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Adrienne Edwards focuses on the every growing learning disability, Dyslexia. If you're a teacher or tutor you know that you can never get enough information about this awful disability. This site provides plenty of resources and insight on this learning hindrance.

Confusing Signs of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
by Adrienne Edwards about 2 years ago
Quick Fixes Don’t Work
by Adrienne Edwards about 2 years ago

LD Blog


John Lloyd provides a very resourceful blog on learning disabilities. He helps in the understanding process and also in the learning process. Lloyd gives a log useful material on ADHD and other popular disabilities as well as the lesser known ones.

Virginia CEC for 2014 to feature Lavoie
by JohnL about 4 years ago
ResearchILD conference 2014
by JohnL about 4 years ago

Dyslexia My Life - Blog on Dyslexia


The author of this blog may suffer from dyslexia, but he hasn't let that stop him from accomplishing great things with his life. G. Sagmiller is a board member for Kansas/Western Missouri Branch of Internal Dyslexia Association. He is the producer of an award-winning PBS documentary focusing on one Father's search for the truth about Down's Syndrome. He has obtained a Master's Degree and now is known worldwide as a consultant and the co-founder for The Gifted Learning Project. All this and he finds time to blog and shows his compassion and understanding towards others who are facing dyslexia and the life complications that this condition brings with it.

by noreply@blogger.com (Sam Sagmiller) about 3 years ago
How to Solve b-d Reversal Problem Fast link
by noreply@blogger.com (Sam Sagmiller) about 3 years ago

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities


This uplifting blog is actually through a non-profit organization that really stresses that learning disabilities and deficits bring more character to a person than condemnation. They are here to simply inform and educate people the tragedy of ignorance. Come here to get wise words you can transfer to others in your life.

Breaking the Frustration Cycle
by Smart Kids with LD about 2 years ago
Behavior Treatments First for Kids with ADHD?
by Smart Kids with LD about 2 years ago

Nilesh Singit's Blog: Disability News Wolrdwide


It is a sad, but all too true fact that disabled persons are commonly mistreated all over the world today. Nilesh Singit focuses on this discrimination by highlighting news articles and other facts on his blog.

Chris Harris: Medical representative, father of a girl with disability
by Nilesh Singit about 3 years ago
Rights of people with disabilities cannot be ignored: UN
by Nilesh Singit about 3 years ago



ADHD is something that millions of families are dealing with all over our planet. These individuals can get the support and information they need here to learn how to deal with ADHD from the community at ADDitude.

Daniela's Journey to Independance


Daniela is on a journey to overcoming her disabilities and becoming an independent adult. She also seeks to be an encouragement to others who are facing the same situation.

Reading and Other Learning Disabilities


If your child has a reading or other disability, you should definitely check out this blog. Written by professionals, it offers sound tips and advice for beating the odds and helping your children succeed.

Twice-Exceptional Newsletter


A group of writers, each passionate about children with learning disabilities, got together to create this site. They write with passion, encouraging better communication and understanding among parents, teachers, and educators.

Processing Speed, ADHD, Introversion, and "Average"
by J Mark about 2 years ago
The End of Average, NYC Confeence, Movie Screenings, A Love Letter, and More
by J Mark about 2 years ago

The Psycho Educational Teacher


What sets this blog apart from traditional lesson plan blogs is that it often provides ideas on how to teach students how to behave properly and develop skills. Help is also available for teachers who are struggling to maintain control in their classrooms.

Positive Self-Talking to Help Children Cope with Angry Thoughts and Feelings
by Carmen Y. Reyes almost 4 years ago
It's Time for Social and Emotional Learning for All | Edutopia
by Carmen Y. Reyes about 4 years ago

Traveling Show


This is the personal blog and online home base of an autistic adult, activist, blogger, law student, and musician. It mixes personal observations about disability, life, and society with history and current events especially in regards to disabled people and intersectional issues. I start with the assumption that all people have value and love neurodiversity and the Internet enough to criticize what they get wrong.

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My adult daughter has multiple physical disabilities and severe learning disabilities and my blog reflects disability issues.



Our aim is to help the parent think out of the box, understand their child, then understand what they need. Our information is inspiring, informative and accessible to empower the parent to be the best advocate for their child that they can be.