com (Susie Bright) almost 3 years ago



News about the trials and triumphs of the gay and lesbian world will continue to boom and flourish. The ever-important GLAAD organization, then, publishes this important blog.

Add Michigan judge to list of people who discredit Mark Regnerus
by rossmurray over 4 years ago
Judge rules Michigan's marriage equality ban unconstitutional
by brendan over 4 years ago

National LGBT Cancer Network


Cancer has wreaked particular havoc on the gay and lesbian community. This is the best-written blog on LGBT cancer risks and survivors.

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber


The press has made much fanfare about the androgynous appeal of Justin Bieber's flaxen blonde bowl haircut. Its been bandied about that teenage girls like the Beebs not only because he's their heartthob, but also because he's their mirror -- his nondescript hairstyle could fit a girl or a guy. In that spirit, this popular and charming blog encourage submissions from women, not necessarily gay, who sport coifs in common with that of Mr. Bieber.

mug shot.
over 4 years ago
dannielle: kristinnoeline: thomastowell: nbcsnl: Eggcelent...
over 4 years ago

A Brown Girl Gone Gay


A Brown Girl Gone Gay is the personal blog of Alix Golden, who writes about her life. In particular, the many of the current posts deal with the recent death of her mother.

Hello world!
by admin about 4 years ago

The Outskirts


Written by a blogger who goes by the Hostess, the Outskirts is a LGBT blog with a focus on the humorous--like a man who offered to donate land as a nature preserve on the condition that the city put up walls to block his view of gay couples he claimed were, uh, getting to know each other in the open air.

Gay for a Day
by thehostess about 3 years ago
I’m in love with Amy Schumer
by thehostess over 3 years ago

Maman Poulet


Maman Poulet, written by Suzy Byrne, is a blog mostly about Irish politics and culture from a progressive--and lesbian perspective. It has a very broad focus, with posts on disability as well as LGBT issues.

What do you call a Former Taoiseach?
by Maman Poulet almost 4 years ago
His Excellency on Water and other issues
by Maman Poulet almost 4 years ago

One Smoot Short of a Bridge


Written by a woman who calls herself eeka, One Smoot is a personal blog that combines political commentary, queer issues, and personal observations. It is also influenced by the author's job as a mental health counselor. She lives in Boston.

Commonwealth employees continue to lack understanding of basic math
by eeka over 4 years ago



Run by straight Melissa McEwan, Shakesville is a collaborative blog with a large and diverse set of writers, including lesbian, trans, and gay bloggers. It focuses on the political and the personal and where they intersect.

The Oscars + Flint
by Melissa McEwan over 2 years ago
Open Thread
by Melissa McEwan over 2 years ago

Card-Carrying Lesbian


This is very philosophical lesbian blog, with articles on finding your inner bad-ass and the legend of the Amazons as embodied by modern lesbian culture. It is written mostly by Sasha.

Be Yr Own Queero


This blog has a mix of personal, political, and cultural posts--with a focus on the cultural. It has quite a bit of audio content. It is a multi-author blog, and users can submit stories.

People These Days Love Having A Convenient TV Broadband Phone Package Handy
by Brendan Tierney over 4 years ago
Working With The Right Broadband Phone Company
by Nicolas Stainer over 4 years ago

A Story of Two Moms


This blog follows the parenting life of a lesbian couple with two baby boys. Unfortunately, the two babies have health problems, and much of the blog lately has been devoted to chronicling their treatments.

Dorothy Surrenders


Dorothy Surrenders is primarily a media website, particularly about movies and television. It's a good place to go for media geekery from a lesbian perspective. The blogger goes by the name of Dorothy Snarker.

Ladies Who (Glove) Lunch
by Dorothy Snarker over 2 years ago
My Weekend (Sickness) Crush
by Dorothy Snarker over 2 years ago

Velvet Park


Velvet Park is a lesbian media website with the tagline "Dyke culture in bloom." It posts on politics, internet culture, and celebrity. It also has a personals section.

Macon Reed's Eulogy for The Dyke Bar
by Grace Moon over 2 years ago
Que(e)rying Harper Lee
by Rev. Irene Monroe over 2 years ago

Mama non Grata


Written by Susan Goldberg, an editor of "And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families," Mama non Grata is a hilarious personal blog about the daily life of a lesbian mother as she tries in vain to decide what to put down on the late slip. Mama non Grata is her children's name for her.

In between nothing at all
by Susan about 4 years ago
The kids are still all right, already
by Susan about 4 years ago

The Lesbrary


The Lesbrary is a fabulous lesbian literary blog that offers quite a few links to book news outside the blog, as well as writing reviews of lesbian fiction. It is written by Danika, a Canadian English major.

Link Round Up: May 29 – June 3
by Danika @ The Lesbrary about 4 years ago
Kalyanii reviews My Awesome Place by Cheryl Burke
by Danika @ The Lesbrary about 4 years ago